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Are women safe in Delhi?
The rape of a Delhi nurse throws light on the safety issue of the women here. The lady in this case was raped at her workplace. This shows that women are vulnerable where they work too.
A NURSE IN Delhi is raped by a colleague. The case in point is of a girl, working in a Delhi hospital as part of the paramedic team. On the fateful day, the colleague raped her and threw her in the hospital’s bathroom. The accused had been, reportedly, stalking her since a long time. He got the chance when Ruby (name changed) was working on the night duty. He brutally beat her up and raped her. Thereafter, he dumped the woman in the hospital’s bathroom. She was rescued the next morning when another lady working in this hospital saw her lying in a pool of blood in the toilet. Later on Ruby’s family members were informed and she was admitted in this very hospital in a critical condition. Just think over the whole thing. Where was Ruby wrong? Is it wrong to work? Is it an offence to be self-dependent? Or it is a crime to be a girl?
The tragic saga does not end here. Her family members were completely frozen when the doctors refused the handle the ‘complicated case’. Although Ruby was an employee of the hospital, the doctors were not willing to treat her. For 2-3 hours, the family of the victim begged for her life. But all went in vain. Finally they rushed her to another hospital.
Fortunately, this hospital admitted her. However, by that time the victim had gone to coma. The doctors could save her after a long treatment but Ruby had lost an eye by that time. Yes! She has lost an eye and her mental stability. This is the real story of a girl in our capital, uncovered by Zee TV’s programme Crime Reporter.
Is there anybody who can give back her eye and her sanity? Is there anybody who can bring back the chuckle in her life? Absolutely not, then who had given the culprit the right to destroy her life? You uncouth, unsympathetic male will never understand the wretched condition of Ruby. We, women can understand because when we are touched, teased, harassed in our daily lives, we react ruthlessly. That is the time when we feel like exploding all such men to bits. We know all the fingers are not equal, but just try reading Ruby’s mental status.
Will she ever be able to trust men? Will she ever be comfortable with a man? Never. And this is not the only such case, there are so many Rubys who are being battered and subjugated continuously by men.
But I would like to say to all such victims: Stand Up, Come and Fight Back… Don’t let this male-dominated society win morally. We will not win our war if we keep mum, if we sit back with face bowed down. Get back with renewed vigour and give your tormentors a fitting reply by getting back to your normal lives. You are not alone, because this is not only your war; this is our war and we will definitely fight it together and win.
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Puja we need more people like u who create awareness of such matters,which are usually handled silently,in any case the weak are the ones who suffer,unfortunatley ,women and children in such cases ,on our countries women and children are forced to being weak,becuase we have not been endowed with enough rights or laws protecting us.Even if these rights or laws do exsist they havent been obeyed or followed.This male dominated society exsists all around the world but we hear most commonly about it here in our lands and countries.In pakistan almost the same thing happened with Mukhtaran Bibi ,she was gagn raped in a remote village by the village authorities as an act of punishment for nothing,just beco her little brother was seen walking with a girl ,she was raped and paraded all around the town.In pakistan no one did anything about,it,luckily she was brave enough to speak up and search for some hope,she was offerred helped by USA WOMENS rights,she got her help ,but when she tried to leave the country,our government refused to give her leave,because she might cause our country to get a bad name!Such are the authorities,they care more about thier fake stati ,and fake useless respect,rather then stopping such crimes from happening to the women of thier own country.Thats not even it,after a few months the rapist where set free??can u believe that .In our countries our presidents have dont nothing for women,havent given a damn about the women of thier country,They think making some little ,underpaid institues was enough??they need to make laws and they need to announce those laws on radios and televisions for the public to hear.For the men to know that if they dare to do such things ,they will be punished for it.There should be strict laws protecting women .there should be a womens protection facility in every town or city ,and it should be well paid and given priority to.These institutes for women must be supported by security forces.If they could just do these things ,the disgusting picture of our lands might change.Women might be happy one day,one day women might be safe and one day they might be free.unless our governments and our presidents and the people in authority dont do anything to help Women ,theres not much Hope.Women need to keep on fighting ,and make themselves heard unless they are finally heard.There should be a public request to pass laws regarding saftey for women and children.These laws should be made publically.I hope Ruby finds her peace one day,we all can only pray.We can pray that may God give her the strentgh to move on ,and to be stronger then ever .
rohit khaitan
No one can deny the fact that whatever happened to her was atrocious and highly condemnable. But at this hour i think she needs words of encouragement and lots of smiles around her. Only that can help her to get back to normal life. May be some professional course to be more proactive can help her to deal with the situation better. And there is court of law in the country and in this session itself a bill will be introduced in the parliament that will empower women to fight there cases better in similar circumstances. Puja may be u can write a letter personally to the prime minister and president with the signatures of the victim asking him to make the bill a law. You can also ask all the people involved with u to endorse or sign ur letter to the P.M. Also organised womans groups can start a cell specially designed to take up cases of the women who are being harassed or molested by males. I think instead of isolating the case we can look at the larger picture and think what we can do to change the situation. There are cases of harassment in the government offices where in women are repeatedly tortured and raped by their seniors and they keep mum of the fear to loose their jobs. May be we can start good no of NGOS and encourage such woman to speak up. But we also need to take care that such woman get financial and social security once they have reported their cases. May be we can pressurise the govt to allocat funds for such cases through our local MLAs. Money can also be raised through common people. Or international organisations working on the cause. There are women who are forcefully dragged into prostitution. Later on they become hesitant to come out and speak because they want financial security as well. And security from powerful people who dragged them into it. So first we need to create an infrastucture that could give them the feeling of security. A good law alone cant do justice. Instead of crying and whining we should think what we can do to change the situation. And yes all males are not corrupt and u dont have to feed that in her head. And I dont see any reason why she cant marry now and have a normal life. Infact if she fights back the situation and becomes successful in life she may get many offers or may not feel the need of any offers at all. But there is no reason why she needs to feel let down because of this one horrible i ncident in her life.
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