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Alienation of biological fathers from their kids
The reason which instigated me to write this article is Alienation of biological fathers from their own kids. I fail to understand where we are heading to in regards to creating society. The gross misuse of gender biased laws namely: 498a, DV 2005 and CRPC 125 are well known. Even the Supreme Court termed 498a as “Legal Terrorism”. When a female gets an idea of filing 498a there are several idea given to the so called 'Abala Naari' (helpless woman).

The ideas are:

1. Exaggerate one and all episodes of their failed marriage to an extent that she comes out to be a bechari and Harassed lady.  Like in one case, while counselling, a victim of false 498a said:  Sir, my parents were not even living with us; still in the complaint my wife mentioned that my father used to decide what clothes she would wear every day. I mean does that make sense?

To all feminists it would, but to people with some sense it would not. How in this world a father-in-law would call her daughter-in-law every morning and tell her what to wear and what not?

2. Exaggerate the amount of money spent in marriage.

3. One statement in all the complaints I bet will be common, all my gold articles are in the possession of my in-laws and I was thrown out of my matrimonial bare handed.

4. Include the names of even distant relatives who are not even living in the same city for dowry harassment.

There are many more malafied and funny ideas apart from the few stated above, which are given by our respectable lawyers also. The best idea is:

To alienate the biological father from his own kids to harass him mentally and pressurize them to kneel down in front of the abala naari. They know where to hit that would hurt the man the most. So kids are used as extortion tools and are being deprived of their fathers love.

Lets us feel the pain and agony of few alienated fathers: Our Cpr Cpr (Super dad) says:

1st date of year 2014 with 4 more to come this month with possibilities to reach 50 dates this year alone with half a dozen + cases. One more father is forced to explain that he is father not a criminal and his role was not only till sperm donation. Fathers too deserve basic human right to perform father's role in his child's life.

If father is happily ready to pay child's school, medical fee than why he is not allowed to take child to school, why he don't have right even to speak to his child over the phone.

Super dad is an alienated father who is running a campaign to create awareness about the alienating of kids from the fathers.  His campaign can be reached here -

I came across another father, who was not allowed to meet her 8 months old daughter for almost 6 months. He pleaded in CAW cell, in counselling sessions, in front of his wife and his father-in-law to let him see the little angel. She was named, and her dad was not informed of. One fine day the so called wife agreed to let meet father and the daughter.

Father was happy with the daughter, he took her into his harms and felt like being a father for the first time.After the meeting as this father was about to leave, his wife said, now, you will be able to meet your daughter only if your father buy us a home in Delhi, in our daughters name or else forget that you have a daughter. I mean this attitude is disgusting and inhuman.

I am looking for someone who can justify this inhuman approach. Those who are not in agreement here can take a look at the video shared below to understand how far these so called Abala Naari’s go to fulfil their Malafied intentions.

Now if my dear readers think that this inhuman approach is adapted by the so called abala naari’s to mentally harass their husbands and families are mistaken. This act is done to harass the men and their families mentally, emotionally and most important reason is Financially.

Kids are being used as extortion tools and these so called pratadit abala naari’s are not the only one who are involved in this business, our so called judiciary is actively involved in this extortion business. To clarify the point here is an example:

One of my friends in a family court was asked if he cares for his son. He said obviously yes. Then the Judge asked the kid, do you know this man standing at your right. The kid innocently said “No”. I can’t even express his feelings in words here. He had tears in his eyes as his own son says he does not even know his father.

Judge to my friend:  “You should be ashamed as your son does not even knows you”.

My Friend to Judge (Angrily): “Sir, I am not being allowed to meet or even see my son, how would he recognise me? Let me meet him, he would then I promise will recognise me.

Judge to My Friend: Ok, you shout once again and I will slap contempt of court. Ok,  fine you would get visitation rights, only if you pay Rs. 20k to your wife.

Now, what was this learned judge thinking while making that statement? Why would a man pay to anyone even a single penny to meet his own son/ daughter. This extortion business is a real profitable business and amazingly. From court rooms, to mediation cells every department is busy in extorting money. Somewhere in the name of visitation rights and somewhere in name of maintenance due to financial hardship.

The effort is to create awareness in the society to stop alienation of biological father’s from their kids and stop creating fatherless society. This is most inhuman act someone would ever do. And trust me the abala naari who practices such act is the biggest enemy of her own child as she is depriving an innocent from his/her fatherly love which is his/her constitutional and emotional right.

The question is when would this extortion racket and crime of alienation of fathers from their own kids stop, remains unanswered. But I am sure that this would Stop. Mens Rights Movement is growing and growing Big. Again, I thank all Active MRA’s for their valuable efforts for the betterment of the society and our future generations.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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