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CA Dr Sunil Gupta Price Discovery- An essential we have disremembered

Indeed, the very first lesson of marketing I learnt was not from any book. My father, who comes from a farmer family, wandered from one end of the vegetable market to the other, just to know the most reasonable price of what he aimed to purchase. 'Price Discovery' is what he named this process and the same taught me the lesson of my lifetime.

Ratan Sharda Depriving Human Rights through Constitution- Unique case of Jammu & Kashmir

We Indians are made to feel guilty by our bleeding heart liberals and Kashmiri politicians and their patrons, the international human rights professionals about human rights violation against citizens of Jammu & Kashmir, read Muslims of Kashmir valley; not even Muslims from other regions of J&K, viz. Jammu and Ladakh.

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Amrita Rao and Shreyas Talpade grace IDA event against anti tobacco awareness
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