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Are you suffering from Airplane ear?
Even the smoothest of flights can cause discomfort to some people and can make them feel tortured during the entire flight. This condition is known as Airplane ear and in medical terms, it is called barotrauma.

TAKING A flight is always exciting but it has its own set of drawbacks, which can turn into a major nightmare if the individual has a problem of barotrauma. Most of the air travelers suffer with this problem. 

Barotrauma is commonly referred to as airplane earache. It is caused due to the unequal pressure that builds up on either side of the eardrums usually during the take-off and landing of the flight, but it can even happen if there is a change in altitude during the flight.

Airplane ear is caused when the air pressure in your middle ear and the air pressure in the environment are not balanced; this unbalance causes a stress on the eardrum (tympanic membrane) and middle ear tissues of the ear. The Eustachian tube is the narrow passage, which helps the air pressure regulation in the ear. When the airplane ascends or descends, there is a sudden change in the atmospheric pressure and the Eustachian tube doesn't react quickly to the rapid environmental change and causes airplane ear.

The air plane ear can occur in one or both the ears and the common symptoms of airplane ear are feeling of fullness or stuffiness in the ear, discomfort or pain in the ear and slight to moderate hearing loss. If the airplane ear lasts for more than few hours then you can experience severe airplane ear symptoms like pressure in your ear (similar to being underwater), severe pain, ringing in your ear, vomiting, spinning sensation, moderate to severe hearing loss and bleeding from the ear, reported Mayoclinic.

You can prevent this airplane ear by following some preventive measures like yawning or taking deep swallows while take-off and landing of airplane. Drinking water or chewing gums will help the younger people whereas the babies can be given a pacifier or bottle. It is better not to sleep while the plane is taking-off or landing because sleeping helps to build up the pressure in the ears. You can also wear earplugs to avoid the problem.

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