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101 reasons to hate Ekta Kapoor's TV serials
Ekta Kapoor has corrupted the brains of youngsters and tortures the rest of the people with her foolish and ridiculous serials. She gives her own views by debasing all saas and bahus.

THERE ARE times when you are left with no serious work on your shoulders. On such occasions, you are left with two options - either get your blanket and retire to a cozy bed or get yourself equipped with the spade of thought and start digging up some of the nagging issues. The former rejuvenates your body but the latter leaves you with a relieved soul and a sense of satisfaction.

Today was one of those idle days and I decided to encash the golden opportunity by exercising my right to pamper my restless soul. As you might have guessed, I chose the option number two and decided to pen down my animosity towards the most senseless thing that has ever happened to Indian television.

Yes, I am talking about Ekta Kapoor and her avoidable soap operas. No matter if a common thread of idiocy binds its ‘Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’ or ‘Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki’, all of these melodramas are hazardous to our society. After a rigorous job of going through the pros and cons of watching these highly overrated soaps, I was left with nothing but 101 reasons to hate Ekta Kapoor’s TV serials. Allow me to share my thoughts with you.

101 reasons:

- The wrongly spelt titles are a great turn-off. Numerology is fine but ‘Kasautii Zindagii Kay’ and ‘Kahani Terrii Merrii’ just fail to impress me, literally.

- Barring a couple of actors, the cast is usually represented by a bunch of makeup-laden non-actors.

- Plots of all her serials are so identical that if you don’t pay proper attention, you might end up mixing the affairs and come up with your own story.

- The only originality that we find in her serials is the concept of ageless personalities. Her characters just refuse to grow old. In fact the problem is so extreme that it is practically impossible to differentiate the saas (mothers-in-law) from the bahus (daughters-in-law).

- Irrespective of the storyline or the plot, polygamy and extra-marital affairs rule her serials.

- The characters die and re-appear at their own will, making a mockery of the audience. 

- The serials clearly defy the laws of physics, and once they are on air, they never come down! The serials are over-stretched.

- The occasional inclusion of some famous Bollywood track in any of the episode is done with the sole intention of buying more time.

- The serials induce a feeling of suspicion among family members.

- A clear and present danger to the concept of joint family

But these are only 10 and one might think, where are the other 91 reasons? Well, the final and the most important reason is that I hate Ekta Kapoor for corrupting the brains of youngsters and torturing the rest of us with her idiotic and senseless serials. And I don’t mind playing this in a loop for 91 times. So, that completes the list of 101 reasons.

Moreover, you are free to cite the final reason as many times as your conscious permits you and come out with your own extended list of reasons to hate her serials.

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ek chance
Ekta kkapooor ( I don't know how to spell her name as per numerology, no wonder if in Indian kids spell kite as kkite ). I do HATE people who watch her serials and till the time these mentally sick people exist Ekta will exist. What I hate in her serials ? These are 10 reasons I hate the serials [ I am not short of them any way ] 1] Every face in the scene should get 10 times zooms with every different angle ( with dishss dish sound ) for every sentence. If the sentence make even little sense then camera will topple or shake as if the camera man is faining ( again with dishss zooop zoop sound ) 2] Ladies who will be always dressed as if they have their own wedding with NO exception to even mourning scenes ( may include death, accidents, hospitals or even if the person is acting as dead body. 3] All the people will be wearing gold and diamond jewels all the time. 4] Females without lipstick are non-existent, if they have female dog character then they might have turn the black nose to red by lipstick before shooting. 5] Male characters has to be in suites, sherwanies or some fancy dresses, I don't know which part of India people can live with suites on for the whole day and throughout the year. 6] Extramarital affair is so common that viewers without extramarital may get inferiority complex. They might need a psychiatric to come out of it. 7] None of the stories have any ending. I am sure Ekta kkkapoors daughter will be able to direct the same serial. 8] Girls will have to dance in some shows to save their seriously ill father or something similar. 9] Female lead character has to be a mutant with super female abilities ( cooking, dancing, understanding, spying.. you name it ) 10] I am sure Ekta Kkapooor will commit suicide if she gets 5% of the problem which she shows in her serials in her life.
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