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Are we really alone in the universe?
NASA placed man on moon almost forty years ago. Russia vied with US to colonise moon as soon as possible. The flurry of moon-landings stopped one fine day. Is it not puzzling then that US, China, Japan and India want put man into space by 2020?

THE RECENT announcement by the Indian government (Chandrayan Mission) to land a man on the moon by 2020 triggered a lot of questions in my mind. Why do we need 12 more years to do something that has already been accomplished and why do we want to redo it? Is this another effort to drain our tax money into avenues we have no clue about or is this really about joining an elite club of the few nations that have managed to launch space missions? The European moon mission , the Chinese moon mission and the Japanese Kaguya moon mission recently completed mapping the moon’s surface and released a lot of information on the moon than NASA ever did. You can download many photos from their sites here.

Ever wondered why NASA suddenly stopped sending people to the moon? Considering that the vision of JFK and the Russians was to colonize the moon ASAP, why would nations stop sending missions to the moon after the apparent success of moon landings in the late 60’s? There was a flurry of moon-landings and then everything stopped suddenly. Not many know what happened to all the research material collected! What explains the renewed interest on the part of US, China, Japan and India in sending man back into space by 2020? If we have already sent man to moon, why should it take us so long to get there again and that too at a time when we are far ahead technologically, compared to the 1960’s? Why apply scarce money to build space stations or send probes to Mars? Why not build a base first in moon and then conduct the other operations?

These and other puzzling thoughts went through my mind when I ran across some videos in you tube that showed US astronauts discussing the same topic. According to these articles, men found some advanced civilization on the moon. I know it sounds very strange given that no one from the earth with a good telescope has ever found a city there. There have been some recent photos of space taken with advanced telescopes that reveal strange spaceships orbiting the earth and equally fascinating photos of the moon. To access the said videos and photos, visit the site Moon is a peculiar satellite because its rotation and revolution match in terms of speed thereby always exposing only one side of itself to earth. There is always a dark side that we cannot see from earth and this is where all the action is supposed to be happening. Apparently we found towers and ancient destroyed cities on the other side and were warned not to venture to moon again. There are many videos and sites on this topic.

Video: Possible moon bases wiped out by NASA
Article: Dark Mission - The Secret History of NASA" by Richard C. Hoagland and Mike Bara

Being the sceptic that I am, I do realize that a lot of this content can be made up. So when I found many US astronauts coming into mainstream news and acknowledging that they knew about spacecrafts from other planets, I could not hold back my curiosity on this topic. Call it their last gift to mankind before they headed home for their heavenly journey or their last attempt to become memorable in human psyche, but their admissions do credit an audience.

·Dr Edgar Mitchell, one of the astronauts who landed on moon talking about UFOs. Video

· Gordon Cooper, one of the youngest and oldest men to head for space multiple times talks about his experience with objects from outer space. Video

· CNN hosted a show on Larry King Live on UFO’s interviewing astronauts, eye witnesses and space programme associations - Watch it here

These articles and videos only increased my curiosity in the matter and I ended up doing some more research (or should I say googled?) into this area. I do realize that I am constrained by the content made available on the internet but it is nevertheless quite engrossing. Also before you dismiss this as fallacy, let me remind you that in a true scientific society, truth cannot be dismissed without adequate research. So I invite you to this quest to find out if we really are alone in this universe. Happy reading and viewing. More links are furnished below from credible sources:

Secret transmissions on UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects) by experienced commercial and military pilots - disclosed by FAA under RTI

NASA space station UFO recordings (near International Space Station)

Strange places and objects photographed by Goolge Earth

Possible moon base photos wiped out by NASA

Life on Mars
Dr Chandra says there is life on Mars that NASA is not disclosing

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