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An open letter to Shri Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India from a common Indian who is supposed to be a VIP
Dear Prime Minister, I am taking the liberty to address you in the hope that I might be fortunate enough to be able interest you in what I have to say. It is possible that others like me may already have brought the under mentioned suggestions to your notice, but I feel it my duty to write to you what I feel so strongly about.

Firstly, I believe that you are India's saviour and only you can pull us out of the muck that we are mired in. You are the first Prime Minister who has given us, 'the common man' the opportunity to address you, for which I thank you! Whether or not you take note of what I have to say remains to be seen, but I thank you for giving me the opportunity to air my views, and the surety that you will at least get to hear what I have to say.

On 19th April, while doing away with the 'lal batti' culture, you said that every Indian is a VIP, but is that really so? I do not think so, Prime Minister. India comprises 3 classes of people; the political class and the very rich, both, together forming the privileged class. The 3rd class is, of course the rest of India.

Recently, the Ravindra Gaekwad incident occurred that shocked the nation, rather shook everyone to the core. We, the common folk had hoped that parliamentarians would take him to task for his 'gundagardi' and defaming the Lok Sabha, that Madame Speaker would make an example of him....NO. Nothing of the sort happened. In fact, the government went a step further, it ordered Air India to end the embargo against him!! In spite of an FIR lodged against him as he had committed a criminal offence, no police action was taken. The whole matter was forgotten as if it never happened. Quite remarkable!! Are parliamentarians above the law? One law for politicians and another for the rest of the nation!!

Prime Minister, another instance to showcase the VVIP'S in India....the political against the rest of the nation whom you have said are also VIP'S.

In the matter of pensions, members of the State Legislators, or the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha become eligible to draw a pension after after 5 years, or after having served as a legislator for only one term. They may draw pension for the rest of their lives, even though they may have served as legislators for only 5 years.

It is strange, indeed that our jawans who put their lives at stake for the sake of the nation, who never know whether or not they will return home again, who gamble the future of their families so that we, civilians may live in peace…..these very jawans become entitled to pension only after 15 years, whereas officers who command them in battle are eligible to draw pension only after serving 20 years. Moreover, any civilian, VIP citizen of India who works for the government of India, or for any of the state governments, is entitled to a pension, but only after having worked twenty years!

Why are the sitting legislators and former legislators favoured so? Is it because they are a special class of people, not from amongst us, but from some ethereal planet, that they deserve better treatment than us, the normal citizens of India? Why this division, this favouritism, this distinction between us and them? Is this what democracy is all about…….the favoured few versus the hoi polloi, even though you have termed us as VIP's, Prime Minister?

Yours faithfully,

Ratanjit Singh,



Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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