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Armenians' hatred against Jews
One of the Armenian main reasons underlying hatred against Jews is written opinions about they have the same character written throughout history. Armenian historian I Axverdiyev didn't agree in any way to compare the history of the Armenians with Jews and he linked with the authors' misrecognition. According to him, comparison with Jews leaded to formation of impression that Armenia doesn't do anything else except trade:

"Some benighted and ignorant fanatics who are not familiar with Armenian people and its history in many cases compare and call Jews and Armenian traders, and consider them quite incapable in other areas of human activity including agriculture, animal husbandry and they suppose both of this people have lost the spirit of warlike."

Many Armenian authors claim that Armenia is more superior to Jews. Let's have a look one of the Armenian author's words about difference between Armenia and Jews.

"There are just two people in the world that they have neither national language nor homeland. They are the Jews and Gypsies. Neither despotism of Asia, as it related to the relentless pursuit of the medium, nor the modern human culture and thus was able to assimilate them to other nations. Asia or Europe, old and new world, everywhere Gypsy is Gypsy and Jews is Jewish."

It should be noted that, there are many historical reasons stand behind the hostility of Armenians and one of examples is on September 25 , 1936 " Hairenik " newspaper wrote : "There is no anything to be proud about the Jews imported Palestine. They are bad morals and evil forces. And, above all, the main reason for Arabic crisis is Jewish communist activities. "

One of the major media outlets of the Armenian diaspora in America «Azbares " newspaper ( ) in 1915 , on the eve of the First World War wrote that the Jews had a big role on systematic destruction of the Armenians by the Turks in Anatolia. On the eve of the First World War, Armenians joined the Russians against the Turks, Ottoman Empire on May 27, 1915 organized "Migration" decision and Jews convinced the Ottomans to do it.

If we look at history again in 1918, a terrible massacre committed by Armenians in Gubacivilians were killed, most of them nationality was Jews. The conducted analysis revealed that Armenians killed Jews with extreme cruelty. In an interview, the counselor of the Embassy of Israel in the United States Lenin Ben-David said to The Jerusalem Post newspaper: "In 1918, more than 3 thousand Jews were murdered by Armenians in Azerbaijan."

April 28, 1988 in Athens, Greece capital a person stuck with two bullets had written in ID card a citizen of the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen Mohammed Abdul and Henry Titsian names. According to police, the person whowas shotwhile was waiting for a taxi to go the airport.

Numerous Armenian youth were recruited in 1942 and became were active defenders of Nazi war effort. Suren Rag – zadyan Paykar Hoassank ("light" means), who has led to the creation of the Armenian National Socialist movement. This organization popularized among young Armenians living in Turkey and in Europe. In late 1942, the organization merged with the Armenian National Council. Soldiers of this battalion played a key role of massacres of Jews in World War II. Containing the former soldiers of the battalion fulfilled specific tasks of Armenian military skills to. Armenian troops from occupied lands used as police units. The soldiers were assigned to spy and catch the Jews in the German list. A lot of times, individuals were captured; Armenians gathered them together millions of Jews were murdered.

The war is over. The ideology of the Nazi genocide of the Jews was well-known all over the world; Armenians never left their ideology as well as a target for terrorist they added Jews too besides Turks.

Later, the police statement exploded like a bomb in the international media. Persons killed known with the names of the Miqran Migranyan and Haroutiun Takosyanco-founder of ASALA organization, who have declared jihad with Arabs was Armenian terrorist Hakob Hakobyan. Launched investigation about criminal case resulted without conclusion. Murderers couldn't be found. According to some reports, the Turkish nationalists (bozqurdlar) had overcome him. But then at the news of media postings spread in Beirut in 1973, Israel's Mossad and the SAXAL (Israeli Defence Army) forces from the "Spring of Youth" killed him and just one word was the last sentence:

"In 1972, during the Olympic Games in Munich, was taken revenge terrorism against Jewish athletes!"

Called themselves "Black September" group leaders were Hakob Hakobyan, Edvan Kamal, Kamal Nasser, Mohammad Yusuf al – Najjar captured 2 coaches and 7 athletes. Their demand was to release imprisoned 200 Palestinians who were in Israeli jails. Israel didn't agree with this demand so, Germany's Interior Minister Hans - Dietrich began negotiations with militants. Militants were allowed militants to Egypt, with the captives. They were given 2 helicopters. Shooting began suddenly when they came out of helicopters. During the shooting 5 gunmen killed, 2 alive, 1 person injured being captured. Militants killed prisoners and policeman. A total of 11 Israeli athletes during events and coaches' names;

1) Joseph Qutfroynd, referee

2) Moshe Vaynbergin, coach

3) Joseph Romano, weightlifter

4) David Berger, weightlifter

5) Zeev Friedman, weightlifter

6) Eliezer Xalfin, Knight

7) Amisur Shapira, athletics coach

8) Kexat Shor, coach

9) Mark Slavinalar, Knight

10) Andre Spitser, coach

11) Judge Yaakov Sprinqer and 5 gang member died 

The main targets of "Black September" organization co-founded by Armenians and Arab were Jews in Arabic "al –Aswad Aylul Munazzamat" (Black September, the hand) is called. Established with financial support of Fatah organization one group leaders was Hakob Hakobyan. Receiving financial assistance from wealthy businessmen of Armenian and Arabic and boundless hatred against Turks and Jews was the center of attention of the leaders of Fatah. Therefore, Armenians are Zionist ideological adversaries of the Jews. Thus, according to the Zionist Avigdor Eskinin Jews will not forgive Armenians for 2006 war, if we remind this happening in the Church of Cilicia of the Armenians in Lebanon, calling for war to be in the same side with Hezbollah". Zionists Armenians are considered a tributary of the Persians.

One of the administrative units of Beirut is Burc Hamod which is considered where many Armenians live. During the Lebanese civil war, ARF party and other Armenian terrorists actively participated, Bush Hamod used as a headquarters. As of 2011, 150,000 people live in the neighborhood. In Burc Hamod there are many Zodiac Armenian secondary schools and a few churches. Aztaq daily newspaper, published since 1927, is the most important newspaper published in Armenian language in Lebanon. A few years ago, the "Voice of Van" the Armenian radio station began broadcasting. Armenian support hostile position against Israel in Arab-Jewish war against Israel. ASALA, Assad and associations such as the New Armenian Resistance fighters took part in the battles in Lebanon.

Zaur Aliyev

Doctor of Political Philosophy

Director Karabakh TV (

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