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A common man's open letter to Arvind Kejriwal
Dear Mr. Kejriwal, Your story started just after India's Cricket World Cup victory back in 2011. Team India was going through a bad patch in England and so I changed channels because I couldn’t see them being annihilated by the English Team. As an ardent cricket fan, it hurts when you have huge expectations from someone (especially when they have done something remarkable) but in the end they turn out completely opposite. I had no idea that it would happen again 3 years later.

I moved into the news section on TV and there I saw you sitting on fast with Anna Hazare and other leaders of the India Against Corruption (IAC). The news channels were vgaining their TRPs by showing those clippings over and over again. That was a revolution which happened back then. I guess you got the feeling of 24-hour coverage back then.

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I hadn’t seen the country united for a big cause like that. People got aware about the Jan Lokpal Bill and what could be its consequences. They had seen the 2G scam, CWG scam, they knew about the Black Money. There was agitation, frustration and they immediately connected to the movement. In Annaji, they got their leader, he was fighting against Corruption. It was an important movement in Indian politics. Finally the Government had to intervene and assure Anna Ji that they will work over the Jan Lokpal Bill.

But you had some other plans in you mind. You decided to go for a split up with Anna Hazare and form a political party with some of your allies from IAC. I bet you understood the power of Media very profoundly by then. You knew they were focusing on you and clever as you were (being an IITian) you quickly (very quickly indeed) learned the art of marketing yourself, defaming other parties and gaining people’s faith.

You started with Salman Khurshid, went on to Gadhkari and the entire media was capturing your every movement and anticipating your every move. Kejriwal ka agla nishana kaun? (Who will be the next target of Kejriwal). You targeted Robert Vaddra, son-in-law of UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi, which was later shunned by the Government for obvious reasons. You made Nitin Gadkari to resign from the position of BJP president. You made some serious allegations against the Ambanis.

You were playing it well, people had started following you by now. You had struck a chord with the middle class and lower middle class. You were fighting over the agenda of Corruption and you were giving the people an alternate approach to politics and you fought the elections over that basis.Your promotion for the Delhi Assembly elections was very noteworthy, I must say.

And when the results came out, they were extraordinary and you got a fairy tale start in your political career Mr. Kejriwal. Not only did you successfully win over Sheila Dikshit, but also you were finally able to make a minority Government with the support of Congress. Till here, I think you did most of the things right and your speech after the oath ceremony was also quite incredible. Here was a guy who really wanted to do something for this country, who really wanted to bring about a change in this System and everyone was in awe of you.

But Sorry Mr. Kejriwal, that day onwards you got it all wrong!

I don’t know that whether you eyed the Lok Sabha polls at that time only or the thought crept up in your mind some days later, but you were behaving as if you have become the President of the US! You became an epitome of arrogance and rudeness. You and your AAP leaders were behaving like they are the Lords of the Rings and why you were in so much of hurry over everything? You shouldn’t have done any promises to the people of Delhi.

You should have just done your work as the Chief Minister for what you have been voted by the Delhi people. They didn’t vote for you so that you could go on Dharnas, they didn’t vote you so that you fight for your foul mouthed leader Somnath Bharti, they didn’t vote you so that you could just launch FIRs, baseless FIRs against corrupt (according to you) leaders and businessmen, they didn’t vote you so that you could question the republic day parade, they didn’t vote you so that you create anarchy in the national capital and they certainly didn’t vote you and later voted for you (as you had asked them) so that you keep them stranded 49 days later to achieve your own personal, much bigger goals.

Mr. Kejriwal, the fact is that you have betrayed the people of Delhi. Why only Delhi? I would say you broke the trust of millions of people in this country who heard your speech, who saw you win over Sheila Dikshit, who saw you promising the people of Delhi over electricity rates and free water, who saw you question corrupt leaders. The fact is Mr. Kejriwal you panicked!

Yes, you panicked because you understood that you cannot fulfill the expectations of the Delhi people. You panicked because you knew you cannot convert your promises into reality. You have proved Mr. Kejriwal that you are indeed a common man of this country who just knows how to criticize everything about Politics and how to find traits in Politicians and display them, show them in front of Media who just loves you by the way. When you got your chance to prove something, you wasted it.

I know people still support you. I know people still love your populist ways. I know people still think that you did all this for Jan Lokpal Bill, ‘Your Version’ of Jan Lokpal Bill which would have certainly brought a change in Indian Politics and yes, I agree that corrupt people would have been punished. The system would’ve become more transparent. But why did you do it in a way which was unconstitutional? You could have waited for the bill to be passed by the Lok Sabha. You could have thought about an alternate option rather than running away from your responsibilities.

The biggest irony is that you never accept your mistakes and that’s a dangerous trait to have in a person. Either you think that you know everything and correct on every count else you think that whatever you do, people will support you every time.

If you thought that by constantly criticizing the other parties you would get away from questions related to the governance, then you are wrong!

If the Media is supporting you, you welcome them. If it isn’t, then its paid media! This is utter hypocrisy and the people have seen that.

I would request you Mr. Kejriwal that before becoming an honest politician (which I am sure you are), try to be an honest person. An honest person would accept his/her mistake instead of blaming it on others. He would try to do his work honestly instead of searching for diversions so that he isn’t questioned over it. He would try to make promises which are more practical and rational and he would have a courage to say sorry if he isn’t able to deliver on those!

I am sure Aam Aadmi Party will have an impact over the upcoming Lok Sabha elections as you still have huge support all over India, no one could deny this fact but try to be a little polite if at all, you come in Parliament as an MP again.

Three years later, I am forced to switch channels again as I’ve written earlier that it hurts when you have expectations from someone and he doesn’t deliver and changes his path midway. At least, Team India tried their best rather than fleeing from England then.

This is a letter on behalf of every dejected common man who expected uncommon and exceptional things from you and you ( Arvind Kejriwal) failed terribly.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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