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Are we entitled to say 'Happy Women's Day'?
Last Sunday being an off day I woke up bit late. After moving on with the daily chores, I logged in to the mailbox and sneaked into the social media. Thereon I was awestruck to see the news feeds. Everywhere it was flooded with posts, write ups, posters calling to respect women. Every single person preached about women empowerment, dignity and veneration for the women folk.

I wondered what a drastic change the country has undergone overnight.  How this patriarchal society suddenly became the activist for the elevation of women's stature. Why are the people who every shares the news about lamenting an horrendous crimes like rape, molestation, acid attack, eve teasing, dowry killing, today all of a sudden started blathering about entitling women with all her rights. Then I realized its International Women’s Day (March 08). 

Speaking particularly about India along with the numerous trends that have started, celebrating women's day is yet another one. All throughout the day my cell phone beeped to innumerable messages inviting for various programs and campaigns initiated on the occasion of women's day.

However, being a country where woman is given the utmost importance. A country which itself is termed as Bharat mata. A country where women is personified as Goddesses and worshiped. Do we really need any special day to show our solidarity for women?

The second aspect is a question that we need to ask ourselves and introspect. Are we really entitled to say, ‘happy women’s day’?

How can we say happy women’s day, when a young girl named Irom Sharmila, walked all through her life for a cause. And, is on her death bed today fasting for 12 long years demanding repeal of AFSPA. Yet, her voice still remains unheard.

We live in a country where women are burnt alive in the name of dowry and domestic violence. However, despite the law calling for stringent punishment, nobody to care for. A country where girls are safe, neither inside their mother’s womb, nor in the exterior world. It’s a country where even under the canopy of the forth estate the and most powerful, ‘the media’, a girl has to be a victim of abhorrent crimes like sexual violence at work place. So, are women really happy?

How to forget one of the heinous and horrendous Nirbhaya incident that shattered every conscious Indian. And also to mention about tons of other rape cases and that of sexual violence, where even our so called protector ‘the police’ is adamant to act. Things doesn’t end here, but they get more petrifying when educated people, indeed girls come up with absurd and ridiculous suggestions, like laying down a time frame for the girls to be out of their abode in order to avoid rape and other crimes.

It’s is a country where in the name of religion young talented girls are issued fatwa just for performing and forming rock bands. It’s a country where top notch bollywood celebrities when raise their voice against rape and sexual assault through television shows, starts getting threat calls!!

This again raises a question, are we really accredited to say, ‘happy women’s day’?

Nevertheless, in the midst of hopelessness, the country has also given us winners and conquerors like M C Marry Kom, Kiran Bedi, Kalpana Chawla, Medha Patkar also Irom Sharmila and the likes of all who have strived and succeeded in flying our tri-color high.

It would perhaps be wrong to judge any individual as good or bad. The problem lies in the society of which we are all a part. It's the problem of a society, which is reflected by an individual. Society forms by collective efforts. So, for deeds of an individual, somewhere somehow we too are also responsible. We need to strive towards creating a country where we do not need any special day for women to be happy; rather everyday should be ‘happy women’s day.'

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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I am reminded of Sahir Ludhianvi and his Hindi filmi poem after reading this article. Sahir Ludhianvi, after coming to India became a Hindi Lyricist in Bollywood and settle at Mumbai. He remained a feminist poet as is clear from the following poem from the film "Saadhna" which is in simple Hindi: Aurat ne janam diya mardon ko, mardon ne use bazaar diya, Jab Ji chaha masla kuchla, jab ji chaha dhutkar diya. Tulti hai kahin dinaron mein, bikti hai kahin bazaaron mein, nangi nachvai jaati hai ayashon ke Darbaron mein, yeh woh be-izzat cheez hai jo batt jaati hai izzatdaron mein. Aurat ne... Mardon ke liye har zulm rawan, aurat ke liye rona bhi khata, mardon ke liye lakhon sejen, aurat ke liye bas ek chita, mardon ke liye har aish ka haq, aurat ke liye jeena bhi saza. Aurat ne.... Jin hothon ne inko pyar kiya, un hothon ka byopar kiya, jis kokh mein inka jism dhala, us kokh ka karobar kiya, jis tan se uge konpal ban ke, us tan ko jalil-o-khwar kiya. Aurat ne..... Mardon ne banain jo rasmein, unko haq ka farman kaha, aurat ke zinda jalne ko qurbani aur balidaan kaha, ismat ke badle roti di aur usko bhi ehsaan kaha. Aurat ne.... Sansar ki har ik besharmi, gurbat ki god mein palti hai, chaklon mein hi aake rukati hai, fakon se jo raah nikalti hai, mardon ki hawas hai jo aqsar aurat ke paap mein dhalti hai. Aurat ne.... Aurat sansar ki qismat hai phir bhi taqdir ki heti hai, autaar paighambar janti hai phir bhi shaitan ki beti hai, yeh woh badqismat maan hai jo beton ki sej pe leti hai. Aurat ne..... Sahir Ludhianvi
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