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Alleged links between Vadra and Bhandari: Even if it is vendetta politics by govt, I think there's nothing wrong in it!
Once again Roberta Vadra, the son-in-law of Congress president Sonia Gandhi, is in news, and this time for his alleged links with arms dealer Sanjay Bhandari. Sonia Gandhi came out in full defence of Vadra and challenged the NDA government to launch a free and fair probe.

Congress sympathisers as well as Modi-haters have also defended Vadra. Starting from Alok Mehta to politicians like Rahul Narvekar, Pawan Verma and eminent lawyer like Sanjay Hegde, everyone defended Vadra. The defence line is also similar. Firstly, they claimed that Vadra is a private citizen. Secondly, they took the name of 'son-in-law' of former PM, A.B. Vajpayee. Thirdly, they said that there was nothing wrong with Sonia Gandhi defending Robert Vadra as she asked for a fair trial

I can argue and dismiss all the arguments in Vadra's defence. He can't be a private citizen for three reasons. During UPA's tenure Vadra's name was mentioned at all airports as a VIP, who need not to be frisked. I don't think any private citizen has such privilege.

Further when the Congress chief herself is coming in defence of somebody, then that somebody is no more a private citizen. Questioning Vajpayee's son-in-law is no way relevant to the present Vadra case. In fact the Congress too ruled for ten years after Vajpayee's tenure. What action it took against Vajpayee's son-in-law?

Further, one shouldn't cite Sonia's defence selectively. Definitely she has challenged the NDA government for a free and fair probe. But, at the same time she also called it a political conspiracy while saying that PM Modi is not a 'Shahenshah'. That means there is a political angle. Now questioning the BJP government, "what it was doing for the last two years", is either depicting one's ignorance or one is creating a smokescreen just to deflect the real issue.

It's a known fact that Vadra and others have allegedly got undue and illegal favours from the Congress governments because of his direct link with the first family of the Congress. Point is to establish criminality. The people who indulge in unfair means always have the capacity to dodge the system and law of land to escape.

And then politicisation of such issues many times discourages investigating officers and sometimes the ruling party also to look in different direction. It is because the opposition parties always pretend to be victims while accusing the ruling party of playing vendetta politics.

Right from the Bofors to National Herald case and now the AgustaWestland scam, the Congress is accusing the ruling party of playing vendetta politics.

My point is different here. Should there be vendetta in politics? Well the simple answer will be, in an ideal democratic set up there should be no vendetta. But, once again my question will be, whether our democracy at the moment is an ideal one? I don't think affirmatively in this regard. When dynastic parties are dominating our polity how can we say ours is an ideal democratic one?

That is why I asked what's wrong in vendetta politics? Before answering this question let's ask ourselves another question, 'whether there is any other way to punish corrupt and criminal politicians exceptvendetta politics? The answer is clearly no. To demonstrate my answer let me give an example as below.

Lalu Yadav was convicted in fodder scam. Presently he is on bail as his appeal is pending in High Court. When he was convicted, his party RJD accused Nitish Kumar of playing vendetta politics to eliminate his rivals from the Bihar polity. Nitish Kumar denied the vendetta politics and said that law was taking its own course.

The political scenario has changed now with Lalu Yadav becoming Nitish Kumar's ally. In such scenario is it possible that Bihar's public prosecutor will fight the case sincerely and honestly to upheld the lower court's verdict? Nobody should get surprised if Lalu Yadav walks free in the fodder scam.

But politics works in this way only. There are two things in politics. Vendetta or favouritism. Ram Jethmalani became one of the flag bearers of anti-black money campaign since 2014. He even criticised Arun Jaitley for not doing enough to bring back the black money. He himself declared that there should be no compromise on the issue of corruption.

Now RJD is sending Jethmalani to Rajya Sabha on its ticket. After filing the nomination, Ram Jethmalani said in front of media that he would repay this debt to Lalu Yadav by representing Lalu Yadav in the High Court in fodder scam case.

You may call it duplicity in political space. But such duplicity is order of the day in the Indian polity. That's why I think there should be vendetta politics. Because this is the only way to punish criminal and corrupt leaders. Political parties may do political scoring, but, in the process corruption can be tackled because of vendetta.

One may argue that vendetta politics could unnecessarily harass genuine and honest politicians. Honest politician might be an exaggerated term in politics, but, then I feel if someone is clean he can face the vendetta politics easily. Take the example of Narendra Modi. He had been subjected to various vendetta tactics by the UPA government during its tenure at the Centre. But see, Modi is now Prime Minister of India. If Robert Vadra, Sonia Gandhi or Rahul Gandhi are really honest they can come out with flying colours despite alleged vendetta politics by the Modi government.

That's why I am saying that in Indian polity vendetta is good!

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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