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An interview with best-selling author Sudeep Nagarkar
An engineer by education and writer by profession, Sudeep Nagarkar is the bestselling author of four blockbuster novels. His debut novel 'Few things left unsaid', is popular among all age groups and over 50,000 copies of which has been sold till date. Nagarkar, who consider himself to be a writer by chance and not by choice, avers that there's a tremendous rise in the reading habits among Indian youths.

Here are the excerpts from a recent interview with Sudeep Nagarkar's, where he talks about his journey, motivation, challenges and his newest novel "Sorry you're not my type", which was already a bestseller even before its release and is being ordered extensively through various E-commerce sites like flipkart, amazon etc.

Question: 'Sorry you are not my type', is your forth blockbuster novel in a row, so tell us about your new book?

Sudeep Nagarkar (SN): It's about friendship. About understanding the value of relationship and recognizing who your true friends are. Gen Y is too open minded and make friends easily. However, it can have negative effects too. Through the face of Vayu- A Delhi based music band of three friends Vikrant, Anamika and Yuvi, I have portrayed the real scenario of newer generation and their complications. It will redefine friendship, affection and infatuation. It was released on 14th Feb and is already in top 10 bestsellers nationwide. Thanks to the reviews and readers who are enjoying reading it.

Question: Did you always aspire to be an author?

SN: No. My lost love made me one. It was by chance and not by choice. However, now I realised some people come in your life just to make you reach your destined place.

Question: All your novels are inspired by real life stories, is it always important for an author to have influence of his personal life stories to carve out a novel. If yes, how much it is important and in what way?

SN: I don't think so. Not everyone can have so much of ups and downs in their lives or spice in it. And it will be foolish on author's part if he adds spice just to write a novel. I had gone through so much during my engineering days and wanted to throw this frustration somewhere. It came out in the form of book ?Few things left unsaid?.

Question: From the stacks of head scratching engineering book to being someone amidst one's own splendidly authored novels. How do you see this whole journey?

SN: The entire journey till now is pleasing and has given me new hope to live. I won't be lying if I say that I have sacrificed a lot to be at a position where I am today. My close friends and parents know it all. Its not so easy when there are so many expectations riding on you and am happy that ?Sorry you're not my type? has lived up to everyone's expectation. Here I would like to mention, that the new budding writers who feel that Bestselling Authors have a comfortable life are absolutely wrong. There is too much of hard work involved in it.

Question: On one side you are doing your MBA, which off course needs a lot of effort and on the other hand penning down a splendid novel is not at all an easy task. So, how do you manage your time and prepare for a whole lot of stuff?

SN: I just completed my MBA and have secured 72%. I am still figuring out how I managed to excel in both fields. But I had that passion and till I don't achieve what I want to, I feel restless. My family, friends and readers support motivates me to give my best. We all have same hours in a day but how to utilize those to achieve maximum productivity is important.

Question: You novels are mostly targeted towards the younger generation. At a time when reading habits among the youngsters are deterring, what's the secret behind connecting with the present generation?

SN: It's a wrong belief that the reading habits are deterring. Nowhere, I feel so. In fact, it's increasing every year especially in India. Moreover, social networking has given a huge platform through which we can connect with the readers and understand their needs and wants.

Question: You are an avid user of the social media. But, the exceptional quality that you have is you are very much connected with your readers. Despite having a mammoth fan following, you reply to each and every comments, messages, mail. How do you manage so much time and most importantly patience?

SN: I personally believe that readers are the one who give you all the fame. I try my best to reply to them through all the mediums but sometimes it gets difficult. However, I have seen few authors who purposely don't reply just to show that they get lot of messages but that?s a wrong strategy. I always feel happy and energetic when I talk to my fans and readers. I love to live a simple life and treat everyone as a family. The other side can also be that I don't get enough mails and messages or probably others get too many (laughs).

Question: As an author you must also be an avid reader?

If yes, which type of books you like reading?

SN: For the past couple of years, I have read only management books. I have not read mine after receiving author copies. But I love reading light books. I can read literally anything that comes my way. It can be romance, thriller or a horror book.

Question: How do you define a good author?

SN: While reading his books, you can skip your girlfriend's/boyfriend's call and still happily continue reading!

Question: Having millions of your readers across the country, you must also have been subjected to criticism sometimes or the other. How do you handle or react to such criticisms?

SN: I have tried to improve every now and then. It would be wrong, if I would say criticism doesn?t affect me. It does to a certain extent. But if it is genuine then I have tried to improve on it in my next work.

Question: Your profile says that after you broke up with your girlfriend, you decided to adapt your story as your first novel. So, was it done to make memories last forever or you did it just to relieve your anxiety and sadness?

SN: It was made in search of her and to relieve my frustration.

Question: How difficult is it to get a book published? What kind of challenges you personally had to face before first book had hit the stands?

SN: It's quite difficult in India to find a publisher and not only that, they should be genuine enough to give you accurate sales report or invest on your branding. You need lot of patience to find a publisher who can do justice with your script. I see lot of new authors getting their book published by any xyz publishers without looking and analysing their performance or reach. The result is they land up no where. I faced the same difficulty in the beginning but was lucky enough to get Random House India later on.

Question: Challenges that a new author is likely to face when he/she decides to take up writing as a career

SN: Competition, Compromises and Confidence. There is a huge competition nowadays for new authors who want to take writing as their career. They have to compromise on their comfort just to make their book reach to wider audience. Moreover, confidence to make your parents believe that it can be a serious profession.

Question: The every other day, newspaper and television channels carry stories on you and your wonderful books. So, how does it feel to be famous?

SN: It feels amazing. Who doesn't want to be famous? People who once questioned me on my ability when I saw failure in engineering now don't ring my bell to gossip. But as my readers know, fame has never taken control of me. I still love to be simple and connect with everyone.

Question: Doing such great works that you do need a lot of motivation and inspiration. Who is the inspiration behind you?

SN: My parents, my friends and my extended family of readers!

Question: In the recent times we have seen a lot of unexpected faces from the writing arena itself joining politics. So, do you have plans of such kind? If not, now may be in the near future?

SN: No scope at all! I don't see myself capable enough to join politics. That's not my interest rather! Though I follow every update on elections but I prefer to do my job better as a citizen of this country rather than governing it.

Question: Your suggestions and piece of advice to all the upcoming writers who are ready to step in this arena.

SN: Be aware of the people who would show you fame and empty your pockets. Keep patience and don't lose hopes easily.

Question: We have come to know that you are also a great motivational speaker. So, some motivating words for our readers?

SN: Live your life like crazy and learn from your past rather than crying on it and spoiling your present. Always make your parents proud and don't forget to love someone in the race of achieving your dreams. As there has to be someone who appreciates your success when you achieve it!! Also keep reading my books and recommending them till you love them (smile)!

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