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2014 elections, the root cause of India going against US in Devyani's case
Enough is enough. The latest humiliation of Devyani Khobragade in the US has awakened India from its deep slumber, leading to sleepless nights for the US. Very rarely have we seen the Indian government take on the high-handedness of the US up front, it was an act of courage by the Indian government.

Various Indian personalities in the past such as bollywood star Shahrukh Khan, former president Adbul Kalam, the then defence minister George Fernandes etc had been a subject of humiliation by the US authorities, but the government was quiet, then. Is there a hidden agenda of the Indian government to go all out against the US in Devyani's case?

Has India's image of being a very soft state encouraged US to harras Devyani Khobragade?
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Rumki Basu, well known Indian political scientist states the probable reason for India acting aggressively. She said, ''It is election time in India.'' But with India being aggressive in the case, they have shown the world that things have changed and India is not going to take any non sense from any foreign country. India no longer fears the super-power states of the world. ''India has showed that they are not a juniour partner in international politics,'' added Basu.

There has been instances when opposing parties accused the government of taking a soft stance. The government was aware of the fact that had they taken any such soft stance in Divyani's case, other parties could have taken up this issue and scored some important brownie points ahead of the all important 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

''Had the Manmohan government come soft on the United States, then Narendra Modi would have capitalised on the situation. They must have felt that it is better to be offensive rather than being defensive because of the current political and electoral considerations,'' said Dr. Mohd. Badrul Alam, another political scientist. After Congress' heavy defeat in the recent elections, they have realised that people have lost faith in their government. But, by dragging this case to such heights, the government wants to show that they are still a strong force to be reckoned with and gain votes in the process.

The Indian media has also taken the case to another level reporting it 24/7. Anything that has been said by either the US or Indian politicians have been highlighted and come across as breaking news. Rumki Basu considers that the issue has been ''blown up'' by the Indian media as well. Could they have handled the situation any better?

But, former foreign minister Natwar Singh feels that both the nations are to be blamed for the situation, ''I personally feel that both America and India mishandled the situation.'' Rumki Basu even goes a step further and blamed the US for the case. She said, ''There was no need of hue and cry by the US. The case was not a gross violation of the Human Right.''

What infuriated India more is that the woman after being arrested was handcuffed and also strip searched, in spite of being a person of such stature, the then Deputy Consul General. ''They should not have done what they did to Divyani, in fact any other womnn. It was an uncivilized behaviour.''

This case might lead to a sour relationship between the two countries. But Rumki Basu, Dr Alam and Natwar Singh does not agree with it and feels that the case will not harm the relationship between the two nations. Dr. Alam said, ''Both the countries will find a mutual room of accommodation and also bring the matter to close.''

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