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Aam Aadmi Party- Defining itself
It was a scene to be remembered and written down in the echelons of history the day Arvind Kejriwal took oath as the Chief Minister of Delhi.

Populist activities like its 18 point agenda, shunning security, flamboyance, pomp and show which was the order of the day with their political predecessors went down a little too well with the people.

Our countrymen saw a Knight of the order of King Arthurs roundtable in shinning golden armour sword in hand riding a white horse with divine aura descend down on the politically corrupt and the dishonest people. They saw their golden knight strangling the anarchic system and bringing in much needed order and relief from the mayhem and pandemonium inflicted on honest citizens by the previous system.

It’s a difficult road ahead for Arvind Kejriwal and his team apart from the danger posed to them by the members of the current political and bureaucratic system. In my earlier articles, I had prophesied the movement having the roots of a silent revolution of sorts, of what kind is still yet to be defined.

This movement is actually a socialist movement in spirit but with definite democratic overtures because it opposes violence in any form but rather is based on equal sharing of precious resources through free and fair elections within the countries democratic framework.

It also talks about ‘grass root democracy’ and reminds me of ancient Rome at the time of Julius Caesar. The situation in New Delhi is remarkably similar to that of Rome today. The elite Senate, the corrupt nobility and an anarchic Julius Caesar with his military might can be compared with our politicians, the 15% elitist Indians and the bureaucracy respectively controlling the men in uniform.

AAP’s Arvind Kejriwal looks much like Brutus who wanted to bring in change by actually choosing to remain within the system but laid the foundation of the downfall of Rome by killing Caeser. The movement has to be defined by its perpetrators because the movement now cannot die with the demise of its current leadership for it has to move forward on its own principals, strong ideology and ethics irrespective of its leadership.

The aspirations and wants of millions of have-nots, which earlier had been annulled, are now finding a voice through this movement. Sadly, in India 15% of its population is enjoying the full benefits of the country’s system and are in cahoots with the country’s leaders. The plight and condition of the rest 85% lies in a limbo as most of them will pass on as silently as they had come.

This actually sounds the beating of retreat bugle for our present system of democracy as the AAP movement slowly poses to evolve into a more potent communist kind of a revolution due to the current 35% strong young population, varied demographics involved in our culturally and socially diverse country if not handled or rather controlled properly.

This movement of governance also requires a name just like the other systems of governance in place today the world over like Dictatorship, Communism, Democracy etc. It sadly has no name defining it for it is a different kind of a political process or system of governance maybe unique to India only.

Karl Marx, Aristotle and Plato would surely have dubbed it something different from any other political regime currently in vogue the world over today. This movement also poses a challenge to the capitalist side of our present system of polity and touches upon money politics and Hierarchy based party system.

AAP also now brings to fore another important question relating to election reforms and that is for the ‘Party’ too to be considered an independent entity much like a limited company with the right to stand elections irrespective of candidature? It might also bring about a change in election funding by having political parties or independents being linked to a percentage of GDP growth in their areas as an incentive.

It would also in the near future will be forced to bring in a transparent system of party members sustenance systems by way of a salary structure or something similar as it has to shun the commission system being followed by party workers belonging to other political parties toady to sustain themselves and their families.

It is eminent for AAP leaders to give a name to this movement or rather define its Ideology both theoretically and practicality to the country. This movement will soon garner gigantic or mammoth proportions and will surely go out of hand if not controlled properly. This nascent movement if ever goes out of hand, would sound death knell for our democracy for surely somebody like Feidel Castro would hijack it to take over the nation.

‘Public Referendum’ or ‘Democracy at doorstep’ are okay for the time being but these still do not define this movement in its complete form. This fight against the existing vile system, the corruption, apathy and neglect which our country now faces is unaffectedly nothing but Democracy, which has evolved further in an anarchic way.

India actually never had democracy for it was just a showcase to the world for actually it had a perverted form of the ‘Raj’, which was both anarchic, and wretchedly corrupt. This system until 1970 has fooled the people properly but many slowly started raising their voice against it like Jai Prakash Nararain, Morarji Desai and others belonging to parties like Jansangh.

It is imminent that AAP too has to tackle many foreign powers with vested interests in the region, who do not want to see a powerful and self-reliant India in the near future. The system was currently based on blatant planned loot. Billions of Indians were fooled every five years into believing that they were voting for their own kind of government which would make things better for them but alas it never happened the way they wanted it.

The road ahead is tough and a lot depends upon the quality of its members, their sincerity towards the movement and their own integrity. AAP has also to define its National Vision and set goals to make it its mission on a war footing to successfully achieve it.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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