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Americans in need of psycho-socio therapy to reduce acts of mass-killings
The acts of mass-killings and suicide in the US hint at non-normalized, non-rescaled distorted system. Because of false projections, Americans get depressed and anxious. Americans require proper psycho-socio therapy to reduce the violence.

A PERSON named Adam Lanza killed 20 students of Sandy Hook school in Connecticut and 6 adults. There is increased gun violence in the US and more and more attacks are taking place in recent times.

Global politics is shifting away from stable ‘local centers’. So is American politics. American politics is becoming increasingly non-normalized and non-rescaled and there are so many discontinuities and deformities in the system. The non-normalization and non-rescaling make things disproportionate, deformed and skewed.

If the most powerful is not accepted as the most powerful and it itself rejects such assertions and the derivatives are made to appear principles then the psychology of the people, particularly that of Americans, gets distorted. People get depressed and anxious. All scales get deformed and abnormality becomes the norm.

People themselves then do not know whom to appreciate and whom to reject. It increases both Leftist chauvinism and its opposition. False claims are made and false data are produced to convince the people about the emerging theories, particularly about the post-American world. People’s analytical ability gets decreased and there is increased tendency to promote second kind of illiteracy; illiteracy of the formally literates, using mobile and the Internet. The wish to convert increases and non-economic inflation reaches skyrocketing values. The West also starts importing diffusiveness and wrong theories from the Rest.

More importantly the deformities in the system produce thanklessness. Consumers do not thank producers and investors and consequently latter do not thank the former. Nationalism becomes the core theme and the ideals of capitalism are challenged even in the West. This thanklessness produces predatory competitions where emerging economies are made to overtake the Western ones.

Such can wholly distort the American systems and make many Americans psychologically depressed and disordered. More the thanklessness, inflation and data-manipulation, more the effect on the psychology of the statistics. This affects the statistical and distributive aspects of American social lives.

The violence in the society gets increased. This is not to make a causal link between the statistical distortions and violence, as the violence is mostly attributed to the psychological abnormalities of individuals. But this is only partly correct. Individuals and societies are inter-related.

But if the data-manipulations continue, the American society may see more acts of violence. This is just correlating the isolated picture with the big one. But nobody should be prompt to believe that the violence would result in Whites killing non-Whites or its reverse or both. Both the culprits and victims could belong to any race.

The best way to cure this problem is to restore confidence among American people. For that they require psycho-socio therapy. They should be told that they are irreversibly dominant and the rise of BRICS is just an adjustment in the inevitable integration of the global economy. Also, that rise of China up to an extent serves their purpose more. People should be made more thankful and the Whites should admit their dominance. Of course, it would promote Republicanism but that is okay. But this therapy would be insufficient to stop the individuals becoming violent and crazy though this would cure majority and could reduce occurrence of mass-killings and suicides.

The fact is that in order to promote normality White should be called as White and Black as Black. Data-manipulation is not good for any society. Investors and producers should be thankful to consumers and consumers should be thankful to investors and producers. Similarly, governments and nation-states’ public should be thankful to each other. People should understand that all belongs to grey. One should understand both absoluteness and relativism. All should understand that all religions have almost the same meaning to their respective followers. Nationalism and inflations should have upper limits.

It should be understood by all that while emphasizing one’s viewpoints is inevitable in view of the changing consciousness and updated id, ego and libido, understanding others' viewpoints is equally important. Religions need to be redefined in modern context and wish to convert others should decrease. America needs to take lead in correcting the distortions in the world. Families and nation-states’ boundaries should be tried to be made stable. The chance factor should be reduced and there should be more certainty and positiveness in the system and individuals lives. People should enjoy more sex and should be more consumerist and possessive.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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