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5 Mistakes To Stay Away From When Selecting Air Purifiers For Allergies
For those who have been struggling with allergies, chronic or seasonal, selecting the right air purifier will be the only practical cure for relief. Understanding which features are the most essential, here are 5 mistakes to stay away at all costs.

1. Purchasing The Wrong Size

The technical specifications online or physical printed manual will reveal how many square feet the unit is built to clean.

It is vital to measure your home precisely so that the user can complement the unit's capacityto the vacuum at his or her disposal. Selecting the purifier which is unable to clean the amount oflimited space left will be a complete flop.

Instead align the size of the space which one have which can clean that amount of vacuum or additional square footage to what you already have.

Enlarging rather than shrinking will provide a better opportunity of diminishing the level of pollutants.

Furthermore, a lower level of irritants can reduce number and severity of allergy flare ups significantly.

2. Going For Lower End Models

There is a saying that higher price equals to better quality.

The same applies to purifiers. A lower end model however only includes only 1 filter or none at all. But the fewer filters a purifier has, the less productive it will be.

The motor of lower end model does not offer continuous filtration. Since pollutants do not take a break, neither should purifiers.

Instead select one with multiple filters. The more filters it has, the longer it lasts before a filter change is required. Fewer filter changes also reduce your costs on filtering your air.

3. Constant Maintenance

Most people do not usually have an option about high maintenance constantly throughout their lives But purchasing one which requires regular attention is certainly not a smart move.

On several occasions maintenance could cause interruption in filtration that enables pollutants to consolidate to a point which could result in signs that are from annoying to debilitating.

To stay away from regular disruptions in filtration, search for a filter which needs minimal maintenance and without anyone to switch off the unit while carrying out maintenance.

The best units at most could need a once-in-a-while spacing on the outside and normally include filters which could sustain for 5 years or more.

4. Without Any Warranty

Any product without any warranty is definitely a huge red flag. If the the designer does not stand behind the unit, it should not be a surprise when it ceases to function. 6 to 12 months warranty is better than nothing.

However, even that is the minimum requirement by most consumers.

Search for one which not just has a warranty but pro-rated filter as well.

That type of support from the manufacturer is an obvious indication of confidence in the quality and longevity.

Chances are the user will not be able to capitalize from either one.

5. Short Lifespan

If not careful, the user might end up with a type with a shorter lifespan.

Reason being is due to its overheating and sensitive components.

A split capacitor motor is necessary for a purifier is to be efficient at constantly lowering allergen levels to a minimum.

This kind of motor are able to function 24 hours daily without any break. This component makessure that airborne irritants remain minimal so that the user and his loved ones can live and stay healthy as ever.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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