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Adhikary family cremated an unknown headless jawan, amar jawan
The mortal remains of a jawan kept in a sealed coffin were delivered by some unit representatives to the Adhikari family at their residence in Gujarat. The Army soldier did not allow the family to have an antim darshan of their loved one, an army soldier who became a martyr in one of the border skirmishes between Bharat and Pakistan.

It came to light later that the dead body was headless and looked grotesque. The overriding reason of not showing the headless body to members of the family of the martyr was a senseless wish of some policymakers sitting in their cosy offices and comfort zones not to let the news of the headless soldier being cremated without state honours travel to public domain.

Silly secrets
An intelligent patriot would question the decision of some moron to keep the news of an Indian soldier being beheaded by some Pakistani Commandos in a covert operation as Secret. There was no logic in it. India lost many advantages and failed to pin down Pakistan at an international level and categorise Pakis as Barbarians. The Pakis knew what they had done and had already celebrated the beheading in a tribal fashion like some head-hunting tribes do in their jungle hideouts. Are the Pakistani soldiers still cannibals and eat the tender parts of their kill like tribals in remote jungle hideouts? The case needs further investigation.

When the Indian Army Chief disclosed this gory incident of July 2011 in a Press meet in January 2013, the whole world was shocked that the Indian Army had a deep digesting stomach to keep this incident of injustice Secret and not punish Pakistan. The blame for this callous behaviour of the Govt of India towards the Adhikari family and denying them all financial benefits consequent to killing and beheading of their kin must be laid squarely at the door of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh who wishes to bag some UN medal for Peace by sacrificing the monetary and social interests of individuals and defence interests of India. What a shame!

Bina Abhikari laments
Bina is the young widow of the young soldier who was beheaded by barbarian Paki soldiers and cruel commandos of the Pakistani Army in July 2011. She finds it difficult to make both ends meet as no monetary help was given to her by the civil philanthropic organizations as in the present case of Raj Rif soldier in 2014. Bina Adhikari, a widow of the nameless soldier suffers incognito because the Army or the Govt chose not to let the world know of that heinous act of the devilish neighbor known as Pakistan. As mentioned earlier in this simple write-up, even the young widow was not permitted to see and identify the headless body of some soldier given the surname-Adhikari. It was a callous and heartless act on the part of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and others to deprive the widow of an ANTIM DARSHAN of her husband lying headless in the makeshift coffin box.

When Bina sees on TV that the latest victim of cruel commandos of Pakistan was cremated with Military Honours near Mathura, she questions General Bikram Singh, the Army Chief mutely; What sin had my husband, Adhikari committed that the Indian Army, under a silly sense of secrecy denied him a cremation with military honours? Perhaps, the peace process between India and Pakistan was going on and the heartless Mandarins sitting in the South Block had little sense of human feelings of a wife when the beheaded husband is denied a proper funeral.

Bina Adhikary, the widow of the headless Jawan of 2011, sees the present widow of Rajputana Rifles of 2013 being handed over a cheque of twentyfive lakh rupees by Akhilesh Yadav, Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, she cannot but think why is she not entitled to the same monetary help? Will the Raksha Mantri or the Army Chief please go to the Adhikary village, look into the eyes of the young widow wronged by the Government of India so heartlessly, apologise like gentlemen that they claim to be and compensate the wronged family financially?

Well, it needs courage to own up mistakes and make suitable amends. That is what real LEADERSHIP is. General Bikram Singh learnt the theory part of Leadership as a Gentleman Cadet at the Indian Military Academy, Dehra Dun and now the world expects him to display the practical aspect of Leadership by wiping the tears of the Adhikari widow and apologizing on behalf of the Indian Army, the Army where officers and gentlemen care for the widowed wives of Jawans.

Lastly, it would be a morale raising factor if the Standard Operating Procedures are reduced to black and white and difficult situations like the present one are dealt with accordingly. The orders in such cases must be passed not only judiciously but humanely. The human interests and effects of such orders thereon must be kept on mind so that the kith and kin of the Dead and Departed feel that the Living Ones care for them and love them.

The babus may not follow nuances of such tender feelings but the Army Chief who has given his best to and received the best from the rank and file of the Indian Army knows that the relationship between the corps of officers and the Jawans is a long lasting one nurtured by tender moments of human relationship where the officer in command gives to the needy under his command till it hurts. It is this relationship that motivates the Jawans to lay down their lives at the altar of the motherland to preserve, protect and defend her – our Bharat Mata. The credo of the Indian Military Academy, Dehra Dun says so precisely: Honour, safety and welfare of your country come first always and everytime.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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