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America can't accuse others as violator of minority rights, as it's own record is condemnable
Those who live in glass houses do not throw stones at others. The self proclaimed guardian of democracy, the United States of America, seems not to have heard this proverb. It continues to play Big daddy without ever looking into its own backyard.

Moving beyond its usual habit of uttering sermons, this time it has decided to move a legislation in the Senate condemning India of being cruel towards its minorities. The legislation which urges India to be tolerant is expected to be tabled this week in the house.

For god’s sake time has come for India to shed its evasiveness on responding to this US move, and show the cocky democracy its ugly face, and point out its track record over minority affairs.

Not long back we saw a surge in intolerance towards the Muslims in the US when the metro ways and bus stations in the USA were “decorated” with hoardings directed against Palestine: reading – “In a war between the savage and the civilised, support the civilised so stay calm and support Israel”.

I really wonder how a country where the most savage act of celebrating “Burn a Koran day” gets clearance from the court, where its own president had to urge the pastor to restrain himself from such an act, can even talk about such an issue.

It is the same country which had built torture cells in Guatamo Bay where Islamic ‘militants’ were persecuted. Militant goes with a quotation mark because these are those people who couldn’t tolerate their country being attacked by the US just because the US was only interested in its oil reserves.

These militants are essentially US creations and are an outcome of its policy of pinning the Gulf States to get into a military conflict and hence capturing their oilfields.

Who can forget the pictures of US army women dragging nude prisoners after tying their necks with a dog strap in Iraqi prisons? All these acts were directed towards only and only Muslims, ironically it is the same country which is teaching us.

Granting Visa to our Prime ministerial candidates is entirely their call and it is their internal matter, but lecturing us by moving such resolutions in their houses should not be tolerated.

The so called messiah of women’s liberation, the US is the world’s biggest hypocrite, our country which is barely 67 years old saw its first women Prime Minister in the 25th year of its freedom. Sadly for them after 220 years of its freedom there has not been a single women head of state.

It is the same country which saw its first black president after 200 years of its creation.

Unfortunately it is the same nation whose President while addressing our parliament has termed our relations with them as the “cornerstone of 21st century”. It is the time to ask them -is it the attitude you have towards your allies?

It is a fact that our nation recently witnessed such a riot which is highly deplorable but who authorises them to lecture us on how to govern our citizens?

The US is welcome to introduce such a bill but before that it should ensure that it apologizes to all the Muslims in the world and before that all its women and its black population.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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