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Aayirathil Oruvan Review: A must watch
Aayirathil Oruvan, the much awaited movie is tipped to be the biggest blockbuster of 2010. It is about a journey in two different time periods. Three people meet by chance and then set off on an adventurous journey. Movie stars Karthi and Reemma Sen.
Movie Review Aayirathil Oruvan 
People are searching all over the net for the wallpapers, songs, trailers, reviews of Aayirathil Oruvan. Aayirathil Oruvan, the much awaited movie is tipped to be the biggest blockbuster of 2010. The Tamil movie is directed by Selvaraghavan and produced by R. Ravindran. Koa Bhaskar is the editor and GV Prakash Kumar has taken care of the music. The movie had been on the floors for 3 years and finally its here. 
The movie stars Karthi, Reemma Sen, Andrea Jeremiah and R Prathiban. 
The story of the movie is quite exciting and the movie promises to be an adventurous thriller. The movie is about a journey to an unexplored world or rather an island like the one King Kong was grabbed from, inhibited by native tribes. Wildlife, thrills, dramas and sex contribute to the film.  
The film has all ingredients to make it a hit. It is about a journey in two different time periods. Three people meet by chance and then set off on an adventurous journey. A forest officer, an archaeologist and a local coolie (labourer) start of a journey in the quest of hidden past about Chola dynasty. Karthi plays the role of a labourer in the film. 
The trailer of the movie has created a buzz and people are eager to watch the movie. 
A must watch movie, not to be missed. 


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His films earlier, either with sensational scenes or not, were grasping with superb acting, so such stories were a hit, for they were able to reach all audience and even a lay man would understand them, pls understand that great movies even hollywood movies with high graphics and all do not run just because of graphics and sensation, it runs only when the story is grasping and reaches all audience (this is the mantra, eg. titanic) unless you are planning to pass on some code words, which could be deciphered only by a certain type of audience and that is your only intention, then you are bound to get criticized, this is like speaking Japanese to an Indian and criticizing him as mad because he did not understand it. "Parthiban was the last predecessor of the exiled Chola king, and the ppl were cut off from civilzation for the past 1000 years. They were starving in the island for ages, waiting for a messenger to take them back to their kingdom. But as u know chola civilzation does not exist and they were suffering in the dark caves with wrong presumption." ------So they adopted the ways of the tribals (food and sex behaviour) there and started following them, but still were retaining old clothing styles to prove they were still the remains of the old dynasty - they forgot about farming, cattle rearing, etc., which they must have learnt in India? Even tribal people living in a place equal to Sahara do something for a living - so the great remains of Chola Dynasty had no pride or strength to survive in any situation themselves for they copied what an uncivilized tribal would do for a living and get even worse than them, no one in their right sense of mind, whether they are the remains of a great dynasty or not, would live like this, even a beggar goes rounds and collects some food and eats, even the weakest of people do something to get proper food, they wont start eating each other just because they are unable to go and get food that day, they would rather starve than eat such nonsense, it is plain illogical! To those who glorify the comparision of the chola king to srilankan tamils, even they are not like the tribals as potrayed in the film, and they are highly civilized (some of them) earning good salary in foreign and all. Even the fighting LTTE were civilized to the order they had women in their army wearing army outfits (you can see in news and all), so only a person not in the right mind who had suffered greatly in childhood would take refuge in the clothes of a king of what is the remains of a once great kingdom and imagine that he and his kingdom will be raped by outsiders and hide in a cave forever like a spineless kink. If the one real prince had remained and a similar situation had occurred, he would have recreated chola kingdom in its past glory and would have made it strong with its ancient glory and would have made even stronger defense system and would have been an example to his predecessors, for that is what the blood of once great king would do - show bravery and courage rather than become a parasite to him as well as his people, eg., in "Scorpion King" the defeated king prays to God to give him support of an army and destroys all his enemies at least before he dies, that is how a warrior/Kshatriya would behave rather than saving his skin hiding in a cave waiting stupidly for a messenger for 1000 years. I wonder how there was no revolution like the French Revolution or the like with so many hungry people, when the king was eating and fattening leaving his people hungry, they revolted against him and dethroned him, that is what would happen logically. To be frank, here there is no fantasy of a Chola King, it is the fantasy of a disturbed child who thinks he will become great if he takes the refuge of a great king and people will be terrified of him, but outside the cave, he just proves to be a kink, defeated so he is only good for proving his manly skills to women and not to men, you dont know what such a man would be called!!!! A real man that too a king is worthless/spineless when he hides behind magic and magicians to lead him, and whiles away his time with women when his people are hungry - only psychopath will be near to him with no altruistic feelings. Conclusion - this is the story of a psychopath who dresses like a king and thinks that he is great because he is having hungry women and men at his feet depending on him, that shows his psychopathic tendencies - no human emotions left in him at all!!!!! and a man like him will never understand the raja tantra or the tactics to think ahead of his enemy, for he is living in his own psychopathic world!!!! and this is the hero you want to portray to your younger generation, I think hollywood though they have some sensational content, their heroes fight till the end and show bravery, that is what the children should learn to be brave and courageous rather than become psychopathic because of failure and hide from society!!!! Moral of the story - A leader who is a coward can never win even if his enemy is a rat who is trying to frighten him, he will run and hide in another cave from the rat!!!!!
