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AAP, your honeymoon period is over, time to hit top gear
"Live by the sword, die by the sword" - It is not wrong to utter this line at present, as it fits AAP and its venerated leader Arvind Kejriwal. They had a climber of phenomenal popularity of euphoria by media and now the season of closely securitization. Honeymoon period is over darling, now let’s getting some work done.

It seems within just a month and a few days more it has earned more controversies than intelligibility of governance. By now, I must admit (of course painfully) that I’ve already been acquainted myself to the consistent u-turns and opportune morality of Arvind Kejriwal. No more I get thwarted when I observe volte-faces of Kejriwal in his cross channel appearances regarding any issue. I confess that even I have become sturdily immune to their (AAP and Kejriwal) white lies and bizarre allegations against anybody, be it their own members or political rivals.

But, I couldn’t prevent myself getting strappingly upset when I learnt that contrary to his posturing of highest order of austerity and asceticism, Arvind Kejriwal had actually asked for himself the “controversial accommodation of two five bedroom duplex houses” that automatically nullifies his claim that ''it was allotted to him” and he had not asked for it.

It has emerged clearly now that he had indeed sought that lavish accommodation within 48 hours of his swearing in as CM with specific flat number in Bhagawan Das lane of Delhi, which was even approved by the LG the same day of application.

What is more interesting is, if I’m not wrong, I remember just after being sworn in as CM of Delhi he was uttering repeatedly in his cross channel appearances that he was not sure of the longevity of his government beyond 48 hours. He might or might not prove his majority in the assembly indirectly pointing that he wasn’t certain of Congress' support.

Here the natural question arises that if he was not sure of his government’s stability beyond 48 hours, then how did he apply for the bungalows and got them sanctioned as well? That means he was just bluffing, though he was quite sure of the Congress' support. Here I smell the “AAP-Congress nexus” infamously claimed by BJP leader Nitin Gadkari but without evidence as unlike AAP nobody including me can ask for trust.

Nobody would have ever imagined that when we were dreaming utopia by getting a leader who was though immature and completely alien to the electoral polity of the nation yet was a person of highest integrity, Arvind Kejriwal was actually describing hell in such a way that we were actually looking a travel trip to it.

Even on 4th of February when he had joined the NE people’s protest at Jantar Mantar he was saying the same thing that he didn’t accept the offer to justify his stake of austerity.

The point is nobody would have ever noticed where a CM of a state lives in the capital. It is not a big deal that a CM lives in a bungalow or travels in a chopper. If today's media is discussing this controversy or I’m writing this article, it is only because of his tall and meteoritic promises (famous 18 point letter) where he had clearly mentioned that his minister including himself would not accept the luxury given to the them.

Other than red beacons they have accepted everything (innova cars with VIP numbers, government flats etc). Now interestingly, after the unwrap of the documents related to this issue by a national news channel (Times Now) the media savvy Arvind Kejriwal and his team were noticed to be avoiding media and its tough questions. This is what happens at the end for the pathological liars. Isn’t it?

The point is why this false posturing of austerity? Simplicity is a way of life and an individual’s own choice, irrespective of his/her position and compulsion? Many highly ranked people are observing it in their personal life. But unlike Kejriwal and AAP, nobody has ever thought of presenting it as a package to win people’s trust and emotion to accomplish their political ambitions.

Now, no matter how convincingly they defend themselves, their credibility is dented. I don’t know how this will go with the middle class people of Delhi who had voted for AAP because of the anger against red beacons? The more they defend the more they will expose themselves, in the process lose more support. Isn’t it???

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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