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AAP or Congress: Who will get the leader of opposition status in Delhi assembly?
With the announcement of Delhi Assembly Elections, all eyes are now focused once again on the AAP Convener Arvind Kejriwal, who is probably fighting his last battle for the survival of his party. People of Delhi has witnessed the 49 days of misrule which was forced on the Delhi in active connivance with the Congress and Aam Aadmi Party.

From that day, people of Delhi have completely written off this party, which was also evident from the results of the Lok Sabha Elections, in which AAP miserably failed to win even a single seat in Delhi and majority of its Lok Sabha candidates elsewhere in the country lost their deposits.

The reason behind Arvind Kejriwal losing his ground is very simple. Kejriwal is in the habit of throwing away one opportunity after the another. First he graduated from IIT and joined a reputed company. He left that company and joined Indian Revenue Services. As was usual, he left this also and started running a so called NGO. While he was running the NGO, he joined Anna Movement and left that movement midway and joined the active politics by floating the Aam Aadmi Party.

Taking full credit of the Anna Movement, his party grabbed 28 seats in the Delhi Assembly Elections. Kejriwal formed the Government in Delhi with the active support of the Congress Party and left this Government also after 49 days of misrule, just to fulfill his Prime Ministerial ambitions. The purpose of writing all these events is to understand that Kejriwal does not take anything very seriously and gets never satisfied,with whatever is available to him. People of Delhi by now, have understood well that stability and Kejriwal are just two opposite words.

Since Kejriwal is fully dependent on Media, Journalists and TV Cameras for his political survival, he always wants to create a hype, which has nothing to do with the ground reality. Most of the times he will organise Press Conference just to level the false and unsubstantiated allegations against his political rivals. These allegations, provide him enough publicity in print and electronic media, but these tactics do not work every time.

People have now understood all these "short cut" tactics of Kejriwal and his party. He was also exposed when he was caught red handed on camera, fixing his interview with a TV Journalist.

The only issue on which his party was formed was the eradication of corruption. Even before the Lok Sabha elections, he abandoned the "Issue of Corruption" saying that "communalism" is bigger issue than "corruption". Once he made his position clear on the "communalism" and the "corruption", people took no time in understanding that Kejriwal and his party is no different than any other political parties practicing fake secularism in the country for the last 67 years.

Except BJP and Shiv Sena, all other so called political outfits in the country are already practicing the fake secularism and they all are also of the same view that "communalism" is much bigger issue that the "corruption".

When people of Delhi gave 28 seats to Kejriwal, they were under the impression that his party is different from all other parties for which "corruption" was a major issue. But Kejriwal, took the people of the country for granted, and replaced the declared issue of "corruption" with "communalism".

Most of the well meaning leaders including its co-founder have already left the party. Those who are still with the party are also not satisfied with the way the party is working. Party is promising free Wi-Fi, free water and subsidized electricity, as if some NGO is going to fund all these freebies. If everything has to come from the taxpayers money then what is the fun in giving something free, by taking it from another pocket of the same person.

Kejriwal is also making lot of noise about the CAG Audit of Electricity Distribution Companies, knowing very well that CAG Audit of Private Companies is not possible under any circumstances. CAG is permitted to conduct the audit of Government Companies only and these Private Electricity Distribution Companies are already getting their audit done in accordance with the provisions of the Companies Act.

Like CAG Audit, Kejriwal also mislead the people of Delhi on Janlokpal Bill, when he said that he had to abruptly end his 49 days old Government as the Congress Party did not let him pass the Janlokpal Bill in the Assembly.

The Delhi Lokayukta and Uplokayukta Act, 1995 is already in force and Justice Manmohan Sarin is present Lokayukta. When this law was already in existence, where was the need to enact another law with a different name of "Janlokpal Bill". There can not be two different laws to meet the same objective.

Kejriwal was and is still under the impression that people of Delhi are not aware of these misleading facts, whereas the realty is that people now understand all these things and he and his party has lost the credibility in the eyes of the public.

With all this background, it will be a great surprise if Kejriwal and his party, manage to repeat even the 50% of its earlier performance in the coming assembly elections.The main rival party BJP is not only riding high on the Modi wave, but also has shown the way to provide the good governance with stability and it will be very interesting to see that between Congress and AAP, which party will be able to win more number of seats in Delhi and will be able to stake the claim to be the main opposition party in the Assembly.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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