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A dawn of a new era
For a politician symbolism has always been an unavoidable constituent of political reality. With the symbolism he/she represents a forum for policy. He expresses his intentions, his problem-solving abilities and communicates the basic political direction, values and standards.

With symbolism like caps, turbans, mufflers, swords, trishuls and tilaks he presents a more fitting version of politics which is well-known to fit in with the accepted view of "political reality." This political ‘Notanki’ becomes political reality for the public.

Famous political scientist Murray Edelman developed a concept of "symbolic politics" which now forms the bedrock for understanding political communication. He assumes that all political actions and events are characterized by a division into an instrumental dimension, that is, a principal value - which represents the actual effect of a political action - and an expressive dimension, that is which represents the presentation of the action for the public.

According to another expert, Edelman, political players subconsciously base their own roles to produce a make-believe political world for the electorate using political symbols and rituals for and by the mass media; this process is increasingly being superimposed upon the principal value of political actions.

In the modern world, the "mediatization" of politics is prevalent. It is the presentation and "packaging of politics tailored to the needs of the mass-media and in particular those of TV. It is becoming increasingly important in the maintenance and pretense of a politically capable leadership.

Verbal symbols and non-verbal symbols generate attention. They reduce the complexity of political problems and communicate a certain way of looking at the world and stimulate emotions among the viewing public. Political symbols, however, do not exclusively serve the communication and presentation of political reality.

In this context we can view and analyze the performances of all principal political players including the recent icon -Arvind Kejriwal. Media coverage makes a politician visible. It enables his message to reach the masses. The extent of exposure is in direct precursor of perception. We can see the scion of Gandhi family struggling to hold his footing. He is trying to make a comeback. Narendra Modi is no longer the same media darling.

These are the decisive times of Arvind Kejriwal. The euphoria is well understood. According the well known social media agency ‘Autumn Worldwide’, NaMo’s media mentions have declined by 23%, Rahul Gandhi by 9 % while Kejriwal rose by 102 % in just a month before and after the announcements of Delhi election results.

A political newbie has reached, by dint of his labour and wisdom, at the centre stage. He is author of new rules of politics; he has brought a new life into the gloom and doom situation. He has decimated Congress and dethroned the decades old well established icons of power. Conventional politics has broken down. The days of theatrics, tall slogans of condemnations, false promises and sharp cutting repartees are over. India has entered a new age of reality - no mirage.

Health, education, clean water, electricity, equal opportunity and forced poverty are the issues of the day. Politics of cast, creed, region and religion are paled into insignificant oblivion. The country is in dire need of new daring ideas to revive hope and restore the dreams of meaningful life. Indian wants a positive dynamic of life and not just moribund survival.

“Everything was within reach but you can’t reach anywhere” was the dilemma of BJP. “Where was gone the good old party which has steered the country out of slavery?” At the mercy of cosmic odds! No where it was in count but still holds effective lever without actually wielding power, all by default. “The power of democracy dictates you to take the reins of power even the last count didn't gave a clear mandate” such was the paradoxical situation for AAP. The country was in the flux.

The crown was tossed up and when fell, it fitted the head of Kejriwal. But the million dollar question is - “Will he be able to deliver what he had promised? High expectations and increasing demands could turn out to become the proverbial banana peels in the forward prance.

Soon after coronation, AAP has had a close shave with the measures of austerity and efficiency. Moving into a comparative modest, but still a duplex didn’t sit well with the masses. He was no longer one of them. He was about to offer a handle to his adversaries to beat him.

A non-issue like use of ‘official cars’ for ‘official works’ was ballooned up. It is tightrope and would remain so till he gets his own majority. In fact, these are all damp squibs. It doesn’t matter much if lives in a 5 bedroom house or in a jhuggi jhonpri as long as he is honest and delivers.

A smart and balanced tweet of J&K chief minister Omar Abdullah has been the best comment:

He also added:

Arvind trusts in God for his security; so does the nation. God won’t consider it a bad bad idea if the nation provided him security. Police fears that he could be mobbed or attacked by miscreants. It is a genuine worry. His life is too precious for the country. His team needs the official transport and protection also. Efficiency is the need of the hour. There is nothing wrong, absolutely nothing to be shy or sorry about it. It is their right. Indians are not so narrow in their outlook.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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