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AAP minister Rakhi Bidlan's car allegedly attacked: Congress' leader Arvinder Singh Lovely says such incidents should be ignored
After Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leaders say no to the security cover and Red Becon cars, an incident came into light where AAP minister Rakhi Bidlan has alleged that her Wagon-R car was attacked. When this incident happened Rakhi was in the car and she's is said to be unhurt from the incident but her car's windshield received some cracks.

Congress state president Arvinder Singh Lovely described this incident as part of politician life and the people should not brag this issue. These type of incidents happen and there is nothing to talk about. He said, “Such petty incidents should not be given any attention. It is not right to brag such petty incidents and this is not good for any political and social life of a person”.

Although Lovely described it as a petty incident but it somewhere raises the question over the AAP's decision of not taking the security cover.

The matter has got a new twist today when a boy claimed that it was actually his ball, with which he was playing, that broke the windshield of Rakhi's car. The boy said that he had apologized the same time.  

Delhi CM Kejriwal said that he would look into the entire matter.

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hemen parekh
Referendum in Kashmir ?Benito Mussolini is supposed to have said ," If you plan to dig a well in the village , you can ask all the villagers , but if you have to declare a war , you have decide , all by yourself " That applies to Kashmir situation as wellAnd not only for the government of India but equally for the government of PakistanNeither the people nor the governments of either country would want the Kashmiri people to decide what they want !And the Kashmiri people know that either India or Pakistan or both would reject the verdict of Kashmir people !Sad - but true !Equally sad is the fact that there is very little prospect of a " Peacefully Negotiated " settlement If there was one , we would have found it after 40 years of negotiations !Or , could it be that neither government is looking for one ?Could it be that , interests of numerous political parties on either side of the border are best served by keeping the Kashmir pot boiling ?Could that be the reason why ,> BJP is asking Man Mohan Singh to reveal what was the " solution " that was almost within the reach , a few years back ?> BJP , itself does not wish to divulge the " Kashmir Accord " reached between Atalji and Musharraf , during Agra Summit but could not be signed ?> Prashant Bhushan wants " involvement " of Kashmiri people in solving Kashmir issue ?> Why no one dare talk about late Vasant Sathe's practical suggestion to convert LoC into an international border ?> Militaries of both the countries continue to justify purchase of billions rupees worth of military equipment , year after year , and without any audit / kick-back scrutiny ?> Arms - selling countries of the western world do not want India and Pakistan to settle this issue amicably ?> China and America want India and Pakistan to divert billions of rupees to missile development , instead of strengthening their economies ?It is a pity that the Indian media - and India's corrupt politicians - are jumping on Prashant Bhushan's throat , instead of raising above mentioned questionsWe don't have to agree with Prashant . Just allow him to express his viewsHow many of us have the courage to tell the truth to our people ?* hemen parekh ( 08 Jan 2014 / Mumbai )
hemen parekh
Lesson Number 3Yesterday was a field day for TV channelsPanel experts were screaming :> Prashant Bhushan wants to hand over Kashmir to Pakistan> Rakhi Bidlan is a compulsive liar, who seeks cheap publicity by alleging terrorist attack on her car> Kumar Vishwas is hiding communal skeletons in his cupboard> Aam Aadmi Party is falling apart> AAP has no experience in governing> AAP has neither a Vision , nor a Policy on any national matter> In trying to contest Lok Sabha elections , AAP is biting off more than what it can chew> AAP has no clue about financing government expenditure . By subsidizing Water / Power etc , it will bankrupt the Delhi government> AAP is indulging in populist give-away with an eye on 2014> AAP is shying away from catching corrupt Congressmen> AAP is a B-Team of Congress / hand-in-glove with Congress / stooge of Congress> AAP ministers are practicing phony simplicity to fool peopleAmidst a free-for-all " VERBATHON " amongst the so-called experts and the vociferous / dominating TV anchors , these are a few comments I could catch !Now , don't blame the TV anchorsTheir own annual salary-increase depends upon the TRP rating of the show !But as far as the experts are concerned , they were engaged in a game of one-up-man ship !Each was trying to prove that ,> he had more negative opinions about AAP> he could do a better job of provoking AAP leaders> he had , at his command , many more words to run down AAPBut thank God , Arvind and his team ,> readily admitted their shortcomings> apologized for their mistakes> refused to get drawn into a controversy> did not get provokedA classic example of an elephant ignoring the barking of dogs !In short , they kept their COOLDEAR ARVIND ,Congrats !You did well in your lesson number 3 , viz ;KEEP COOL / KEEP POLITE* hemen parekh ( 07 Jan 2014 / Mumbai )
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