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An open letter to Rajdeep Sardesai from a Mumbai-based Citizen Journalist
Dear Mr. Rajdeep Sardesai, Last week, I saw a tweet of yours where you had expressed your helplessness towards a tweet by someone that was really vulgar. Seriously, I felt bad because maybe I don't agree with your ideology but I believe there should be a limit to the insanity in the language one should use to express his or her disagreement. I really wonder what makes people to gnashing their teeth at you.

But you never stop surprising people. You came out with an "Open Letter to a CM who is not even a one year old in his office" analysing his performance, questioning his decisions and "advising him on what he should focus and what he shouldn't".

I really wonder why a letter only to the CM of Maharashtra and not other states? Doesn't it speak volumes about your (prejudiced) intent of writing such letter? In fact, can you really answer me "why these days the news (of course negative news) from BJP ruled states like Haryana, Maharashtra, MP, Chhattisgarh, Punjab, Gujarat etc. are acquiring prime time news hour time with major coverage? Where are such news from West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Assam and Southern India states? Are they dodging your razor-sharp glances or you are selectively ignoring them? Or you mean to say, no negative news is happening in non-BJP ruled states.

Well, before coming to your letter to CM of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis, titled, "Food governance or good governance", let me tell, I'm pretty clear about the fact that you have an incorrigible attitude of biased agenda as a journalist. Time and again you have been consistent to show that part of your journalistic ethic. At least from the day I am observing politics (I confess that I'm an amature observer of politics), I have seen you practicing "crude" journalism rather than "conscious journalism".

You never felt tired of "chanting 2002 riots in Gujarat" as many times as possible. Seriously, initially whenever I did Google search on "Riots in India" I found there were many more such unfortunate incidents in history. Then I concluded that singling out only "2002 Gujarat riots" by you maybe mainly because of your sheer hatred towards RSS and Modi or you believe in "finding religious stamps (described in movie PK)" on dead bodies. Possibly you might have forgotten Journalism ethics as well that says "A journalist should give news and not his/her views".

I could hardly digest the fact that a "senior journalist" would even never mind to go for a miss adventure of "slander and malign" against the Prime minister of his country on a foreign soil (Madison square incident) just to prove his cynical agenda.

And your question to Bollywood star Salman Khan's father Mr. Salim Khan in an interview few months back about PM Modi (if he is communal or not) really made me sympathetically laugh at you as you appeared to me as a simply gone case of utter desperations. Maybe that's the reason why people love to boorish towards you. There should be a limit to the sycophancy.

Well, coming to your letter "Food Governance or Good Governance" to CM Devendra Fadnavis, where you have raised three questions on the decisions taken by the Maharashtra government. I think you got the answers by the CM himself. I really appreciate your swift effort to reply the same by accepting the facts that Mr. Fadnavis had stated in his response. Perhaps by now you very well understood that the soft spoken Mr. Fadnavis is really a "no-nonsense" CM at the helm of affairs.

Well I have few question for you:

"Why your letter didn't carry facts though you accepted them in the reply to CM?" Do you think people are fool these days, especially in the era of hashtags and search engines? Or you believe too much in (rightly stated by the CM) Goebbels law - speak what is untrue several times over and it becomes the truth?

Do you really mean that a senior journalist like you is not aware of the reality of official orders, technicalities and intent of government regarding meat ban and transfer-cum-promotion of former Mumbai CP Mr. Maria? Well in that case...imagine a CM of your choice instead of Mr. Fadnavis.... I'm sure the action of Fadnavis government would appear appropriate to you and you will get the answer.

To your concern over water issues prevailing in the state, I'm really surprised where were these concerns in last few decades? Do you mean water problem in the state has just come up?

I'm really surprised with your piece of advice to CM that "the drought and suicide of farmers" should give sleepless night to him. I mean what about your "deep slumber" since decades on this serious issue?

In fact I could see your aggressive concern and coverage of mere "meat ban" but failed to understand why there isn't similar aggressive daily reportage of agrarian issues instead? You accepted that Sheena murder case was given a national importance but not farmer's suicide. I think you should now at least show consciousness in reporting of these issues instead of a public debate "why meat isn't in my platter?" with an honest CM (you accepted it).

Don't you think that the much ignored "farmers suicide" issue over the six decades grabbed national attention only after Modi-led NDA government came to power at Centre? Aren't these signs of Achhe Din (good days)? Then why does your "so concerned soul" feel pain to acknowledge that?

See, a person of your stature (I'm talking about your "seniority"in your profession) doesn't need at all cheap and biased agendas to grab attention and survive visibility in the public arena. At least I feel so. Your frustration at Modi and BJP's rise are well evident in every expression of yours.

Let me tell you…you just can't ignore truth as people may see news in media but talk about it in "social media". Your agenda based on Goebbels law wouldn't work further just as it never changed the perception about Rahul Gandhi's potential even though you have ranted, "Are we underestimating Rahul Gandhi's potential?" zillionth time on national television.

Instead it would be really damaging to you only. In fact there is a possibility that "the day you speak actual truth" you won't be believed (remember the story of cowherd boy, who often used to fool people shouting tiger, tiger when there was no tiger. Nobody believed him and came to his rescue when the real tiger came and he was killed).

So Mr. Sardesai..What I feel is, as a senior journalist why don't you do some shrewd journalism rather than this rude and crude journalism. There is a thin line between "criticism and cynicism". A journalist should critical of government but not cynical…it seems you have forgotten this.

Tina Acharya

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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