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Are TV news channels creating an era of 'Media Terrorism'?
I will present some of the facts which justify the use of terms 'Terrorism' and 'Mafia' for most of the news media channels today. In the race of TRP, news channels are ahead of entertainment channels or even Bollywood Industry in spicing up the news in whatever way they can, to make it as entertaining as it can be. Exactly similar to Mafia's 'Hafta Vasuli' these channels also reach out to you for advertisements and paid news; if you don't pay then be prepared for your negative coverage.

A decade back we observed the emerging trend of yellow journalism but now it has evolved into complete '#paidnews', while most news media used to make money with advertisements for 50% of the time, now they make more money with remaining 50% of the time for news (rather paid news, forced opinions and speculations) they broadcast!

This has become one of the most lucrative job / business in India and that's why some of the news anchors have allegedly over Rs 500 Crore worth of assets.

The tremendous loss which has been caused by these media channels to some of the innocent people and to Indian Culture, can not be undone. If this continues, a day is not very far when Indian culture would be found only in Museums.

Generally, Media takes biased stand and presents opinions and speculations as truth, which is enforced on the audience by using consumer psychology.

Media Trials are very common - who do you think Media would be inclined to support? Dramatic pressure created by media triggers actions from politicians, administration and even influences actual trials in the court. Indian Media has now taken up Jurisdiction in their hand ? in numerous instances where High Court and Supreme Court have given decisions, Media chooses to ignore them and present their own version of truth.

The way media adopts secularism is another big irony; current state of secularism in our country and our hatred to our own culture is one of the big reasons behind this situation. It is good to be secular and I am proud to say I am a citizen of a country where all religions are respected however why are we ashamed of giving little respect to Hinduism as well. We have a very bad tradition of taking extreme views - and not going with balanced views.

Let me share some recent instances - Jayendra Saraswati was tried for Murder Charges and Media put in all its energy to defame Jayendra Saraswati with all sorts of allegations, when he was proven innocent - there was absolutely no coverage from most of the Media.

 If you are unable to recall Jayendra Sarswati's acquittal, We have a very fresh incident of Swami Nityanand ? we all remember how media showed Nityananda as guilty and how they spiced up the whole allegations of Sex scandal, it spread hatred among most of the people unaware of media?s intentions - many NGOs reached his ashram and made significant damage to his property.

Very recently it was discovered that CD which was aired by most channels was fake and hence Nityanand is not guilty - none of the media aired any apology for false speculations except for one channel which was explicitly instructed by High Court.

Most of our population still thinks Nityanand is guilty because media has still not covered the truth. Can Media return the two years of Nityanand's Precious Life and dignity to him? We were fooled by media completely in his case by showing speculations and not facts.

Once again what the media has been showing in the case of Asaram Bapu is completely questionable - Medical Report clearly suggests no rape, large number of witness suggests same but Media showed its own story.

Media aired that there is a CD found which has such incidents captured in it - Police completely rejected this and asked them not to spread such rumor. I am not speculating whether Asaram Bapu is guilty or innocent, but even the terrorists get a fair trial in this country, why shouldn?t Asaram Bapu get a fair trial when there are large number of facts in his favor such as:

  • Medical report clearly denies rape or even attempt of rape.
  • FIR was registered 6 days after the event in Delhi (not in the city where event occurred).
  • The way his aide was beaten up to speak against him.
  • Media's favorite witness Bhola Nath has already been caught planning to arrange Girls and Skeleton to frame Asaram Bapu - Bhola has confessed that all allegations against Asaram Bapu are fake (still no coverage from Media?).
  • Police pressurizing victim's friend's father to speak against Asaram Bapu (that his daughter was also molested) - he stood firmly to support Asaram Bapu. Victims told her friend that she is throwing these allegations under pressure from her parents.
  • Why all the above outcomes have not been aired by any of the media channels?

    We are also to blame for this situation to a great extent - we just do not notice where media is going wrong and if we notice we just ignore. Justice Katju had rightly said 'Media offering opium to masses' by showing what people want to see and not showing the actual facts.

    Dr. Kalam expressed his views on media as 'Why is the media here so negative?'. There is a need of strict action against media - if we do not have time to take them to court, lets at least take away their TRP by locking such channels.

    Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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