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Akhilesh Yadav's Samajwadi Party: Are they punishing UP residents for not voting for the party?
Can a democratically elected government put its people in to ransom? However harsh this question may be, it’s a definite yes at least in Indian polity. One can realize this whenever there is a Bandh called by ruling political party in a state or even nationally. Fundamental freedom to move is right away ceased for the declared Bandh duration!

People are compelled to be in the state of house arrest, fearing to be affected by hooliganism of Bandh organizers. People appear to accept such temporary censure of fundamental rights as a routine matter. Although Courts nowadays intervene in such cases! But as champions ruling party reinvent new name as ‘strike’ for the old acts of Bandh!

But the question now arising is ‘can a political party blackmail it’s electors for either vote us or face the music (punishment!)! The answer is also in affirmative as we always hear in rural and remote belts of Bengal and some other states where there were always post poll violence because of non-voting to a particular party. However those are carried out secretly and covertly!

But can a political party dare to blackmail and threaten the voters openly and blatantly that either you give us vote or face the punishment! Generally it never happened in Indian polity, but it’s happening now! It’s happening in UP! Till 16th May 2014, the electricity availability was as usual. But from 17th May onward, UP has started facing severe power cuts while the mercury is rising continuously. The power-cut continues to more than 12 hours and even up to 16 hours at places.

UP has a requirement of around 6002 Megawatt power, where as the availability is 4200 Megawatt. Thus there’s a power shortage resulting regular power cuts! But where is the panic post 16th May 2014? It’s simple, the constituencies won by SP (5 of 80) are getting now round the clock power and rest of constituencies face tremendous power-cuts resulting in to near black out!

The message is very clear that those constituencies made SP contestants winner, they are rewarded with 24 hour power supply where as rest constituencies being punished for note electing SP candidate! This is difference between pre-May 16th and post May 16th as the there is no change in power availability position!

Central BJP government immediately intervened and asked Akhilesh government is that power is available with central grids and it can buy the electricity to meet the requirement and end the panic condition. But a defiant Akhilesh Singh replying that UP has potential to install power plants and generate enough power to meet the requirement. He demanded sufficient allocation of coal!

Isn’t it ridiculous! UP has a right to demand for power plants and allocation of coal. But is it the solution at present? Last UPA government to which SP was an ally has allegedly created enough mess in coal sector which would require at least three months to stream line and open the coal mines! 

Again setting a power plant takes sufficient time! Thus how this demand justifies refusing central government’s proposal to buy power from central grid! After all people of UP are not getting electricity for free! They pay the cost of electricity. If it is available why UP government is not purchasing and supplying?

Well answer lies in SP’s threatening and blackmailing strategy. Mulayam Singh Yadav has won from two seats namely Mainpuri and Azamgarh. He has to resign from one seat (most likely Mainpuri seat) where there would be a bi-election during October-November along with Maharashtra and Delhi Assembly elections! Thus Akhilesh government is in fact blatantly threatening the constituency that either elect SP candidate in bi-election or you would face punitive action!

A government takes oath to serve people without discrimination. But here is a clear cut discrimination now and rather indirect threatening to elector regarding consequences if they don’t follow the dictate. Everyone knows the clear violation of democratic and constitutional norms! But who would save the people of UP from the dictatorship and Mafiaraj of SP government? As a federal structure central government has no authority in state subject. Election Commissioner has no authority till an election declaration is there! What would be the solution?

Perhaps Court's intervention is a probable solution. Either High Court take suo-motto cognizance or somebody has to file a PIL! I hope something will be done in near future and may be Court would either direct to purchase electricity and ask the government to power distribute equally among all the districts without any discrimination!

But my point is, how dare a democratic government can stoop to such level and becomes vindictive! Is there any mechanism to stop such government! Can they be punished for violation of their oath, discriminating people and finally turn out to be dictators!

Perhaps Constitution makers never expected future governments can stoop so low, that’s why they hadn’t provided such mechanism! Let Court interferes as of now but I wish there should be a mechanism, which can immediately take action on arbitrary and punitive actions by state in a vindictive attitude. There should be act of dismissing such government apart from booking them with criminal charges.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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