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Political Play
CA Dr Sunil Gupta
Are we being conned by AAP? 02 April, 2014
How difficult is it to ask questions? Framing interrogations is easy. The real task is confronted when one becomes answerable. And what happened when the AAP became accountable to the residents of Delhi. I too have questions. ‘Why didn’t the party seek public opinion prior to quitting?’, ‘Was Lokpal Bill more vital than water pipelines?’, ‘Who would be charged for the expenses of re-polls?’ The list is lengthy.

Let’s discuss on more relevant matters rather. It is tough to understand that the person who claims to provide the most uncorrupt Government of all times does not favor stability. The recent interview while on the way to Banaras captured the thoughts of Kejriwal who believes that none of the political parties would achieve the requisite numbers and re-polls would occur within a year.

Are Indians so much waiting for the yet-again AK-led Government ignoring the predictions of Nomura and Bloomberg, which say that investments would boom and rupee would reach its lowest per U.S. Dollar in case India is led by a stable government and precisely, if led by Narendra Modi?

Quite often, Arvind Kejriwal questions the vision, decision-making, objectives, and governance of other political groups. The recent attempt was 17 questions which he desired to be answered by Narendra Modi. Let me mention some of the authentic rebuttals of the Gujarat Government.

With reference to the Land Acquisition policy of the state, it is claimed to be the finest and backed by the approval of the Supreme Court of India. The response enlightens the fact that the land of a farmer is acquired upon consent and market prevailing rates are paid as consideration.

The baseless figure of 5000 claimed by Kejriwal regarding the farmers who committed suicide is a core lie as one farmer committed suicide in the last 10 years due to crop disaster. Kejriwal alleged that the Modi-led Government would favor FDI in retail; however the response of the state government confirms that the BJP opposes any such policy.

The blatant lie of Kejriwal regarding the closure of 60,000 SME units in Gujarat has been exposed with the fact that of 0.51 million SME units registered in the state 95 percent are operational. The spokesperson of the state government added that Kejriwal is struggling to manipulate facts and figures so as to mislead the public and gain illicit profile-raising.

Rather than concentrating and delivering a model that was promised to the supporters of the Anna’s Movement against corruption, the AAP leaders have involved themselves in controversies and forbidden attempts to make news headlines. AK has been frequently alleging to devote his life for the prosperity of the nation.

Was quitting from Delhi to fight Narendra Modi part of Kejriwal’s martyrdom? Another leader of the party, Prashant Bhushan favored referendum on the presence of army in Kashmir. Is it so easy to talk and challenge the national propositions?

The controversial comment of Kejriwal wherein he threatened media persons to be sent to jail in case AAP-led Government comes into the picture, and some other controversial statements made on time to time call for strict reactions from the Election Commission of India. In case none of the above is a key offence, displaying parts of Kashmir as portions of Pakistan on the official website of AAP must be viewed as a severe act of dishonor.

It has been well said that in case the engine has commanded on a wrong route, the coaches must separate themselves. Same is the case with the mass that relied on the words and promises of Arvind Kejriwal. The party workers in Uttar Pradesh were dissatisfied with the way the leaders handled the process of declaring candidatures.

Personalities, who have been a step ahead of Kejriwal if social and political reforms are talked about, seem to play no role in framing the byelaws and procedures. In this context, Medha Patkar, Yogendra Yadav, and Anand Kumar are superseded by Kumar Vishwas, Sanjay Singh, and Manish Sisodia. While everyone knew the outcome of Kejriwal’s attempt of probing the residents of Banaras prior to declaring his candidature, can no one comprehend his intentions?

The democracy and integrity of India now calls for the intelligence of voters who have the ultimate power. Rather than being influenced by the so-called alleged honest leaders, we can surely rely on past deliveries of candidates. Definitely, the real command rests with people of the nation, who in turn must prove their capability to elect the most deserving rather than the most demanding.

In the same context, the Government, Home Ministry, and the Judiciary bodies must intervene with a view to protecting the unity and integrity of the nation. Suggesting ways like referendum on issues related to the security of the parts of Indian soil must not only be curtailed, such spokesman must also be convicted under the prevailing laws.

To facilitate fair participation of the mass in the process of electing MPs and MLAs, leaders who resort to blaming candidates with deceitful liabilities must be debarred. Plus, strict disciplinary actions must be ensured so as to curb such measures and prevent candidates from gaining publicity by illicit means. Political groups like the BJP should endeavor to uncover the dual characters of such personalities and parties, which in turn would help the voters take responsible and unbiased decision.

Remember, the democratic form of governance is not just accountable to the citizens of the nation; it is also responsible to bring in prosperity and economic viability. This calls for a stable Government at the center that can discharge duties without unjustified intervention of regional and communal forces.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
About The Author
A Chartered Accountant by profession and Director on the board of Punjab National Bank (PNB), General Insurance Corporation of India (GIC) and Rural Electrification Corporation Limited (REC). Dr. Sunil Gupta is working flawlessly for the economic and social prosperity of India. His Linkedin and twitter handles are @cadrsunilgupta. Facebook page is CADrSunil.
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