One of the worst movie i saw waste of time they should have done more research in doing such a movie. I know films are not perfect always I say this reason as he used some sort of history Things that are silly are 1. No army will attack in marchpast position (in line) and rounding up in the sense not forming a perfect circle army he shows is some sort of children’s playing formation. Chola people attack is also silly only has some formation like saving king etc., meeting a modern army should have had some tactics like gorilla warfare or some sort of super natural power which he defines in the form of sound that makes the three run and snakes that comes the way. 2.Chola people in the flim is not well defined reason: They are good at metallurgy (as they use iron weapons, shield that are bullet proof, gold ornaments and statues), even use artillery, and also enjoys gladiator like fight show but they live in cave this is stupidity aren't they civilized ? and king should even bring food. 3. Attack of snakes is also silly, they don’t attack while they are in the way and setting up camps (ok let it be a nocturnal creatures some of sort of detailing like wipers that live in the terrains should have used.) the lion he shows in a frame is the funniest thing. (I say this point is they worked for 2 years this sort of things can be taken in account) I feel In Tamil film industry they should form a team and work on detailing while doing such a movie. Director alone is not the boss if it is a one man show we will only get such stupid movies. Good try by the producer but he handed it in wrong hands. Selva is only good(Vulgarity he show as always) at cave scene, some vulgar scene with rema, mother scene. Selva is not good at making a classy film.
ஆதிக்க மொழியின் மோகத்தில் தாய் மொழியைத் தவிர்ப்பதும் அடிக்கடி நடப்பதுதான். தாய் மொழியையும், தம் பண்பாட்டையும் தாழ்வாக நினைத்து அவற்றைத் துறப்பதைப் பல நாடுகளில் காணலாம். அதில் குறிப்பாக இளைஞர்களிடம் காணலாம். நாம் இதுவரை குறிப்பிட்ட அறிகுறிகள் தமிழ் பேசும் மக்களிடம் இல்லையென்று மறுக்க இயலாது. கூடிய மட்டிலும் தமிழில் எழுதத் தெரிந்தவர்கள், அதிலும் தமிழ் நூல்களைக்கற்றுக் கொள்ளத் தெரிந்தவர்கள் தமிழ் மடற்குழுக்களில் எழுதும் பொழுது தமிழிலேயே எழுத வேண்டும். அவர்களும் ஆங்கிலத்தில் எழுதுவதைத் தமிழுக்கு வரும் இன்னொரு இடர்ப்பாடு என்று கருத வேண்டியிருக்கிறது. வடமொழிக் கலப்பால், தெலுங்கு, கன்னடம், பிறகு மலையாளம் ஏற்பட்டது போல் இப்பொழுது தமிங்கிலர் என்ற புதிய மொழி பேசுபவர்கள் உருவாகிக் கொண்டிருக்கிறார்கள். எப்படிச் சிங்களர்கள், கலிங்கர்கள் தமிழர் கலப்பால் தோன்றிப் பின் தமிழரையே புறந்தள்ளினரோ, அது போல இந்தத் தமிங்கிலர்கள் தமிழரைப் புறந்தள்ளத் தயங்க மாட்டார்கள்.
