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Anu Goel Team Work yields better results: But to achieve it, feel proud of your leader, your team and forget indiscipline

As individuals, we often encounter a situation where getting along alone is quite difficult. There are times when we as individuals face problems like fear, lack of motivation, lack of self confidence, problem in decision making and are stuck in situations. This is where the role of a team becomes crucial. Be it in a school project, a family function, group discussion at university or big presentations at the workplace, we often find us incomplete without a team.

CA Dr Sunil Gupta Environment as vital as development

The mention of the fact that New Delhi has been declared as world's most polluted capital by the WHO may not be necessary here as we have been reading in newspapers and hearing in TV debates about this since the PM of India launched the color-coded Air Quality Index to track contamination on the scale of severe to good. The recent heed by the government on this subject has brought this critical affair into the public domain and not just thinkers and officials, but the common man even is feeling the heat.

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