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A govt should seek fresh mandate annually on performance basis: 5-year fixed term not a great idea!
Horrible incidents of rapes and murders in UP and Haryana as well as destruction of democratic set-up anywhere in the country can be curbed by regular mid-term elections like referendum and recall. Any government adopting repressive attitude and showing apathy to people's miseries must be sent away midway.

Recently held Lok Sabha election results reflect the simmering mood of the people of the country who utterly rejected the last UPA government and all parties associated with the UPA government. People should be rendered constitutional power to dismiss a bad government midway!

Results of the recent Lok Sabha elections sheerly demonstrate a vociferous mandate by the people of our country who, looking for big change, want to avert any kind of power-sharing by iniquitous politicians and their political parties who have been mainly dictating malpractices and whose government and administration have been ruining the life of common people as well as destroying all government machinery and democratic set-up in the country.

There is tremendous gap between the mandate given to the NDA collation by the people of the country and the distrust shown in the past government ruled by UPA collation led by the Congress party.

Needless to say and as interpreted by many political critics and analysts, it is comprehensive rejection of political parties who formed and supported the UPA collation which failed to check and deal with everyday corruption and record-breaking plundering of public wealth, immense inflation, rising unemployment, high crime rates, large amount of crimes and violence against women and above-all growing distrust.

However in order to dismiss the past government at the center and its functioning, people of the country had to wait for a long period although distrust of the UPA government in people started materializing by 2010 when Commonwealth Games scam and 2G scam were unearthed. It was just bursting of a Pandora box and a series of colossal scams surfaced day-by-day. At the same time, gruesome crimes against women in the national capital and in other major cities and in many states of the country kept on increasing.

Although mood of the people in the country was reflecting determination to sack the UPA government as soon as it could be possible as it was also noticed in the few months back held state elections in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Chhattisgarh, the constitutional provision of fixed term of government for five continuous years, if having the majority in the Lok Sabha, protected the UPA government from the wrath of general public.

This constitutional provision of five year fixed term of a government encourages political parties to practice dictatorial and autocratic methods of ruling and administration or for minimum arrogant style of functioning. The numerous and record-breaking gruesome cases of rapes, gang-rapes, serious violence against women and large number of murders and crimes in the states of Utter Pradesh and Haryana in recent years utterly echo the undemocratic advantage that is being enjoyed by the respective governments due to the majority they have in the respective legislative Assemblies.

This constitutional provision protects governments with majority, who even turn undemocratic and show apathy in dealing miseries of common people and follow oppressive means to harass common people, destroy state machinery, and defend crimes and criminals who are just goons of the respective political parties.

A government must go away or must be sent away if it cannot protect common people from crimes; if it cannot protect the state from disorder and malfunctioning; if it cannot relieve the people and the society from despair, depression, and dismay. If the governments fail to deliver the promises on which they win elections and fail to adopt the constitutional methods in their functioning, that government must be immediately sacked.

Since the constitution provides five years term to a government as well as protects an elected government, there must be provision in the constitution which should ask the government to seek mandate from the people again after a year of government formation whether government is yielding on the constitutional terms as well as on the promises made to the people.

In simple words, there should be referendum every year or every couple of years in which the acting government must seek fresh mandate whether they should continue or quit.

Changing the government in five year time period by people by massively rejecting a political party or collation is not the end of story. The people of the country must keep a check using further democratic means like referendum and recall and the constitution of our country must provide these democratic tools to general public in order to apply check mechanisms if a government is not functioning on constitutional terms or if the government is not serious in delivering to the mark.

The cost of conducting further elections like mid-term referendums should not be feared by the country or considered as over-expenditure if we think of the benefits obtained by the good governance. The public fund usurped by a bad government and the cost of hardship given to public in the rule of a repressive government are dramatically manifolds of the lump-sum of 50,000 crore rupees the country will spend in conducting few extra mid-term elections in order to ensure good governance in the country.

People of the country must also realise the benefits of participating frequently in democracy by giving fresh mandate to an elected government or dismissing the acting government midway which is equivalent to participating in direct government formation.

This is time and moment we should realize that democracy is by the people, of the people and for the people. In a democracy, an elected government and parliamentarians/legislative members are not supreme and above the people, but the people are government and the people form government.

We must ask the new government at the Centre or the apex court of the country to strengthen our democracy further by adopting tools of direct democracy and usher a new era of democracy in the country.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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