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Arvind Kejriwal's resignation: A master stroke or an opportunity lost?
Having resigned from his 49-day old government as Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal has lost an opportunity to get a permanent driving license, which could have enabled him and his Party to stake its claim for a serious candidature in the forthcoming Lok Sabha polls.

Kiran Bedi has rightly said that the nation's governance could not be entrusted to a person who is holding a learner's license and here was a golden opportunity available with Kejriwal to prove his credentials and stake his claim for a permanent license.

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Even in his 49 days in the government, there was very little governance and lot of accusations and confrontations directed towards not only his so called political opponents, but towards the constitutional authorities like Lt. Governor and the Industrialists like Ambanis.

In fact, agitations, anarchy, accusations and confrontations become so prominent in his style of functioning that the governance has been forced to take a back seat. Delhi elects only 7 Members for Parliament- it is a test case for any party willing to rule the country. 

By running away from his responsibility to govern the Delhi, AAP has left an impression that the party is grossly unfit to rule even a small state like Delhi and there are doubts in the minds of the people as to what will happen if it is given an opportunity to rule a nation having as many as 545 Members of Parliament with more complexities with regard to domestic as well as international factors.

Confrontation with whosoever comes in the way, can never be a substitute for good governance. Corruption is a major issue for most of the people, but even more bigger issue, perhaps is governance. The path to remove the corruption itself goes through the good governance only and therefore the focus should be on good governance which is missing altogether in our political system and is the major cause for the growing corruption.

Having stated in clear terms that his Aam Aadmi Party will neither take support from any other political party nor extend the same to any party, group or coalition, many leaders in the party itself, may not be in a position to answer as to what the party is going to achieve by contesting the Lok Sabha elections.

Though the AAP is not sure about the number of seats, it is going to contest and in all probability, it intends to give a token fight in some selected constituencies against some high profile candidates of the other parties. But whether AAP contests all 545 seats or lesser number of seats, the outcome is very much clear even today that neither AAP nor any other party is going to get a majority of 273 seats on its own.

While all other political parties are open to pre-poll and post-poll alliances with other parties, AAP is not open to any such alliance. With very little time left for the Lok Sabha elections, the task of selecting 545 candidates with clean image is a very difficult task, if not impossible. In the best case scenario where AAP decides to contest all the 545 seats, the candidates elected on AAP ticket are going to sit in opposition.

The benefit to the party will be restricted to the number of Lok Sabha seats won by its candidates whereas the party is likely to suffer a huge loss of credibility for all those seats where its candidates will loose to the candidates of the other parties.

The situation can be explained to a situation where several candidates are appearing for a competitive examination and while most of the candidates were preparing for the examination for full five years, one candidate, who does not want to wait for the next term, appears for the examination without inadequate preparation and fails in the examination, not because he was not intelligent, but because he was in a hurry.

Kiran Bedi has rightly said that the driver of the nation can not be with learner license. If the actions of the party and its founder leader post formation of Delhi Government are any indication, Kejriwal appears to be a man in a hurry without any justification. A person in such a great hurry that too on a learner license, even if allowed to drive the nation, will lead the nation to nowhere or to a destination where nobody wants to go.

Wining few seats here and there by AAP candidates will definitely affect the calculations of other parties, but the AAP will not be able to reap the benefits in the equal proportion. In coalition politics, it is a number game and one or the other party will form a Government at the Centre.

There are many pre-election surveys but none is predicting a clear majority even for the BJP. All other parties are mentally prepared to form a coalition Government and situation is not going to change significantly for them by AAP entering the contest at the last moment.

AAP has clearly lost an opportunity by resigning from the Delhi Government where it could have concentrated on the good governance while making preparation for the other state elections where elections are falling due in the near future. It would have been a more prudent approach as the party would have got sufficient time to build organizational structure on all India basis to consolidate its position on grass root level. By the time the next Loksabha election comes in 2019, the AAP would have been fully prepared to contest the elections, with a ?Permanent License? to drive the nation.

Unfortunately, Kejriwal has already decided to contest the Lok Sabha elections, with whatever preparations and with whatever candidates available with them and AAP is being looked upon as a Party in a hurry to grab the power at the cost of public sentiments. It is a known fact and a foregone conclusion that if AAP decides to contest the 2014 elections, without any preparation in a hurry, it is going to sit in opposition.

People as it is have got more apprehensive, the way things were happening in Delhi, not because of lack of willingness or commitment, but because AAP leadership was not in a position to fully devote its energy to Delhi as it has to make preparation for Lok Sabha elections also, with whatever resources available at its disposal.

AAP was looking for an exit route and found the same in its much hyped so called Jan Lokpal Bill, which it tried to introduce in the Assembly in the unconstitutional manner. Things were complicated unnecessarily in a bid to show some visible work done just before the Lok Sabha elections. A small example for this unnecessary hurry is the resolve of the party to pass the Jan Lokpal Bill for Delhi.

While no body was questioning the passage of the bill, people are doubting and questioning the manner, in which it was proposed to be passed. There are legal ways to approach the competent court who can decide the entire issue but the process would have taken time and Jan Lokpal Bill may not got passed before the Lok Sabha elections.

To get the work done in a hurry by resorting to confrontation with whosoever comes in the way, may not be viewed by the people as a practice of good governance. People also want to know as to how long the party will play with the politics of confrontation and accusations and will come to the main agenda of governance, because the entire nation can not be run like Delhi was run for 49 days with the intent of confrontation on every possible issue.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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