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Assembly polls: Who should you vote for? Decide carefully
Election season is here and many states are headed to the polls. If the Congress manifesto for Punjab is any indication, the political parties are ready to promise the voters the moon. Where the money for the populist measures will come from is not an issue.
Mr. Modi proved in 2014 that promises are enough to win the elections. The "Acche Din" and the lakhs to be distributed to every Indian family by bringing back the black money stashed away abroad that he had promised have not materialized.

But that has not dimmed his enthusiasm while campaigning or making new promises and unsubstantiated claims. He is likely to be on the electronic and print media every day till the polls are over. So! Should we vote for BJP?

BJP performance at the Centre

BJP swept the polls in 2014 on promises. In the words of Mr. Navjot Sidhu, "Modi wave ne desh ko dubo diya! Mujhe bhi dubo diya" (Modi wave swamped the country, it also drowned me). Let us have a look at some of his promises.

Modiji promised the voters that with his and BJP's coming to power, Indian people would have "Achche Din" or good times. I do not feel good times are here. Do you? Petrol prices are rising. Train accidents are on the increase. Employment scene is dismal. More and more cows are coming on the streets. Milk is getting costlier. Law and order, specially crimes against women show no signs of abating.

Modiji said he would bring back all the black money stashed abroad and distribute around Rs 15 lakhs to each family in India. Have you received any? But lot of money is still flowing out. Economic offenders like Vijay Mallaya are taking shelter abroad. Modiji is helpless.

Make in India was another of his war cries. Is there anything new being made in India? Railway engines and coaches, air craft, weapon systems continue to be imported. Chinese goods from kites to castings, decorative lights to steel, mobiles to shoes are flooding the country and killing Indian manufacturing and jobs. MoUs have been signed for billions of dollars. But has any product reached the market?

Modiji promised to create employment. What happened? There are over 2.5 lakh vacancies in the railways alone but no recruitment. CBI has no staff to take up cases but no recruitment. The list of examples is endless.

There are over 40 per cent shortage of judges in High Courts and Supreme Court. Cases are piling up. Those seeking justice are crying. Criminals, corrupt and politicians, who want to delay and deny justice are enjoying themselves.

Appointments of heads of institutions like the CBI, Lokayukt, heads of public sector banks etc are pending. Who cares whether the government departments are functioning properly or not.

Foreign policy is in tatters. The bonhomie with Pakistan and China at the start of Modiji's rule has been replaced by profound antagonism. Relations with Russia have degraded to the extent that it is selling weapons to Pakistan. Currying favour with US President Obama has only resulted in buying billions of dollars worth of US military equipment with nothing to show in return.

The situation in Kashmir is at its worse for decades. The exact reason for the same is difficult to pin point. But BJP's coalition with PDP while forming the government does not seem to have been very productive for either party. The chest thumping over so called surgical strikes does not seem to have impressed anyone or produced any tangible results. Terrorist related strikes and cease fire violations are continuing. So are the stone throwing protests.

Demonetisation does not seem to have achieved any of its intended objectives. Almost all high denomination notes have been replaced. Only the use of counterfeit currency and terrorist funding has taken a hit. The poor have been very badly affected. The roadside vendors vending vegetables, fish, flowers, and a host of other items have seen their sales and incomes drop by 60 per cent.

Daily labourers have found it difficult to find employment. Many migrant labourers have been forced to go back to their villages to survive. Real estate and car sales have dropped drastically. The GDP will certainly take a hit. How much, only time will tell. All this will be worthwhile to BJP if they win the elections. Modiji could fade away by 2019 if they do not.

Lastly, if BJP comes, can the Sangh be far behind. RSS and VHP are dictating appointments and in some cases policies. Different groups of vigilante and moral police is watching what we eat and punishing our decadent behaviour. The Dalits, minorities and women are the worst sufferers. A percentage of tax payer's money is being spent to feed cows and their protectors.

It is not that Modiji has not done any good. His idea of asking well heeled citizen to forego LPG subsidy was a great idea and has freed up funds which can be spent to reduce poverty and help the poor. Self certification of documents has been a great boon particularly for the student community.

His "Jan Dhan Yojna" bank accounts have proved to be very useful to black money holders for depositing their cash. The various e-payment portals have made paying bills less time consuming. I am sure you will be able think up a few more.

BJP Government in the States

BJP is in power in a number of states. It will not be fair for me to comment on the performance of those governments about which I have no knowledge. I can only talk about Rajasthan in general and Alwar district in particular.

Corruption and nepotism is as usual in the state. Nothing much is happening on the development side.

In Alwar, the priority of BJP seems to be stopping all projects started when Congress was in power. The new collectorate project has been stopped halfway and will result in waste of at least Rs 10 crores. The Congress MP, Mr. Jitendra Singh had been a visionary and very effective. He got five flyovers and a number of projects sanctioned and executed. Only the collectorate project has been stalled.

The BJP MP, Mr. Chand Bhan, a VHP nominee, has not visited the district even thrice in three years. He has no idea as to how to bring development in the district. I am not sure he cares.

An eight hundred crore hospital has been constructed with tax payer's money. But the state government and the central government are not willing to run it. Soon 800 crores of public money will be wasted. Who cares?

A new University has been created for Alwar. The University has no building and no teaching staff. God only knows how they are functioning and conducting examinations.

Education in Government schools is in a complete mess. Many schools do not have full complement of teachers, proper buildings and toilets.

We are heading towards a fodder shortage. It is a common from January to March till the wheat crop is harvested. Fodder has to be imported from other states. But with the population explosion in cows, the shortage will be large and prices will be high. Milk prices will shoot up and makers of synthetic milk and adulterators will make a killing.

Congress may stage a comeback in Rajasthan.


Should we vote for BJP? Who am I to tell you what to do? If you are a faithful supporter, support your party. If you are one who looks before he leaps, think carefully before you vote. If you vote for the undeserving, you will suffer for at least the next five years. May God give you the wisdom to do the right thing.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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