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Awakening is the call of the nature
Awakening is the call of present time, either we must awake or get prepared to perish and become yet another history of the past stating the failure of Mankind to win over the limitations of this ever weakening Human Body attacked by diseases, pains.
AWAKENING IS the call of present time, either we must awake or get prepared to perish and become yet another history of the past stating the failure of Mankind to win over the limitations of this ever weakening Human Body attacked by diseases, pains, sorrows, miseries and finally Death.
Even after earning millions, we are restless and deprived of peace of mind; we are dependent on Drugs for sleep.
The massive and micro processor controlled machines have become a big concern for the Environmentalists.
The high tech gadgets have paralyzed the working ability and capacity of Human Brain and Body.
If the Satellites halt for a Second, our life is Jammed, if the electricity gives up we can’t even see and if the fuel dries off then we can’t even walk a few yards.
We have got a huge stockpile of Nuclear, Biological and Chemical weapons for our defense, now we are guarding these weapons to prevent them from getting into the hands of Terrorists.
So this is the Success Story of our Materialistic Scientific World. Where do we stand in this high tech high profile World?
May it be the Billionaire or the Layman, does anybody in the World is free from the Sorrows and Miseries of Life, is there any Human Being who has peace of mind, how many people have a sound healthy sleep without drugs?
To the positive thinkers of the World, it may sound a negative thought, but it is a Rock Solid Reality, whether we accept or reject, we have already made a mess out of this heavenly Earth.
We have challenged and tried to conquer the Nature. And now the Nature is all set to take the Revenge for its exploitation.
Every question has an answer, every problem has a solution. Till today we have tried hard to get the answers and solutions using our mental capacity, and of course we have succeeded many a times.
As we all know that there is a limit of every materialistic thing, so is the case with present human mind.
Our mind power, our intellect has reached to the highest level of its present capacity, and this is the reason why we are trapped in the materialistic, technical or scientific advances of our own mental effort, yes we are trapped in our own world.
As we all know that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Using this principle we have made enormous progress in physics and chemistry.
Have we ever thought that this same principle might be applicable to each and every action taken by every Human Being?
As per the Law of Karma or action, may it be mental or physical; every action of ours will seed a reaction which will be effective giving the result in the future.
We are already facing the mighty reaction of Nature in the form of natural disasters of various kinds posing a big threat to the entire World.
Everyone knows that Nature’s reaction to its exploitation by Humans has become a big concern as a major environment issue of the World.
Having a closer look at the long term impact of our medical science has already revealed that majority of the medicines have side effects and major health complications on long term use.
Let’s forget about the side effects and drawbacks of the allopathic medicines for a while, but where is the permanent solution or cure for the Slow Killing diseases like Diabetes, Arthritis, Kidney failures, etc., we are advised to take medicines as long as we wish to live, can we call it a treatment or remedy?
Coming to the treatment of Deadly diseases like Cancer and HIV/AIDS, we boasting of medical breakthroughs and making declarations about making a breakthrough or clinical trials.
Does anyone knows that how many days a Cancer patient survives after he has undergone Chemotherapy, and what sort of painful life full of miseries and sorrows he lives?
Everyone is aware of the fact about the life span of AIDS patients. So this is the success story of our medical science.
Coming to the financial issues, the world market is still striving hard to come out of the financial crisis which had shaken the major economic giants of the World since couple of years back.
Where was our Business and Financial planning during this phase of world economic crisis.
Now let us come to the point, it’s too boring to describe the issues of our mind and science’s failure in the past and present time.
Awakening is the call of the Nature. Awakening is the call of the Universal Consciousness force which constitutes and rules this Universe.
Awakening is the demand of present time.
Awakening is the urgent most need of today.
Awakening is the only solution for every issue of this World.
Awakening is the only way to put an end to the sorrows and miseries of life on earth.
Awakening is the must and should for uniting the world with peace and harmony.
And finally,
Awakening is the golden gate to enter the golden age or the Next Apocalypse on planet Earth.
Yes, the Iron Age is ended; the process has already started,
we are in the Transitional period of both the Ages, the Dark Age and the Age of Truth.
The Sun of the next Apocalypse or the Age of Truth or the Golden Age is about to Rise on the Horizons of our beautiful Earth.
Continuous Evolutionary Change is a Law of Nature; no one can alter it nor stop her from executing this law.
We can only describe the nature in Words, but we cannot prove its complete theory practically in our Science Lab.
So was the Case with things like Universal Consciousness, God, Supreme Power, Supramental Force, Consciousness force, etc.,
We have given a hundred or more names to a Power, Force, Energy which Constitutes every Particle, Molecule, Atom, Cell, Tissue of every creation of this Universe, may it be stone, tree, animal, bird or Human.
This element is the building block of this entire Universe.
This Force is the Creator of this Universe.
This Power is the ruler of this Universe.
Different people saw this “Thing” from different angles and naturally they gave it hundreds of different names.
Different people experienced it from different senses and every person gave his own opinion about this element.
