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Amid Hindi-English row: What about Hinglish!
Well, Ministry of Home Affairs' Circular dated 27th May 2014 on pushing Hindi language give birth to a purely nonsense controversy, which if really scrutinized have no merit at all, the way it's being blown out of proportion!

Frankly this was a decision taken during Language committee meet on 10th March 2014 when UPA was in power to boost national language of India over official language of India! The circular issued on the basis of 10th March 2014 decision on 27th May 2014 where as Rajnath Singh assumed office on 29th May 2014 as Minister of Home affairs! Thus the Congress's protest is out of context and ridiculous to those who know the facts!

But here the question is different. Is boosting Hindi wrong? Is it being imposed on others? Is English can only be the national language apart from official language? As a country, do we have a foreign language for our national identity?

I'll discuss about English later on! Let me discuss some important basic points on linguistic issues! South Indian states from 60s, Eastern and North Eastern states some decades ago and Marathi community (although now subdued due to BJP government) always think that the mother tongue of Hindi heart land is being imposed on them as national language (although Hindi is approved as national language of India by constituent assembly representing pan India!). Frankly I am too against imposing anyone's mother tongue on anybody! But again question is different, is Hindi a mother tongue?

Let's consider Hindi heart-land. Is Hindi the mother tongue there? Think it precisely! You'll find various other languages like Bhojpuri, Maithili, Awadhi, Magadhi, Kosali, Vidarbhi, Nagpuri, Chhattisgarhi etc. that are real mother tongues. Yet when they interact with people in this Hindi heartland they use common language of Hindi (technically the Bollywood Hindi, about which I would come later on!). Thus none has Hindi as Mother tongue. Everyone has its mother tongue distinguished sometimes (in fact often) known as dialect!

Forget about Hindi and English! I am an Odia! Just call 4 persons from four corners of Odisha like North Odisha, South Odisha, East Odisha and West Odisha! Ask them to say something about their mother tongue! Believe me none would be able to understand other three's sentence! This is not only applicable to Odisha; it's applicable to every states and regions! Thus Odia is a text book language or rather a regional language which is used in communication between different districts and different regions of Odisha! Whatever I am saying in context of Odisha is in fact applicable to all states and regions!

Now let's come to the point of Hindi versus English! Hindi is constitutionally national language of India where as the official language English is just a burden. Somehow in sixties Dravid politicians did a politics on Hindi and placed themselves in place of the Congress! The only campaign point was that other's mother tongue is being imposed, although the campaign was wrong basically as I revealed earlier!

This time it's not only Dravidian politics but the BJD, TMC and even National Conference dragged themselves in to this debate! I was really confused on whether Hindi is a subject of contention or politics! If we all are Indian, why support a foreign language!

Let me ask Tamilnadu CM Jaylalitha, Mamta Banerjee and non-Odia speaking Odisha chief minister Navin Patnaik, why to oppose Hindi? And why to promote English? If categorically scrutinized one'll find out that more than 85% of people don't know English! When Tamils or Keralites have to communicate to a north Indian, they never talk in English as none know English! Rather they communicate in Bollywood Hindi!

Coming back to English, everyone knows that it's an open book and it accommodates terms of other languages! Always there is addition of words in dictionaries from other languages! Hindi too is a similar language which accommodates all words and terms although not systematically like the dictionaries of English! Today's Hindi is almost of Bollywood style which accommodates every word conventionally!

Thus I have a separate opinion! If you don't agree on pushing Hindi, what about Hinglish? In the Hollywood picture 'Water-World' this term is used as global language! What's Hinglish? It's just mixing of Hindi, English and many other Asian terms! If somebody started talking pure Hindi, many Hindi experts may not understand the real meaning!

Fact is language can't ever be stationary rather it's dynamic! English language is accommodative officially and Hindi unofficially. Just ask many English people who can't answer what it means on 'Sayeth, Cometh etc!' Similarly many Hindi experts would find it difficult to understand what it means like 'Thoda hawa ane do' etc. etc!

If we scrutinize micro-minutely we will find that apart from our regional (coordinating) language, the national language Hindi too is a great medium that connects the entire country (as more than 80% doesn't know English!). But question is again special! Is it true Hindi?

Let's count how many words of English we use while we speak in Hindi! Not only Hindi but also the quotes of other regional languages! That means both English and Hindi are accommodative languages and can be a better communicator among us! Thus my proposal is if not Hindi why not Hinglish?

Note: Even regional language is mixed with English! Let's realize that language is always mobile! English understood this long back! Hindi too realized early! Compromise is Hinglish I feel, What you feel?

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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