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'Agitators are never good administrators, so activism is no more a good outfit for Arvind Kejriwal'
Dear Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, Warm regards. It seems to me as if it is a season of writing letters because there have been so many pen-friendships observed during last few weeks. Now everybody is writing a letter to somebody. I’m sure you must be getting my point as you’re too a great letter writer these days as your letters were discussed a lot in the media. Well let me come to the point directly.

Arvind Ji, I've always been a great admirer of you and your party AAP as it has really made a dent in the present political scenario with its spectacular performance which captured the imagination of the entire nation. Not only has it changed my perception on politics but also revived the hopes of many people who were really tired of same short of corrupt politicians.

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However the developments that were shown by AAP right after the poll results were really very hurting to us. Especially your immature behavior like a fussing-kid towards the formation of government in Delhi was really quite eerie. Because first time may be in the history of Indian Politics “Avoiding Power” is a newly discovered term to disregard the mandate of an election and betray the sentiments of the public.

Do you know that your supporters are falling in short of words these days to defend you and AAP?

“Reluctant to form government, escapist from responsibility, he is running away from CM's post, He is a speech-guru, not work-guru, arrogantly ambitious ” are some of the phrases that are too popular these days not only among your critics but your admirers as well. Do you have any idea of it???

We know that AAP was left with a great dilemma... The proverbial case of 'suspended between the deep sea and the devil' when the thrown of Delhi was cleverly cornered by both BJP and Congress and the ball was placed in your court. Adding to that Congress pushing AAP for government formation was definitely a sinister indication.

We all know the Congress does not support for long and a coalition government with it, is certainly a recipe for disaster. Again it was against your own manifesto as “fighting against corrupt Congress and then making government with corrupt Congress” cannot simply go together.

But can you deny that you made a great mistake right from the beginning in understanding the mandate of Delhi? Because the mandate of Delhi though shows an abysmal performance of Congress but it has given a magic number to it where no one can form a government without it.

Had you would understood that, then you wouldn’t have said earlier that “we would not support or take support from the Congress or BJP”….which really acted as a boomerang aftermath.

No one is untouchable in politics….this is a thumb rule as per the political observers and analysts. Isn’t it a fact that you have a lot to learn?

Well as per the response of your public referendum which once more produced some additional visible as well as audible signs of irritation, now it is apparent that AAP is finally forming the government. But before that I want to suggest you some points which I feel as a well wisher I must do.

First, it is quite evident that still you’re behaving as a protester. Do you know that Agitators are never good administrators as both have to stand opposite to each other? We already have Mamata Banerjee as a best example to understand how difficult it is for the habitual agitators to become administrators. So activism is no more a good outfit for you and you have no other option than to sound as a placid administrator hence fourth….isn’t it?

Second, you have to control your tongue avoiding aggressive statements that makes AAP look as party of small ideas and trivial concerns. You have already astronomical promises to deliver. If an action on the ground is better than none, then it is silence in the Air is the best presumptive strategy…isn’t it?

Next, AAP shouldn’t forget that its principal role is to change politics rather than good at it. The stellar performance in Delhi should be an opportunity to elevate your own apprehensions to some larger and innovative prospective relating to create an example of good governance and initiating some reform measures.

Isn’t it the most excellent time to emphasize the mission on the ground rather than persuasions that is floating in the air??

Some visible good works will definitely broaden your own prospective. And please no more free sideshows like Ralegan Siddhi kind. The best stratagem at present is to keep a respectable distance from Anna.

It is not the success of Jhadoo but the way it sweeps that has sent shuddering into the spines of your rivals. The functioning of the broom is becoming a role model now days. But the world around is treacherous. So can you ignore the fact that before your unconventional ways of doing politics becomes a norm there will be sufficient force to make it history??

Victory has its own perilous accompaniments as the victor has no other option than to be a fast learner. So better you understand it, as at present you are just a student among the professors to deal with.

You along with AAP have a dream debut but you have to wake up to the reality. Otherwise can you deny that AAP may disappear faster than it appeared?
The point is when we are legitimately dreaming of a great change in our political life driven by the hope you showed to us, we expect only some genuine intends from you making things better because the country surely needs an alternative!

Everybody plays a game as per their own forte. If you try to be smarter you will be surely find yourself at the receiving end. Your forte is honesty and integrity. If you leave these then you will be just digging your own grave. Because honest intentions and good work definitely have a place in the future. I hope you will give a kind note to my points and give a thought to them.

Wish you good luck and warm wishes and best state of health!

Warm regards

Tina Acharya
(A genuine dreamer of a Perfect Nation)

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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