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Arvind Kejariwals 18 Point Demand to BJP & Congress-Is AAP playing with trust & sentiment of Delhi Verdict?
Arvind Kejriwal today seeks views on 18 points, before he decides whether to form a government or not. This should be the joke of the year or drama of the year! He just fooling the public of Delhi & playing dirty tricks. If to form a government he requires views of BJP & Congress, the question automatically arises, whether he asked views of Congress & BJP whether to compete the election or not? Did he ever ask views of BJP & Congress, when he prepared his parties manifesto? When both BJP & Congress accept the mandate & submit themselves for true democratic process, AAP is now started dictating Delhi polity with irrational logics & clearly insulting Delhi assembly verdict.

When I see the 18 points raised by Arvind Kejriwal, first thing I find myself guilty in admiring AAP. Anyway let me give answer to all his 18 points & put counter questions. Hope he or his advisor answer these. As per the media reports, the 18 points put forward by Kejriwal are as below and my counter questions:

Point-1: The VIP culture should be stopped in Delhi. No MLA, minister or Delhi official will use a red beacon on their cars. Neither will they live in big bungalows nor take any special security.

Question:- As a government you need to legislate & implement this. If somebody objects, people will decide. Instead of making it happens, why you need suggestion from Congress & BJP?

Point-2:  Passing of the Janlokpal Bill, the same version for which Anna Hazare held fasts. 

Question: To whom you are making fool? Jan-Lokpal or Lokpal is not the purview of sate-assembly. As a government you can change the existing Lokayukta of Delhi! How can you make a condition to Parliament for you government forming in Delhi? Because Anna is fasting, you are raising Jan-Lokpal issue knowing very well, this is an issue of Parliament & not Delhi assembly! Do you consider Delhi public fools?

Point-3:  People will take decision directly in 'mohalla sabhas', which will be held in every locality and colony. 

Question: Empowering people is always electoral promise by big parties though they never fulfill this promise. PRI act passed since 1995, none has done anything except lip service. That’s why Delhi Public gave the verdict to implement it. Now when you are in a position to empower the public, why ask BJP & Congress? Did ask voters to vote you in consulting with BJP & Congress?

Point-4:  The AAP demanded complete statehood status for Delhi. Central government's hold on DDA and Police should end. 

Question: This need to be proposed by Delhi Assembly! Even BJP’s manifesto says the same demand. Congress in Delhi unit too demands this. Why then you ask their views again? Do you think public of Delhi is now aware of this demand & other party’s point of view?

Point-5: The party also demanded a special audit of all electricity companies in the national capital from the time these were privatised. The companies that refuse to participate, their licenses should be cancelled. 

Question: Why demand, why not implement right after forming government? If you have true intent none can stop it! Why you need opinion from the party who didn’t do it?

Point-6: Electricity meters should be checked

Question: Who asked not to check? Is it an issue where opinion is required?

Point-7: There is 220 litres of water available for every person daily. Where is it? 

Question:  You are now in a position to answer it. Investigate & reveal the fact. Who stops you?

Point-8: AAP wants unauthorized colonies should be regularized. Thirty percent of Delhi's population lives in such colonies and these should be regularized. 

Question: Same answer, ‘Who stops you! When governments in some states give citizenship to foreign nationals (read Bangladeshis), who can stop you to authorize, non-authorized colonies? There might be legal constraint, but all political parties would want to do this & may be legislation would be sufficient. In the hindsight do I see vote-bank intent in these authorizing unauthorized colonies? If yes, then how are you different from other traditional parties?

Point-9: The party demanded to know if the Congress and the BJP will support its decision to give clean and affordable 'pakka houses' (built up houses) to those living in slums. 

Question: Counter question is do you really want to do this for the people living in slum? If yes, why ask BJP & Congress? Take decision at government level & people of Delhi will make other parties agreeing to it in their own way!

Point-10: It also sought their support to give regular jobs to those working on contractual basis. 

Question: As the government it should be your mission & no need to seek the opinion on populist acts!

Point-11: It wants to give infrastructural facilities like roads, electricity, water and basic facilities to the ordinary trader. 

Question: It’s your mandate & you need to deliver. Why need opinion?

Point-12: AAP said it is against FDI in retail. 

Question: So is BJP & many other parties in the country. Why such demand for government formation? As a state government, you have right to not allow this in Delhi at least!

Point-13: The party wants to provide facilities and subsidies to farmers in the villages in the national capital. 

Question: You provide, who stops you? For implementation of any good work, why you need others opinion?

Point-14: The party also demanded to know the Congress and BJP's stand on opening 500 government schools, stopping donations in private schools and making the fee system transparent. 

Question: Simply implement it, public will compel other parties to agree. Why ask again?

Point-15: The party said it wanted to open new government hospitals with better facilities. 

Question: Why other will object & why should ask instead of using the opportunity to fulfil such a good work.

Point-16: It also wants to have special security units for women and wants all harassment cases to be tackled within three months. 

Question: That’s why you have been elected. Implement it & all have to support.

Point-17: It wanted to set up enough courts and appoint judges so that all cases are dealt with within six months. 

Question: Please do it, who stops you?

Point-18: The AAP wanted to know whether the municipal corporations of Delhi will support them on these issues.

Question:  Again dragging another institution. To form a government why you need MCD’s support or Parliament support? All institutions are different along with different scopes. Thus asking support from outside assembly is not only ambiguous but also ridiculous.


If one closely scrutinize above issues, it’s crystal clear that AAP is not going to form any government, rather playing politics on populist issues trying to corner BJP & Congress in the runoff to the re-poll. In this process it forgets that Delhi people are not fools neither they are unaware of such tricks. Most of the above are in manifestos of BJP, Congress & AAP. When AAP got the opportunity to form government with unconditional support of Congress as well as JDU, it is just escaping from the challenges. This would be viewed as insult to the public mandate & cheap opportunism. Delhi public must be feeling cheated for trusting AAP.

Now let me ask some strong counter question.

1)      If Congress promises to deliver all the above promises, will you provide conditional support to 8-member Congress? If you are truly wanted to serve Delhi, ask them to make government with your conditional support in exchange of their unconditional support?

2)     BJP is neither supported by you nor can be supported by Congress. Thus with 32 numbers they remain as an opposition to your strength of 38 with unconditional support. Why then again you need opinion & unconditional support from BJP? Do you think that there should be no opposition & you will rule completely unopposed?

3)     With such ridiculous demand of opinion & creating confusion & instability, don’t you play with public sentiment?

Never to forget that public always trusts at least once on honest intents. The trust always connected with their sentiments. If their trust is being misused, it never forgets neither forgives. 

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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