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A game of smoke and mirrors: CBI and the Aarushi case
A couple of days ago, there was an article by a former CBI official regarding the Aarushi case verdict in a leading newspaper. It said that the judge who delivered the verdict was known for his honesty and integrity, therefore there was no reason to doubt his verdict.

There has been many cases where honest judges have delivered wrong verdicts, because the evidence presented to them were biased. And everyone knows that many innocent people have languished and continue to languish in jail - punished for crimes, which they did not commit- because the evidence went against them.

It is appalling, how people have come to believe blindly what the investigators have said about the crime scene and the evidence without bothering to find out the truth.  In short, the CBI has been playing a game of smoke and mirrors to confuse people.

For one, it is said that Hemraj was found in an aroused state (state of penile erection suggesting that he was preparing for intercourse) when his body was found.  But the fact is that death by strangulation or damage to blood vessels in the cerebellum can cause this condition also known as ''postmortem priapism.''

As per wikipedia, a postmortem priapism is an indicator of ''swift and violent death.''  Now how many lay people even actually know this?  So the erection is quite logical considering the way he died.  It was not because he was preparing to have sex with Aarushi but because he died a violent death probably by strangling or a fatal blow to the head.

While some newspapers said that the maid was coached by the CBI and also said that her evidence was damning to the Talwars. Also, there is no clarity on whether Aarushi was raped or had consensual sex, the manner of her death could also have had some corresponding effect on her private parts.  Wikipedia says that in violent deaths, the labia and clitoris could become engorged. So was Aarushi actually raped?  No one knows for sure.

After the initial closure report had been issued, it was the Talwars, who insisted on a fresh investigation to find their daughter’s murderer.  Why on earth would they make such a request if they were the actual killers?  Honour killings do happen in this country but this is not an honour killing by any yardstick.  And why would the Talwars hide the servant’s body in the terrace?  The natural instinct would have been to get rid of it as quickly as possible.

If, as the cops say, they had enough time to clean up Aarushi's room wouldn't they have had the time to take the body and dump it somewhere safer rather than their own terrace, where it could easily have been found?  It is ridiculous to say that Rajesh Talwar resisted opening the terrace door.  The police didn't really need his permission and he would have known that. So if he hid the body there, it was an audacious risk that no sensible person would take.

Crime investigation is as much about intelligence as evidence gathering.  Unfortunately, here the cops have relied only on the flimsiest of circumstantial evidence.  There is no sign of intelligence at work in this case and this is why the Talwars have been made the scapegoats.  It shows laziness on the part of the police. Instead of taking the trouble for a proper investigation, they have taken the easy route to silence their critics - the media and the public.  That is why these two segments of society are as culpable as the police are in the tragic plight of the Talwars.

Some papers reported that the CBI did a credible job despite efforts by powerful people (the Talwars, obviously) to mislead them.  If the Talwars had been really powerful like, for instance, the Kanchi acharyas, then they too would have been acquitted.

In this country, it is the powerful people who get away easily. You only have to study the Sankararaman murder case to see this self-evident truth.  The Aarushi verdict only proves that the Talwars are actually powerless people unable to fight the system using their money and influence. And how many guilty people have actually been sent to jail because of CBI’s diligence?  Thus the entire investigation seems like a game of smoke and mirrors, a game of illusion that the CBI has been playing with the public.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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