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AAP's High Drama: Does a self proclaimed Anarchist deserved to be the CM of Delhi?
“Yes, I am an Anarchist” says Arvind Kejriwal, the chief minister of Delhi who mindlessly has taken the whole Delhi into blockade and disruption to justify his self proclaimed messiah avatar of people only “for a reason” to “defend” his most embarrassing, blundering and racist law Minister Somnath Bharti.

This has resulted stealing criticism and denigration unanimously from all the corners even from those who have been the supporters of AAP and Kejriwal. With terms like dangerous, childish, disruptionist even some people went on defining it as Aam Aadmi’s Problem (AAP) reacting to the undemocratic protest by AAP and Kejriwal near the Rail Bhawan, Delhi.

Here I want to put some questions to Arvind Kejriwal demanding his answers on them justifying his action (dharna) since last few days of his governance.

Why didn’t he protest when a new born baby’s dead body was found in a garbage bean in a Delhi hospital?  Wasn’t it a suitable cause?

Why didn’t he go on a dharna when his own minister Rakhi Bidhlan lodged a FIR when the wind shield of her car was damaged by the ball of a 10 year old? Was it appropriate?

Why didn’t he try his remonstration when a Danish woman was gang raped? Isn’t it a reason to protest?

Why didn’t he protest when three dead bodies were found in the streets of New Delhi? Didn’t it mean a serious cause to protest on the grounds of the security of common man?

Why didn’t he state objection and go on gripe when his own law minister committed a serious blunder by revealing the name of the Danish rape victim? Was it right on part of a senior law person?

I’m still in confusion about his selective Anarchism?

Moreover he has chosen an occasion just before the Republic Day to defend the honour of his awful minister by threatening the observation of this National Day.

Yesterday he asked police to give up their jobs and join his protest. Isn’t he compromising security of the Delhi as well as people by asking the cops to go on a mass leave?

Around 3200 policemen have been deployed to maintain the law and order of the place where he has been sitting in for dharna. Now if the enemy of the country will take advantage of this anarchic situation on account of largest security laps who will be responsible for that?

He mocked laws by saying the judgment “erroneous” on his law minister who was in dock for tampering the evidence few days back. Today also he is mocking law, judiciary, and constitution and saying democracy starts from the streets. Which democracy Mr. Kejriwal? Will you define it?

His law minister asked the Delhi Police to "raid and arrest” at a place where he felt some antisocial  activities were going on without warrant.

How will we term it? Mobocracy or Naxalism? Because the entire extremists do everything this way?

Now they have made it that AAP is the only way of Saintliness?

People had voted them democratically to give them good governance? Instead of governance they are giving recklessness, lawlessness, difficulties and disorder.

Is it an escape route from the inability to govern and fulfil the astronomical and clearly bogus promises they had made to the people of Delhi?

They are demanding the suspension or transfer of 4 SHOs regarding which the L-G had already asked for an enquiry. But the things to be done in “My way or High way”? Isn’t it simply rebellion against democracy?

Even it seems they have made it "if you are not applauding AAP then you are not honest". As if AAP is the end of saintliness.

Arvind Kejriwal has lost his credibility by his frequent U-turns and convenient morality that he demonstrated since last few days. I accept the reality that he has a tremendous skill to describe hell in such a way that one would actually look for a trip to it, but I must say that Indian people aren’t so brainless that they will not understand his trick this time making kiosk in Delhi in terms of protest he can gain some brownie points in the fourth LS election.

Mr. Kejriwal will you please "honestly" reveal your action as your strategy to provocate the police, system and administrative machinery to stop you and you can become a martyr and garner sympathy of people in terms of vote to fortify your national ambition? Do you still have that morality?

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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hemen parekh
Accused ? Vanquished ? Anarchist ?After AAP withdrew its Dharna last evening , panelists / analysts / journalists ( - and anyone who got invited by TV anchors ) , were busy pronouncing :> Murder of Democratic Processes> Ignominious Defeat> Shameful Withdrawal> Face-saving Formula> Renegade Retreat > State - sponsored Anarchy> Lawmakers taking law into own hands> Why don't Somnath go on long leave ?> Eating Crow / humble pie> Arrogance Unlimited> Unbridled Activism> Goodbye to Governance> Footpath Cabinet> Shameless Selfishness> Rabble Rousing Ruffians> Climb-down / Compromise No one asked ," How do you categorize the following incidences from Independent India's history ? "> Imposition of Emergency by Indira Gandhi> State - tolerated Delhi murders of 1984> Demolition of Babri Masjid > Asking Indian Army to revolt> State - sponsored Bundhs> Fake encounters in every state> Moral policing> Khap Panchayat rulings of honour - killing> Fearful Fatwas> Police Atrocities> Political Rallies bringing traffic to haltThe list can go on and onAll the past and the present governments ( Central and States ) have been guilty of , one or more , of the above - mentioned " illegal " crimes !Only difference between them and the current AAP government in Delhi is :AAP has the moral courage to openly admit that it will continue with its agitations / protests / dharnas / activism , even as it continues in power !A very refreshing candor ! For the common men ( Aam Aadmi ) , this unconventional approach of AAP is their last ray of hope that things can be changed democratically But it seems , the Corrupt / Criminal / Callous politicians don't like this democratic approach !They seem to be telling AAP - and the people :> Don't shout slogans and sing patriotic songs on the streets> Stop protesting> We don't understand your polite requests> Only language we understand is the gun-sounds of NaxalitesWhat these power-hungry politicians forget is that , thousands of our fore-fathers sacrificed their lives to the bullets of the British , to win freedomAnd , win the right to vote !In 2014 , people of India don't need to pick -up guns to change governmentThey don't need to pull a trigger They only need to press a tiny button on the Voting MachineA button marked with a broom ( a Jhadu ) !After 66 years of ruling / ruining this country , it is possible that the Satraps of Congress and BJP , cannot see the approaching Tsunami called AAP , which will sweep them into the dustbin of history - come April 2014 !Wake up , People of India !2014 is your " tryst with the destiny " !* hemen parekh ( 22 Jan 2014 / Mumbai )
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