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2019 Lok Sabha elections will define India's future!
2018 Assembly results of five states, namely Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana, Rajasthan and Mizoram, have far reaching consequences. The loss of three Hindi heartland states, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, is surely a huge blow to the BJP; but then, there is good news from Mizoram and Telangana.

After losing Mizoram, the Congress is completely routed from the North-East which was their strong citadel once. Now North-East will progress faster to match with mainland progress under the able scam free governance of the BJP-led NDA. Congratulations to the brothers and sisters of Northeastern states for taking the right step to become Congress-free. It should act as an eye opener for the people of other states.

Telangana people showed mirror to opportunistic Chandrababu Naidu and the Congress. Their unholy and corrupt alliance was crushed to dust as KCR formed a TRS government for the second time in a row with a thumping majority. This means if Grand-alliance of opposition is ever made to counter Modi, it will fail like TDP-Congress alliance. Ideology matters and people can see through the game plan behind such opportunistic alliances.

Why BJP lost the three Hindi Main Land states?

I wrote earlier in one of my articles here in Merinews that Congress will resort to conspiracy and fake propaganda to somehow dethrone BJP from states as well as from the Centre. The Congress is a junior partner is an international conspiracy by foreign powers like China and ISI to oust Modi from power. Pakistan celebrated Congress' victory in MP, CG and Rajasthan. This should be eye opener for any doubting Thomas that Congress is for Pakistan. Rahul Gandhi visiting Bahrain, Sonia Gandhi going to Russia, meeting happening in Sweden etc. are all connected. The strategy of Congress is as follows:

1.     Divide Hindus by Caste (OBCs/Dalits/Upper Castes) – Gujarat was the best example. But Congress failed there due to Modi's charisma. In MP, CG and Rajasthan, this worked. Why BJP failed to counter this Congress strategy?

2.     Invent a fake scam and propagate it – Rafale deal fits into the bill. There is no wrongdoing in Rafale deal as even Supreme Court gave the ruling in favor of Modi government. But Rahul Gandhi and Co. were unstoppable in spreading lies about it to impress gullible voters and apparently succeeded. Even now after SC's verdict, they are still accusing PM Modi. Shamelessness always had a limit, but Congress leaders have already crossed it. BJP should have filed a defamation case against Rahul Gandhi and even now they should do it. What stopped BJP from doing so?

3.     NOTA warriors – This is a clever but sinister plan by Congress. Knowing that upper caste Hindus usually never vote for Congress, the plan was to lure them to press NOTA. The reservation policy was used to instill anger among the upper caste people. Social media was full of such posts where such Hindus openly threatened to press NOTA. In MP, BJP lost 30 seats with less than 300 votes margin, 10 seats by less than 10 and 2 seats by just one vote. NOTA, needless to mention, polled thousands of votes. So this plan worked. Not that the NOTA warriors would be benefitted, but then the arrow has already been released. By the time NOTA warriors understand their folly, Congress would have done irreparable damage to the states it won recently. BJP did nothing to convince the NOTA champions about the sinister design of NOTA conspiracy.

4.     Delhi style promise – Kejriwal showed how to fool people with promise of freebies during Delhi assembly elections. Congress copied the idea. Farm loan waiver was an instant hit where greed trumped good work of BJP. Not that the farmers would be benefitted from such ill-conceived ideas, but then who cares? Congress came to power and now looting will start 24X7 particularly when Congress coffers are empty due to demonetization and several electoral losses.

5.     Anti-Incumbency of three terms – This is a valid reason as BJP was ruling for last 15 years in MP and CG. In Rajasthan people elect BJP and Congress alternately, so BJP's loss in Rajasthan is on expected lines.

6.     Minority Votes – The missionaries in Chhattisgarh converted huge number of tribal right under the nose of CM Raman Singh. Needless to mention the votes of the converted tribal went to Congress. Similarly Kamal Nath took a meeting with Muslim leaders in MP and asked them to tolerate temple hopping by RaGa till elections with promise that once power was grabbed, Hindus and RSS would be taught a lesson. Minorities are known as confirmed vote banks of non-BJP parties due to their anti-Hindu and anti-BJP mindset. Congress just made sure that this time the votes went only to Congress.

There are other reasons as well, but not significant.

Now what will happen in 2019 general elections?

This is the big question everyone is asking. It is a nightmare for all nation loving Indians to even think of Rahul Gandhi becoming PM of this nation as that spells doom. For that not to happen, Modi must be re-elected. But the million dollar question is, how?

In Rajasthan people gave slogans like "Rani Teri Khair Nehin, Modi Tujhse Bair Nehin" which means that they will vote for Modi in 2019 as Vasundhara Raje has already been ousted. In Madhya Pradesh, BJP got more percentage of votes, but less seats and in many seats, the margin of loss was too thin. So in 2019, we can expect BJP to win maximum seats there too.  Chhattisgarh is a shocking surprise, and could go either way.

What about the rest of India?

Well, unless there is course correction, there may be surprises in store too. According to me, the following are the immediate course correction required before 2019 elections and in order of priority:

1.     Send the corrupt Congressmen to jail: It is high time that corrupt must be sent behind bars. The Congress president and his mother are on bail in reference to Rs 5000 crores national Herald fraud case. Expedite this and put them behind bars. Other Congress leaders like Chidambaram and his son, who are on Bail-Gaadi, must be sent to jail. People need to see that actions are taken against the corrupt. The life sentence given to Congress party's Sajjan Kumar for anti-Sikh riots in 1984 has won hearts of many people. Keep the offensive on and don't spare a single corrupt and murderers of opposition parties, particularly Congress.

2.     Reach the grass root level – I can confirm that most people at grass root level are not aware of what good Modi has done for the country. This is a failure of BJP establishment. Form competent digital teams in social media. Make mobile teams to contact grass root people not connected to internet to highlight the stupendous work done by Modi. Do it fast, and do it now.

3.     Ordinance for Ram Temple – This will be a game changer. No need to write much on this.

4.     Be aggressive against propaganda – Congress will relentlessly spread propaganda. "Chowkidaar Chor Hai" is a classic example how catchy slogans help in spreading a propaganda. BJP was wanting in countering it. We all know "Chowkidaar Pure Hai", but then people should also know. When propaganda wins, honesty loses. For this not to happen in 2019, BJP must aggressively counter all fake propagandas.

5.     Select new faces as candidates – No one cares about free advice. But anyway here I am giving one. BJP should field fresh candidates, particularly educated ones having excellent track record in their fields of work, to ensure victory. Candidates with dubious background or criminal record must not be fielded at any cost irrespective of their supposed influence.

6.     Campaign to be based on report card, not bashing opposition – This will surely clinch the mandate for Modi if he just speaks about what he did in 5 years rather than bashing Congress and other opposition parties. He did such stupendous jobs that his report card would be enough for his re-election. Bashing Congress during Modi's speech has become monotonous and must be avoided.

7.     Choose competent spokespersons – The BJP president must think about it. The spokespersons must do better than they are doing now to drive home a point.

It is like a Holy War, a Dharm Yuddh, like the Pandavas fought against the mighty Kauravas during Mahabharata. On one side we have a nationalist party like BJP doing well for India. On the other side we have corrupt and anti-India parties making alliances to defeat nationalism and destroy India. We, the people of India, have the weapon in the form of a single vote which can determine the winner and accordingly our future shall be defined.

2019 Lok Sabha elections shall be the defining moment for the future of our country. My sincere request to all my fellow citizens is to "Vote Wisely".

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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