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An Open Letter to Tarek Fatah - Civilise yourself first before preaching others
I am an Indian Muslim who is proud of both his identities, namely being an Indian and also a Muslim. Reading and writing are my passions but I don't use them to earn name, fame or money.

I don't bash my religion or anyone else's to score brownie points and entice lunatic followers. Tarek Fatah is quite a renowned personality having great fan following all over the world, all thanks to his reputation of being a habitual Islam basher which he usually orchestrates under the garb of modernising the religion.

I don't have any problem with his point of view as all of us have equal rights to express our opinion, but at the same time, our opinion must remain within the realms of sanity and decency. He boasts of his modern thoughts and advocates his view point vigorously but he needs to understand that not everyone might agree with him.

I am writing this piece after sustaing all sorts of abuses and bashing from people of the modern world who did not like my article on Nikah Mut'ah published on this very news portal. Tarek Fatah also lashed out at me for supporting this ancient Islamic practice. Link of my previous article can be found here

Here's how the entire debate unfolded on Twitter:


After Tarek Fatah's tweets, the so-called modern world which supports women's rights and is hell bent upon removing the practice of triple talaq started showing its true color by abusing me and dragging my family members into this heated debate. They have used all types of expletives which should not be used for anyone irrespective of the difference of opinion. It once again proves my point that these people don't care about women's rights or any other person's rights, they just want to aggressively impose their version of the truth.

Yesterday's encounter with Tarek Fatah and his supporters proves my point that these people are using women's rights as a bait to exploit political and social clout.

Mr Tarek Fatah,

You should remember that we are living in India and not in Pakistan. Here, in our country, we have been granted equal rights and none can force us to believe and follow his or her doctrines.

You rose to prominence by bashing Islam and Muslims which you are doing under the garb of modernising Islam. Your expletives against me and others in those tweets also prove that you don't believe in equal rights for all citizens. You are simply trying to force others to believe your version of Islam, which is nothing less than Talibani thought which also prevents others from applying their own mind.

Your expletives and liberal use of profane language also highlight your imperviousness and civility. Remember, you are a role model for thousands of people who are your ardent followers, and with your rhetoric, all you are teaching them is how to become egoistic, self-centered and ill-mannered, instead of remaining humble and civilized. Your tweets also reflect upon your shallow knowledge of Islam and the Muslim community.

I can understand your frustration as you have failed to leave your footprint in India. Always remember, this is India and not Pakistan. The Indian Constitution provides all of us i.e. to every citizen of this country to have his own belief, religion, culture, individuality and you don't have any right to snatch it away from us. Even if I am the last and the only person following a particular sect/religion/doctrine, the Indian Constitution provides me the right to do so without seeking permission from anyone. Whereas, you are here trying to force us to believe your version which is completely against the spirit of India and its Constitution.

On what grounds you are claiming that Mut'ah is similar to a live-in relationship or prostitution? Why do you think women should not have any say in their relationships with men?

Who are we to decide whether women should have their say or not in their relationships with men?

Why are you trying to force your views upon others which should not be the case in the modern world, as we all have our own individual identities?

And lastly, rather than burying yourself in the garbage of filth by using abusive language, come out with solid reasoning and logical discourse to prove me wrong. Don't preach me about morality. The Constitution of India and Islam, both give the freedom to all adults to decide about their relationships.

Hussain Haider

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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Dear Mr.Haider, normally I never comment or so intervene in any personal religious matter (unless there is a political angle). I have seen many shows of Tarek Fatah of 'Fatah ka Fatwa' out of curiosity just to know what's really problem in Islam or say "Allah ka Islam versus 'Mullah's Islam'. I agree to you that the language of Tarek Fatah is neither decent nor appropriate. One may say something that's right but can't say in a manner just to bash a religion. The language, tone & attitude is certainly derogatory. But then I also feel the guest Ulemas, Moulavis also talk mindlessly. They threaten the women participants as well as moderate people who talk logically. Many a time I read your articles about Islam religion & I find that you are very logical on your points & you always use to argue with a decent language. Thus if Tarek Fatah or his followers troll you, you should ignore. At the same time I think you should also raise objections on some Mullahs who just talk illogical things in the name of Islam. It's good that there's a churning started in Islamic understanding. Something good definitely come out. I would just cite example of Hindusim. Lot of reforms took place in last hundred years despite objection of religious heads. The same phase perhaps continuing in Islamic course at the moment. One more point, Had those Moulavis talk sense in that program, Tarek Fatah wouldn't have been so famous or to say so called flag bearer of Islamic reform. Tarek Fatah is an opportunistic person who perhaps taking advantage of the confrontation between Mullahs & victims of Mullah Islam. But the real reform will take place by the efforts of people like you. I just wish all the best for your endeavor on reforming of your religion. Please pardon me if I have somewhere insulted Islam unintentionally while commenting this. I don't have any right or say on a religion I don't follow. However reform is always a social thing that's why I commented here just to give you moral support. Thanks.
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