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Aam Admi Party: What makes it so appealing to people?
I never liked politics. The reason being nothing special as I, as anyone else also considered politics as dirty. But the rise of Aam Admi Party (AAP) to some extent changed my perception of politics and made me realize of my responsibility to become a part of it. At the juncture of Election in Delhi lets discuss what makes this party so special to people.

'First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they attack you. Then you win.' - Mohandas Gandhi.  

This line is probably the best summary of Gandhi's philosophy of Satyagraha.

At present without any doubt it can surely be said that this is the fittest quote for the newly emerged party i.e. AAP. The rise of the AAP is really phenomenal. "Unlike an-year-old toddler, we had not only learned to walk but also to run, and have managed to create a space for ourselves among the big political parties," said Yogendra Yadav a leader of AAP.

Truly!!! May it be an unceremonious exit from India Aagainst Corruption (IAP) followed by a nasty break up with veteran social activist Anna Hazare, limitless accusations, allegations and ugly political mockeries right after the formation of AAP and most recently an infamous sting operation and a notice from EC nothing could ever stop this party to get higher overcoming each obstacles.

Today Aam Aadmi Party claimed to have created a space for itself among "big political parties" and made a huge impact on the people unbelievably just within one year after its formation which cannot be denied also.

It stands as an immense threat to two National political parties in the capital politics as a big player clearly becoming a game changer at least in the process of Delhi Assembly elections.

What makes this party so appealing to people? This is a very pertinent question keeping an eye on the fact that the rise of AAP has given an entirely new political dimension in the country.

A critical Analysis would give a palpable explanation of what makes this party so likable amongst people. A close scrutiny of the AAP, its political signifiers, its slogan and appeals, and the voters it seeks out sharply whittle out a distinct political pattern and strategy.


Politics, particularly the electoral variety, is all about perception built around symbols. In an interview the founder of AAP Arvind Kejriwal once said that, "jahan paisa nahin hota hai wahan creativity hoti hai (Where there is no money there is creativity)."

Clearly the Aam Admi Party's symbol “broom” justify their average appearance and their solitary intent of cleaning the system as almost every time they spell out that "Gutter ko saf karna hai to gutter main uttarna padega" to clean the system one has to enter into the system.

Also the AAP gained heavily from the symbols of Gandhi's politics i.e. Gandhi caps. The AAP's success, to a large extent, is the use of 'Gandhi cap' that implies the success of the Gandhian legacy, a pleasant reminiscent of the Mahatma Gandhi.

Also it is no coincidence that the Aam Aadmi Party, by its very name is appealing to people making them identifying with it.

Like Delhi's Red Fort that has the diwan-e-aam and diwan-e-khaas, (separate enclosures for the emperor to give audience to the commoners and the gentry) to some extent as observers preach AAPs presence in the new politics of Delhi is somehow attempting targeted electioneering.

Their brilliant strategy of waste management:

"AAP in dreamland, voting for them will be a waste," said Arun Jaitley a veteran leader of BJP in a recent media address.

But interestingly AAP has actually targeted those people who otherwise wish to abstain from voting and prefer to stay at home. We may call them disinterested class comprising all stratums of people.

So technically these votes always by any mean were getting wasted only. What AAP has done a "brilliant waste management" of these votes by bringing them into the participation by giving them a hope in terms of a political alternative or option.

At present the swelled unpopularity of national parties and loss of faith of people on national politics has compelled people to look for a new choice and AAP has rightly fallen into their plate.

Giving a hope of performance:

I observed this point from my own circles and friends in Delhi. They opine that as AAP is a very new player, so it will perform as per the expectation of people at least in a worst case for their own survival. This has given a ray of hope that this party can be dependable so far as deliverability of improved conditions and bringing a change in life of people is concerned.

There are other points that make AAP a preferable choice like there unconventional approach opposing traditional politics, start of agenda based rather money based politics, giving attainable solution rather talking about problems and moreover Arvind Kejriwal the face of the AAP.

No grandeur of persona, no forceful voice, this young man just looked like the guy next door, the aam admi. And yet, he speaks with a weight that dangle heavy in minds. He carries an aura of truthfulness, brute honesty and hope for the country.

The political class hated this person in unequivocal terms. They dared him to contest polls and change the system if this bothered him that much.

He took up the challenge of the political class, entered their arena, braved the mortification of vigorous smear campaigns and yet did not resort to the sneakiness and astuteness so crucial there to survive.

Whether they win in Delhi or not, in fact in worst case even if they can't manage one seat at all, Kejriwal has already won as he has beaten them in their own game and on their own turf making AAP clearly visible on national political platform.

What traditionally takes years of sustenance and nurturing for a party to be recognized nationwide, AAP made it within few months.

The credit may go to the compulsions and not good conditions of the national politics but the dedication and commitment of the AAP members cannot be ignored.

At present people are also in a mood to forgive their fickleness and unorganised voicing their opinions and imaturity as they believe the grooming will come with the passage of time.

AAP is slowly changing the perception of people about politics and showing optimism that there can be something called "Good Politics", "good administration" and "good governance".

Arvind Kejriwal rightly said, "Unke paas paisa hai, hamare paas junoon hai. And itihas gawah hai...jab jab junoon and paise ke beech jung hota hai….jeet hamesha junoon hota hai."

(They have money but we have passion. And history has witnessed that...Wherever there is a brawl between money and passion it is the passion that always wins the war)

May be that makes AAP so appealing to people!!!!...isn't it?

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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