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Burgeoning population, while on one hand champions India as the world's largest democracy, it sets forth newer challenges for us as a nation, towards building a responsible society. Evolution of technology and emergence of new modes of communication add bigger dimensions to this daunting task raising the expectations and information needs of the people on one hand while facilitating instant and seamless flow of information. Thus People to People (P2P) interaction is of paramount importance and rather inevitable.

Emanating from the need to empower democracy by providing a media to the people of the country to communicate with one and all, is an effort to provide one such platform to interact and express. It is a news platform for collective wisdom,

Based on the concept of participatory media and citizen journalism, which transcend beyond the limitations of conventional media and allows citizens of the country to report, read, write, comment and debate news, views - happenings they find significant. In unique ways, it provides the tools of informing and opinion shaping to the people in both text and visual forms.

Each submission is open to scrutiny of the people who bring in a rare diversity of views on a single issue. At the least, they tell you about the people's mood, and at higher levels, enlarge the original perspective to sum up the general view. This makes merinews unmistakably a powerful means to foster democratic values and innovative governance, thus marks the much-needed forward step for a more just and democratic dispensations, in which people are the winners.

Winner of India's BEST e-CONTENT AWARD for the Year 2006 Official Honoree at Webby Awards 2007, alongside the likes of &, Ranking 5th in the world, in the participatory news category.
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