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ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

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Virag Armed Forces: The battle and the enemy within

"You are a soldier, you are commissioned to kill, you are to follow orders without questioning them and you are not to disrespect your seniors by disobeying their orders". This is the rigor with which Indian army officials and soldiers are trained. Also mostly, most armies and armed forces across the globe are also trained with this rigor and discipline.

Anu Goel Is anger supposed to be managed, or let out?

Anger usually has the stereotypical image of someone being extremely upset with something or someone, ready to attack with physical indications like red eyes and flared nostrils and arched eyebrows. Nevertheless, it has always been shown as a negative emotion. But then one looks at certain instances where anger seems the most appropriate in the situation, often appreciated as a symbol of awareness and sensitivity.

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Rakshanda Khan at Lakme Fashion Week
Buddha Temple in Sarnath
Diwali Mandir

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