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A cheerful fame of life is extinguished by a politician's lust
Geetika was a lively teenager who knew all joys of life. Her ear to ear grin and an infectious smile revealed her joyous personality at a glance. One needed no psychologist to analyse her beautiful mien, curvacious body, supple joints and nimble feet. She looked after her body, mind and soul and did a good job of it.

AND THEN she bumped into Gopal Kanda indirectly while appearing for an interview for a job that she needed to augment the income of the middle class family she belonged to. Kanda, a failed businessman, became a successful politician by winning an assembly seat from Sirsa in Haryana. It was a windfall for him. Bhupinder Singh Hooda, a scion of a staunch Arya Samajist family who practised what he preached and leader of the Congress Legislature Party was looking for support from independent MLAs to form a govt.

The flood gates of good luck opened for Kanda when he lent his support to Hooda and was made a Minister of State for Home. His political power grew by leaps and bounds and he built palaces, amassed wealth, employed pretty young girls who were at his beck and call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Like a stallion, Kanda could pick and choose his mare. His hunger for sex with teenagers was insatiable. Possibly the political power that he acquired was a help and never a hindrance in achieving his diabolic goal.

Geetika's bad days arrived when Kanda chose her as a favourite companion in bed day and night. Reportedly, he was never through with her unless he had her three ways. Enough was enough and Geetika left his job to pick up one in Dubai. Kanda chased her there and made sure that her new employers sacked herand she returned to Kanda's company for bread and butter again. What a pity. When the debauch offered her a job, he had a clause inserted in the appointment letter that Geetika would report to him every evening after finishing her office job. A handsome amount was fixed as a salary to be given besides other incentives like a Mercedes car that she had returned after a few days.

Besides the sexual exploitation of the worst order, Gopal Goyal Kanda showed his saddist tendency too. It is said that his smile on the face had the capacity to hide a hundred sins of his that he was accused of. Sometimes the mental harassment of Geetika was worse than physical torture. When Kanda’s ways did not improve, rather worsened, Geetika had no choice but to contemplate ending her life herself. Although Geetika was a mentally robust girl but had been so much subdued and humiliated by his own boss that she lost sef esteem, self respect and thereafter ceased to have a will to live.

Quite a few times people ask me why didn’t Geetika approach her friends withal her woes to lodge a whispering campaign against her tormentor, Gopal Kanda? Well, the Minister of State was held in awe by the office people around and no one was prepared to annoy him after a leakage of the news about mutiny on the Bounty. After all Haryana had produced bumper crops for two years consecutively and people had some money to play with. It appears that the society around had closed its doors on Geetika and had left her out of the fortress walls to fend for herself. Perhaps parents and other blood relations were unaware of what was going on behind their rural moorings.

Geetika was thus driven to despair and thence to death. If we take recourse to social psychology and analyse the collective thinking of men and women around her, including her brother and parents, we would attribute contributory negligence to the girl herself and say that besides the debauch Gopal Kanda, elders in social order, the officialdom and last but not the least officials of police and administrative set up of the Millennium city, Gurgaon cannot escape their share of responsibility for the suicide of Geetika Sharma.

The case of young and petit Geetika from Alpha to Omega is a good and interesting subject of study in classes of psychology and social philosophy. Can a cheerful teenage girl who has so much to live for opted to die on account of a total failure of all kinds of family, social, legal mechanism of protection devised for such solitary souls who reach the dead end of ife where no light is seen at the end of the tunnel. No one in the family or the society could decipher the most difficult phase in personal life that young Geetika was going through. The circle of girls around her proved to be more of adversaries than of friendly disposition. No one among the young chirpy beauties was prepared to lend Geetika her shoulder where she could cry her heart out. Had she done so, it would indeed have provided a soothing effect that a balm does to migraine.

Perhaps all of those in the friend circle mentioned heretofore were themselves victims of the demonic desires of Gopal Goyal Kanda. He contrived to have intimate knowledge of one and all around him who attracted his attention and were willing to be taken to bed sans resistance. Moreover, Kanda is known to have showered expensive gifts on his victims and that obliged them to keep their mouths shut.

What about the political and governmental machinery around Kanda and many more of his ilk. The people in power wish to achieve all that is humanly possible. Gopal Goyal Kanda precisely did that and no one was there to stop him in his tracks. Possibly, there were many more victims of his lust who preferred to live a life of ignominy rather than tread on the difficult path of resistance at one stage or the other when the soul cries out that enough is enough. That is the moment when the tormented soul prefers to leave the beautiful body that had caged the free bird and look for another birth to begin life anew. Geetika Sharma just chose that. May her tormented soul find Heavenly Peace in the next life to make up for what she missed in this life.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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