To get out of this horrible Confusion of all times, we can have a look at an example in the form of an ancient saying.
Once upon a time, there lived a group of 4 friends in a small village located near a Jungle.
Surprisingly all the 4 friends were blind. So they never used to go outside or far from their village.
One day, one of the bored friend declared that he has decided to inside the nearby Jungle to see a Big Massive thing called Elephant.
As all the 4 of them never had any idea about what kind of thing is this Elephant, they all were curious to find out about this “Thing”.
Next day early in the morning they all left for the Jungle along with a person who was not blind.
Deep inside the Jungle, the person who accompanied the 4 blind friends, suddenly shouted, ‘see that’ ‘see that’, that is the Elephant.
The blind friends replied with anger, how can we see without eyes.
Other person proposed a solution that if they want to know about this creature, he shall take them near the Elephant so that they can touch the elephant to find out what kind of thing it is. They proceeded.
The first friends hand touched the leg and he shouted – ‘oh it’s a massive Pillar like thing, the Second friend got hold of elephants trunk and he declared it to be a soft tubular thing.
Third person caught the tail and sensed it as a rope like thing, and the Fourth find came across the Teeth and got an idea that Elephant is Rock Solid Rod like creature.
And now the Quarrel Begun about the different opinions of 4 of them, all of them is Correct from their angle of experience.
So this is the Case with our Religious, Spiritual and Scientific Community of the World, every person is right from their angle.
If we want to Prove that every person is right from their angle of View, then we will have to Broaden our View Angle, Just like looking at the Earth from the Moon proves the fact visually that Earth is Round.
Now the question is how to broaden our view angle, how reach to that height of the capacity of our sight so that we can see the “Universal Truth”.
How to develop our vision from present form to a “Super Vision” or Divine Vision” to see the things we cannot see from our present eyes?
No problem, it is surprisingly simple, easy and accessible right now.
The Spiritual science experiment to experience the potential powers of Universal Consciousness Force.
A practical method to Experiment, Explore and Experience the single Universal Truth known by several different names like Consciousness force, Supreme Power, Supramental Force, God, Allah, Jesus, Krishna, Rama, Buddha, Mahavir, Holy Ghost, The Comforter, The kalki Avatar, Next Prophet, and God only knows how many more names we have given to a Single Universal Constituting element of this Universe.
The Formula to Prove the Existence or Presence of this Universal Element was never so easy and within reach of every curious, interested, positive and open minded Human Being, may it be male or female, youngster or elder, from any Religion, Race, Cast or Country.
So simple that even a child can do it at home with the same ease.
The only Requirement is an open and positive mind full of curiosity and internal demand to Realize and Visualize the Truth, keeping apart all the Ego of Knowledge, Power and Status, and the most important requirement is “Internal Surrender” to “Guru Siyag” – the Enlightened Empowered Spiritual Master from India who imparts this Secret, Sacred and Mystic Knowledge by a process of “Transmission of Power” known as “Shaktipat”.
Guru Siyag awakens the Dormant Spiritual Power Known as “Kundalini” by imparting “Shaktipat” initiation to the Seeker by means of pronouncing a “Vedic Formula” known as “Mantra”, it is a Sacred Word.
When Guru Siyag pronounces this Sacred Word to the Seeker, the Vibrations of this Sacred Word activates the Spiritual Power in the Seeker.
This pronunciation of the Sacred Word by Guru Siyag is effective because of the Empowered and Enlightened “Voice” of Guru Siyag which falls in Seekers Ears.
There are so many sacred “Mantras” in the books, but to get a practical result, one has to obtain this “Mantra” from an Empowered Enlightened Spiritual Master.
Guru Siyag has himself undergone a process of “Divine Transformation”.
There are two types of Powers known as “Siddhis”, they are of Matter and of Ether or “Akaash Tatva” and “Prithvi Tatva” or “Plus or Minus”, or “Nirgun Nirakar” and “Sagun Sakar”, “Male or Female Power”, “Positive or negative poles”, “Gayatri” and “Krishna” Siddhis.
In Mankind’s history, no one has attained both the Siddhis in a Single Human Body in the Same Life.
Guru Siyag has attained both the Siddhis in a Single body in his present life, and this has paved the way for “Divine Transformation” of the Entire Mankind.
Yes, if we want to travel to unknown continent whose path is unknown. And if a Single Person finds the Path to that destination, then he can show the Path to all of us. That’s it.
Guru Siyag says that –
“There is no difference between you and me”,
“You are born complete”,
“Only thing is you are not aware of your true self”,
“I will introduce you to yourself, who you are”,
“If you follow the Path, the changes which I have undergone can be induced in your body also”,
“The complete mankind can undergo this Evolutionary Change”,
“Spiritual Evolution”,
“Next development which was due to occur in human body”,
“Divine Transformation of Mankind”,
“Towards attaining a Divine bodily form”,
In other words we can say evolution of Super Mind in a Superman.
The most fantastic thing about this “Method” is that it is available “Online”, across the World on the World Wide Web, on the internet, absolutely Free of Cost.

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