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An interview with AAP's MLA Harish Khanna from Delhi's Timarpur constituency
Professor Harish Khanna from Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) defeated immediate BJP rival, former mayor Rajni Abbi for the Timarpur seat. He is also the secretary of Delhi University Teachers Association. The margin between the two stood more than 3000 votes in favour of Khanna.

Aam Aadmi Party, an Indian political party, which formally came into existence on 26 November 2012 has raised the hopes of 'aam aadmi' for a better India. The party came into existence following differences between activists Arvind Kejriwal and Anna Hazare on whether or not to politicise the popular movement of India against corruption, demanding Jan Lokpal bill since 2011.

The party made its debut in the 2013 Delhi Legislative assembly election with broom as its election symbol, and emerged as the second largest party in Delhi.

Professor Dr. Harish Khanna, winning candidate from AAP Timarpur constituency spoke to Excerpts from the interview:

Q. How would you define your victory in simple words ?

Harish Khanna (HK): I am feeling really good. It is a victory for common man. I am thankful to the people of Delhi who supported us in our plans. You know people are not satisfied and are also angry with political parties such as BJP and Congress. They are fed up of their dirty politics. So, they want a fair party, and a party who really listens to their daily problems.

Q. So, why Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and not any other political party ? Any specific reasons.

HK: I was somewhat connected to the Anna Andolan against corruption. I really liked the idea, although I did not actively participate in the movement but whenever I got time I went and supported the movement. So, it was during the time I came to know Mr. Arvind Kejriwal and Mr. Anna Hazare more, and when they asked me to join the AAP party, I said yes because as I told you that I was impressed by their ideology and the issues they raised.

Q. Do you have any role model in politics or any ideology you like to follow?

HK: I really don't have that kind of role models in politics as I am not that much into the politics, but I really like the Mahatma Gandhi Ji 's ideology and some socialist ideologies as well.

Q. Why Gandhi ji and not any other political leader?

HK: I like Gandhi ji's ideology because he talked about people and fought for their right without looking at any personal gain. He fought for the country and also raised voice of the people. I like his idea of decentralization of power in centre and the state as well and that's the base of our political party, which we try to stick to the people, their issues and problems. So that's why I like him very much.

Q. How did you arrange funds for contesting the election ? Do you take any donations from party or NGOs?

HK: All funds came from the party fund. We managed the election campaign with whatever funds were provided to us. But, I also used some money from my pocket.

Q. Now its clear that the party is going to sit as the opposition. So, what are your plans?

HK : We are going to fight for the issues that we have been fighting ever since and we will stick to it and play the role of positive opposition and try to focus on the problem of the common man. We are going to oppose the four year graduation programme, which started in Delhi University from last year and will put forward in the assembly. This is going to be one of our special focus. It is an issue, which no other party has raised till date.

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hemen parekh
DON'T BUDGE / DON'T FUDGECongress and BJP are still in denial , 3 days after election resultsThey refuse to believe that , for the first time , people had a real option Not between Congress and BJPBut between Congress / BJP on one side and AAP on the otherBut , both Congress and the BJP , are firm believer in ," In politics there are neither permanent friends , nor permanent enemies - only permanent interests , viz : , how to grab / stay in power "To keep BJP out of power , Congress has even offered " Unconditional " support to AAP , if it wishes to form a government !Then of course , Arvind suggesting that Congress and BJP get together to form a coalition government , must be treated as a light-hearted joke , which , even Arvind does not take seriously !But it will be the END of AAP - and of Arvind - , if he compromises on his stand that ," AAP will neither support anyone nor take support from anyone "This is the only thing that differentiates him ( and AAP ) from other power-hungry politiciansThis is the only way he can prove to the people of Delhi - and 725 million voters of India - that , he is NOT lusting for power at the cost of principlesHis message to Indians is loud and clear :" I highly value your votes But I will not compromise and take support ( even if it is offered and unconditional ) from the corrupts , just to occupy a minister's chair We don't care for power I will not stab you in the back , even if you fail to give AAP , an absolute majority "ARVIND ,Remember , AAP is NOT just any other political partyPeople of India are looking upon AAP as a MORAL MOVEMENT , for which , this country has been waiting for 65 yearsThe only way you can live up to your promises , is not to compromise !If you do not compromise , people of Delhi will re-elect AAP with an absolute majority in the inevitable re-pollAnd , in 2014 , people of India will follow !

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