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All is fair in love, war & Indian elections!
While the 7th phase of polling has started from early morning today, election campaigning by almost all parties is stooping to the lowest level. Earlier, second/third row leaders indulged in ugly spats, but now even senior and veteran front line leaders shade all decency and are involved in frontal personalized ugly attacks. Gloves are off now.

One must notice how a senior politician and union cabinet minister Farooq Abdullah has spoken in a rally. "Whoever is giving vote to Modi should drown in the ocean!" This was comment in response to Giriraj Singh's comment "Whoever is not voting to Modi should go to Pakistan!" Giriraj Singh is a regional leader and now haunted by law for his indecent comments. But how can a senior cabinet minister and politician of stature like Farooq Abdullah say it? He further said that if Modi becomes PM, Kashmir will not remain in India. What it means?

TMC leader Derek O'brian called Modi as 'Butcher of Gujarat' just after Modi criticised Mamata government. In politics particularly during elections, all parties are subject to criticism. Use of such indecent words is definitely indicator of intolerance.

Forget about these parties, even the Congress and BJP too started taking part in this ugly campaign actively. Earlier Modi used terms like 'Maa-Beta ki Sarkar', Damad, Shehzada etc in lighter terms. Then he started that some meat exporters have connection with 10, Janpath and there is a hawala link. This was a direct charge without any substantiation.

Then suddenly they released video documentary on Rabert Vadra named 'Damadsri'. BJP never realised that people are not fool. Everyone knows that Robert Vadra had been benefited because of his in-law status. But question is why BJP released this after election is over for 349 seats? Where is the development and growth card?

It all started when Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi decided to attack Modi directly. They even attacked on Modi's wife issue. But as proved earlier, more the attack on Modi, more would be he benefited. Many of those were also re-packaged and thrown back to the Congress president and vice-president. In the mean time Priyanka Gandhi entered to the stage. While campaigning at Raibareli and Amethi, she takes on Modi directly.

She started tit for tat politics. All know that Priyanka has the most attractive personality in the Gandhi family. Many see Indira Gandhi in her. She is the force behind Rahul and Sonia's victory in Amethi and Raibareli. Thus Public of both the constituencies take Priyanka hand in hand and even national media gave attention to every word spoken by her. She also raised Adani land deal issue during her campaigning.

BJP strategist perhaps became afraid that Priyanka's charisma might dent Modi's juggernaut. Thus to silence her they released the document foolishly. If you are asking specifics on Vadra, then you must answer specifics on Adani too! Public know that all industrialists (not only Adani) are always given land at a very cheaper rate. There could not be any legal case, because policies are made in such a manner, that no case would be maintainable.

Such land allocations can be done through resolutions in the name of promoting industry. This is done by all party in power. Also it's known to all that no industrialists ever purchase land at low cost. They pay less to government coffers and pay rest to ruling party-coffer. This practice is here to stay till all parties come under the purview of RTI. However, these discussions can be made separately.

The 'Damadjee' documentary put BJP in an awkward position and could have benefited Priyanka Gandhi. But in a hurry, Priyanka messed it up throwing 'spooked rat' jibe on BJP. Both are even now. Some sources said that the Congress is preparing similar documents on BJP leaders and relatives (Ranjan Bhattacharya may be the upcoming Damadshri) in response to Vadra documentary. Thus things are set to stoop more and more, crossing all limits and boundaries.

I recall 'Mahabharat War' which was started as 'Dharma-Yudhha' but ended in Gola-Yudhh (lawless fighting). Great warrior Karna didn't release his arrow to decapitate Arjun's head only because he felt that sun would set when the arrow touches Arjun's head. The Dhrama Yudhha started with all established rules but warriors are killed through foul-play. That's why it is always said, all is fair in love and war. The general election too started with campaign on development, growth, empowerment and all other positive notes.

At the closing hours of 7th phase all gloves are off and don't know what would happen till 13th May 2014. Everything is unfortunate but I feel helpless looking in to such a bizarre development. Perhaps I should add one more term to the proverb; I should now conclude that 'All is fair in love, war and Indian election!'

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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