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AAP Phenomenon: Is it the beginning of a Paradigm Shift in Indian Politics?
With an extra-ordinary surge of AAP In the recent assembly elections, unquestionably there was a reflection of a mutational change or more correctly a radical change in the psyche of the people which affirmed that there is an urgent urge for a metamorphic change in the entire political system. Is it the beginning of a Paradigm Shift in the Indian Political Scenario!!!

Few years back I remember there was an advertisement of a soft drink where Amitabh Bachchan was telling a couple after - letting them hold the soft drink bottle – that their long luxury car was sunken into a toy car because of the accident by him. And the tag line was “JHOR KA JHHATKA DHIRE SE LAGGE”.

At present this is the best fitted tagline for the Congress Party with a slight modification, “JHOR KA JHHATKA KHUB JHOR SE LAGA” as there was no soft drink to reduce the intensity of the jolt.

Honestly I was imagining that the toy car while I was watching the visibly shrunken Sheila Dikshit while she was gathering the courage to accept the most discreditable trounce of her life. Still she deserves a salute as unlike Sonia Gandhi or any other person from Congress she could at least show the guts to accept the defeat so responsibly.

Well with all the capitulated verdicts of the assembly elections for four states, one result that has been very significant and has been the most discussed point at the moment is the stunning success of the debutant Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in Delhi that swept the Nation with its triumph and euphoria. The ripple of the party’s remarkable show could be felt across India.

“Only its (AAP) presence in the Politics will be like cleaning the politics," said an aam aadmi while answering to a reporter of a TV channel to a question how they see AAP’s success as a Political party.

Certainly emergence of AAP has already changed the political scenario of the country. With their spectacular performance they have proved a lot many wrong. First of all AAP with another additional extension as “Actually Associated People” has their biggest feat as they could drive home the concept of clean politics to the common man.

It proved that there is still some space for principles, idealism and honesty in Indian politics and democracy. The common man derided by those in power as the “mango man” has shown that the values ingrained in our psyche are not completely dead or buried. They sprout when there is hope for accountability and trust.

It has now inspired many highly educated people to be an active part of politics and undoubtedly the youth has been fired up. There is a return of HOPE amongst all the people irrespective of the cast, creed, religion and demographic differences.

However, a closure look will reveal that the rise of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has specified the prominence of some underlying message and changes that it has brought along with its achievement that will definitely impact the whole democratic picture of the Nation and will dominate national politics in 2014 as well.

It seems there will be a reflection of Paradigm Shift in entire politics during the general election 2014 and next onwards. No party will remain un-impacted by the AAP phenomenon. Now at least there will be start of some fresh changes with regard to Election in almost all the political parties and the main focus will be on.

Decriminalization of Politics: AAP is setting the agenda for clean politics. There is no dearth of good people in our country in general and the political parties in particular. But they don’t get chances. As already the veteran BJP leader Arun Jaitely said that it is the well grounded candidate yield better result, so following AAP’s foot step there will be clean and honest people contesting elections.

The weakening grip of gerontocracy: Aam Aadmi Party Chief Arvind Kejriwal is 45 and his party with young MLAs backed by young voters, Delhi has emerged as the youngest assembly in the Country. This is a latest indicator of the weakening grip of gerontocracy on Indian politics and fostering youth powered trend. Now there will be a trend of young India represented by young politician along all the Parties line.

Narrowing of the distance between people and people representatives: Till now the trend was before election "Hum hain Aap ki Khatir” and after election “Hum aap ke hain Koun” type of attitude of our elected representatives. The widening gap was the reason of enlarged insensitivity among the politicians. Now there will be change in that attitude as AAP is much grounded towards the aam aadmi so other parties will start connecting with the general public of the country.

Now there will be a first thought on “what’s aching public”: No longer can anybody afford to take people granted. There will be priority thought on what people want and think.

There is now an emergence of “Alternative Politics” instead of “Substitution politics”: as the clear message coming through that TINA (there is no alternative) which is definitely a much over-rated factor in these elections.

It is said that those who suffer silently take revenge violently. This is exactly what happened in recent assembly election in Delhi. Now the same trend will be dominating as AAP is going to be National with having an entirely different ideology and innovative way of doing politics.

So now there is a Buzz…AAP Wave Vs Modi Tsunami!!

Taken as a whole it seems at present the Emergence political scenario will permit space only to parties that focus on good governance and public service deliverability and the rest will go into oblivion.

So one can say there is a metamorphic change in Indian political Scenario….a long awaited idea for the Indian people and duly the credit goes to AAP.

As buoyed by success in Delhi AAP has already decided on its Loksabha Poll appearance, to be honest there is a whispering cynicism about the future performance of AAP. As power is intoxicating so there is reasonable apprehension whether they will be able to retain their pragmatic ideology or not???

For AAP…To quote a dude in spandex “with great power there comes great responsibility”. For the citizens who’ve shown enough courage to put them in the centre stage they (AAP) have a big a big accountability of deliverability as Popularity and Performance Ability is two different things. Historically, anybody with such a quick surge in power has rarely delivered. But then again, historically, nobody has managed to make neta topi and jhadu seem like a cool idea.

With an almost rout of Congress from the ground no one can deny that AAP has emerged as a strong contender for BJP in 2014 Election although a factor “unrealistic and arrogantly ambitious” has perpetually been attached with AAP ….and the few months ahead will remain very important as well as interesting for the observer in Indian political scenario for sure.

May be this is the PARADIGM SHIFT in the national Politics…isn’t it??

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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