நான் ஆயிரத்தில் ஒருவன் படத்தை பார்த்தேன் . தமிழனாக பிறந்த அனைவரும் இத்திரைப்படத்தை திரையில் பார்க்கவேண்டும் . இவ்வுலகத்தில் தமிழ்மொழி மிகப் பழமைவாய்ந்த மொழி என்று சொன்னால் அது மிகையாகாது. தமிழ் அழிவதற்கு காரணம் தமிழன் தான். கல் தோன்றி மண் தோன்றா காலத்தே முன் தோன்றிய மூத்த தமிழ், அப்படிப்பட்ட தமிழ்மொழி ஆழியக்கூடாது.
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there is one thing i cannot understand as why our movie directors say that they get inspired by hollywood movies and then the inspired movie or the scene is a 99.99% cut copy paste material( majority of them dont even bother to say that and they blatantly dish out mediocre replica)?? is there a drought of creativity among our directors like the drought and famine struck Chozhar descendants in the movie?? Yes im happy that this movie is poles apart from the 95% of crap movies made but its not the end rather its a start, i mean the other directors can try to improvise on what Sleva has failed to capitilze. U cannot term AO as an achievement Bcoz u know y .... yes im talking abt the Major plot holes and incapability of Selvaraghavan to polish this incredible concept of the past meeting the present and putting some limelight on Tamil culture. God damn Selva raghavan for mocking at us and the indian army. Did he watch Rambo(2008) b4 writing the fact i feel he owes the second half of the movie to 70mm Bcoz they have supplied most of the Hollywood movie Dvds to him and its a very unfortunate 2nd half.... i will never forgive Selva raghavan for thrusting down us with that Army thing which he has showed in the movie.....everybody did their job perfectly even Selva but not after the intermission. Karthi amazes me wen ever i watch him on the screen.. this is his second movie and he seems to easily fit into a different class ( way above Dr. Vj, and his likes ).... Reema sen was also good and so was parthiban... in short selva raghavans attempt to take on with Hollywood movies fell flat on his face with his Second half display which could have been done better. im not talking abt the best or the Hollywood etc.. we just need something new and with lil bit of logic that is it. i hope he does an even better job in his next movie.... DO watch it bcoz barring a few unforgivable cliches and various plot holes it is something better than the stale tamil movie masala and hope it sets off a trend...
Senthilkumar Govindarajan
Tamil movie makers do come up with bold & creative work once in a while. "Aayirathil Oruvan" is one such movie and is a must watch. I dont want to say much about the story of the movie as I want you all to watch it. Every one in the cast - karthik, Parthiban, Reema & Andrea have done their part very well. Personally, I thought parthiban stole the show from the rest during a stunning second half. But when u see the movie as a whole, all characters had equal importance. I remember the entire theatre going silent during the first 1 hour, after the intermission. Coz, the sound & visuals were very new in tamil cinema. Particularly, when Parthiban makes an entry into the movie with an awesome rock music in the background. Reema Sen has worked a lot for her scenes in the second half and it clearly shows on the screen.I didnt take her seriously during the start of the sword fight. But boy, she was good! Andrea looks intelligent, like one of those witty women at your office. And hence is very beautiful. I think am going to follow her from this movie. She is beatiful, intelligent & has a great voice. Everything a man wants. Finally Karthik. He is the one who gets most of the claps in the theatre right from the start. I would say he is very lucky to get to work on movies like "Paruthiveeran" & "Aayirathil Oruvan". But he has not let us down. What i liked about his character was that he was NOT shown as a bold, brave & macho guy. He gets beaten and beaten more. His character has a "Pakka local" shade which simplifies the script to reach a wider audience. I wish all success to him. Selvaraghavan should be appreciated for his brave effort with "Aayirathil Oruvan". Particularly, the amount of research he has put into how tamil might have been spoken, several 100 years ago is fantastic. Though i had to guess what was spoken in older tamil, I truly appreciate the research which was done. For certain audience who also watch hollywood movies, some scenes may seem to be influenced by movies like Gladiator, Mckenna's Gold, Apocalypto, Kill bill, 300 & Troy. But Still, I would say there are lot more to watch & appreciate in this movie. Also, one should not compare the quality of computer graphics that is done for a tamil movie & a hollywood movie. Remember that hollywood movies do their graphics work at chennai or in india. So its not skill which we lack, its the budget. The graphics in this movie is reasonably good for the indian budget. I liked the movie. All the very best for its success.
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