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Appeasement politics and its impact on society
Appeasement politics of Congress is alleged to be the main reason behind the resurgence of Right-wing groups in Indian politics, who have now finally taken over the reins of the country.

Even so-called liberals have started thinking on these lines which is really dangerous as forcing your brain to think according to others' thought process is brainwashing. Right-wingers have achieved it to certain extent but the road is still there to tread on the path of truth rather than venturing on the path of ignorance.

Most of the thinkers and writers from Right-wing used to emphasise in their speeches and writings about the wrongs of appeasement politics and how Congress and secular forces of the country supported the minorities especially the Muslim community, by ignoring the rights of the majority community of the nation. This is a blatant lie which can't stand on its foundation no matter matter how many times it is propagated in different forms.

In contrast to common perception, no government in the country has ever taken care of the Muslim community after independence and on the contrary, the community has been thrown into oblivion by most of the governments. The community has been trying to stand up on its feet on its own as there has been very little or virtually no support from governments. The only appeasement of the Muslim community, which I learnt from history, was freedom to their personal law.

But to know, why the BJP and its allies chose to play on the plank of Muslim appeasement when there was none, we must take a throwback into history.

Way back in 1984, Right-wing groups didn't have a significant presence in most parts of the country and were having just 2 parliamentary seats. Few persons might argue that the Right-wings formed a government in 1977 after defeating the erstwhile Prime Minister, the powerful Indira Gandhi, but that was not the government of Right-wings alone.

In 1977, people voted for the Janata Party which was an amalgamation of different political thoughts which came together to fight against the powerful Congress. People were unhappy with the policies of Indira Gandhi-led government and hence chose the Janata Party over it.

In 1984, LK Advani was elected as president of the BJP, who changed the party's course from moderate socialist strategy to hard-line Hindutva nationalism. Voice of Ram Janmbhoomi started echoing from the BJP which had originally been the plank of VHP.

During the Rath Yatra in 1990, Advani alleged that the appeasement policy of Congress was an obstruction in the formation of Ram temple. Ram Mandir movement played very big role in consolidation of Hindu votes as religious sentiments were attached with it and BJP formed the government with its regional allies under the umbrella of NDA in Uttar Pradesh soon after.

In 2002, India witnessed one of the worst violent riots in the state of Gujarat and the whole country was in shock. PM Vajpayee wanted to remove Narendra Modi from his position as the Gujarat CM but was stopped by his ministers from doing so.

In 2004, BJP fought the Lok Sabha election on the slogan of "India Shining" keeping the industrial development at its centre stage but lost miserably. Most of the election pundits alleged that Gujarat riots were a major reason for such a drubbing as Indian didn't accept such gross violence against a community.

In 2009, the BJP fought the election making LK Advani as prime ministerial candidate of the NDA. During this time, LK Advani transformed himself from hard-line Hindutva poster boy to a more inclusive politician. Since, It didn't help BJP in winning the election, it returned back to its previous avatar of hard-line Hindutva politics.

Though, in 2014, BJP fought the general election on the slogan of 'Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas', in reality its leaders didn't spare any chance to polarise the masses in the name of religion.  

So, there has been no appeasement of Muslims in the real sense except for the hype created by Right-wingers to consolidate votes of the majority community. Instead, appeasement of majority group chiefly Hindu groups is happening in reality. Here are a few examples of such appeasements:

· Suddenly idols appeared on one night at the Babri masjid and no enquiry was done by the government to appease the majority community.

· Babri masjid was demolished but the successive governments of different parties have failed to provide justice even after 26 years.

· Several riots have been orchestrated in the country by one group or another but real perpetrators are always at large.

· Sikhs were massacred after Indira Gandhi's assassination but the community is still struggling to get justice.

· Convict of Gujarat riots Maya Kodnani got bail and is now roaming freely but no hue and cry either in the media or in political circles is visible.

· Mob violence against Scheduled Castes and Muslims in the name of cow protection by selected groups is rampant but governments are not taking proper actions to stop the menace.

· Issue of triple talaq was raised not to help the women of Muslim community but to alienate them from the Muslim society.

· Issue of 'Love Jehad' has been fabricated.

· Crackdown on slaughterhouses/meat shops particularly in northern and western India where Muslim would get affected the most.

The list of such appeasements of Right-Wing groups is long and there is no need to list all of them down.

In conclusion, appeasement is bad and must be stopped once in for all. Such selective appeasement and rhetoric is not going to help the country. Instead, such duality is creating rift and dissension among the people.

India belongs to all of us and we all have equal rights in this country, so then, why such dual behaviour by successive governments?

Muslims need to understand that politicians who are trying to get their votes in the name of safety, security, meat, madrasas are their enemies. And at the same time, it is also true for the Hindu brethren, as politicians are fooling them in the name of religious sentiments.

We as Indians still have time to think above religion. We should make it clear that the political class should concentrate on development and quality life for each Indian, leaving alone our religious matters.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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