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100 days of Narendra Modi's government: Full marks to him for his foreign policy
For last few days, there are discussions and debates in media on rating the performance Narendra Modi-led NDA government after its 100 days in office. There were so many surveys, so many opinion polls coupled with strong opinions from opposition parties and BJP spokespersons.

To assess a government properly or the performance of a Prime Minister, 100 days are too small period. A good assessment can be done after a full year of the governance as there would be something visible on the ground. Some opinion can also be framed after a period of six months because at least some road map would be there to scrutiny.

Although I am too provoked to give a report card to Modi government based on my understanding of these 100 days of performance, I would say at the moment I might be horribly wrong in assessing as it's really premature. Thus I wouldn't evaluate his performance on domestic arena.

I wouldn't give any credit to the government for the 5.7% growth rate in GDP for April-June quarter; neither hail them for decreasing petrol cost to around Rs 5 per liter. At the same time I wouldn't blame them why the inflation rate didn't come down, nor would I ask them the status of the black money stashed abroad.

Point is simple, governance too is a process which always takes some time before it really picks up. It takes time in policy framing, and then finalizing methods of implementation on ground and again the results need some time to be visible on the ground. At the moment it can only be said without any doubt that the Modi government at least appears to be dynamic in contrast to its predecessor who had really became paralyzed.

There is transformation in government sector, where from ministers to bureaucrats are exhibiting intent to do something, making themselves accountable and yes they are now looking hard working. That may be the achievement of the NDA government at the moment.

Modi too is communicating to public from various platforms, reiterating his commitments, showing his intent as uncompromised. Everyone in this country knows that nothing can be changed overnight with a magic wand.

Critics ask where are the 'Achhe din'? I would answer it in this way, "at the moment as the government is looking promising, doing hard work and not giving any excuses, so it is in a way 'ache din'."

In 100 days, isn't it quite an achievement as the preceding governments neither looked promising, nor was working nor did people had any expectations? To me this much in these hundred days is the report card of Modi government on domestic sphere!

But yes the NDA government, especially Narendra Modi did a spectacular turn around in diplomatic sphere and foreign affairs sector with in such a small period of time. This achievement is really unprecedented and unexpected too!

When SAARC country chiefs were invited for his oath taking ceremony, many considered it as a stunt. Then he visited Bhutan, following Brazil to attend BRICS summit. Then he visited Nepal. By this time he really pushed Indian interest and made India to earn back the respect it deserved. Two things were occurred one after one. India refused World Trade treaty citing limit on subsidy cap on food grains despite pressure by world's top powers and then terminated the secretary level talk with Pakistan as it behaved irresponsibly.

These two incidents were enough to show world powers that India is not spineless, nor vulnerable to any influence of any powerful country. He gave respect to tiny neighbors yet asserted himself against big powers. That was sufficient for world powers to realize that India is no more a weak country.

Then his Japan tour had begun. By this time most experts realized that Narendra Modi is not working hastily, rather working with a strategy. He bagged an investment of $35 bn USD from Japan. The way he was welcomed by Japanese government, the business community as well as Japanese public, this was an indicator that world powers have now started seeing India differently. After World War-II, Japan decided to sale war planes for the first time and that too to India! Even there is some progress in civil nuclear deal despite Japan having a very strict NPT policy!

Interestingly Japan tour although was bilateral but had a multi-pronged effect. The Australian Prime Minister is visiting India from today on two day tour. Apart from bilateral trade, Australia is desperate to seal civil nuclear deal with India. They have realized that the present Indian government may not compromise on any condition that could affect Indian interests, but they have trust that Indian government is now capable of taking fast decisions!

Chinese premier is visiting later in the month. All indications are coming that China is too eager to be engaged with India on business front. China at present is main rival to Japan. With deals signed with Japan, China is preparing itself to offer very competitive investment packages in comparison to Japan. Narendra Modi is also scheduled to go to USA this year. America is working overnight to invest in India on many other sectors including civil nuclear deal.

Thus destination India became a highly competitive issue for bigger global economies. I recollect Narendra Modi's words during election. He had said that the diplomacy nowadays was not to acquire power rather to do business and work on economy.

The way Modi is going on, I am sure investments are set to pour in India thick and fast in just matter of months. Thus I give full marks to Modi for his economic diplomacy even within hundred days!

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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