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Ratan Sharda Beyond the Bihar election results

Lot of serious analysis and pop-analysis have been done about Bihar election results. Prescriptions are being doled out by well-wishers of BJP and critics as well. Overall message is, BJP must reorganize, mid-level leaders must come down from their high horses (or high flying copters and chartered planes), NDA government must show results and Modi should have a hard look at his cabinet, throw out non-performers and promote efficient ones. There have been homilies about RSS leaving BJP alone to RSS must have more control over BJP. People on both ends are sure that (a) BJP won on agenda of development or (b) BJP won on agenda of Hindutva.

CA Dr Sunil Gupta Is returning awards a new addition to pseudo-secularism?

Dear eminent awardees, your capabilities and competence to comprehend issues are much more than the common man of the country. Your works are cherished by the society, your views followed and your verdicts noted. Then isn't any act of insulting the country and renowned institutions by returning souvenirs of applause a defamation of the jury and of the countrymen? The aim of this writing is to bring a slight variation in your perusal of present happenings.

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