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Babri Masjid can't be resurrected?
Hindus and Muslims need to understand simultaneously that there is no escape from each other's company in any future that can be conceived and therefore each should be tolerant and friendly towards other. It is not only important to emphasize one's viewpoint, it is equally important to understand others' too and that is the key to end social tensions and conflicts.

20 YEARS AGO, on December 6, Babri Masjid was demolished by an unruly mob led by the saffron family in the city of Ayodhya of Uttar Pradesh. Hindus claim the land to be the birth place of Rama, the seventh incarnation of Vishnu, while Muslims claim the disputed structure existing before the noon of 6th December to be a mosque built by first king of Mughal dynasty Babar.

Even going by the Hindus' version that mosque was built on the land where temple existed, this is no reason to demolish that structure in post-cold war era in view of full presence of national and international media. The matter had been pending in the Lucknow bench of Allahabad court since then. It delivered the judgment on 30th of September, 2010 that the land be divided into three parts; one portion each for Ramalala and Nirmohi Akhada and a third to Sunni Waqf board. After the judgment both parties took the matter to the highest court of land.

As long as this is a dispute of land between Hindus and Muslims, the latter have a legitimate claim. But Rama, believed to be the first historic incarnation of Vishnu and also the first historic God among the historic gods of all religions, can not be compared with anyone in India. Rama’s birthplace sanctity can not be compared with any mosque. But equally a mosque is a mosque for Muslims and their pain should also be understood.

Those who understand law would agree that the disputed structure could not have remained intact as the central dome would be considered as sanctum sanctorum and would belong to Hindus. Again those who understand Indian politics need to understand that Babri Masjid could not be resurrected. No matter how much ‘homosexuality’, hybridization and imported diffusiveness spread in India the Supreme Court would give majority of land to Hindus. Only thing is that Hindus want all land to construct a grand Rama temple or no construction of mosque in the supposed allotted land to Muslims.

The fact is that Hindus can not take revenge from Muslims for what they claim their medieval brutality. Equally true is that barring few, all Muslim rulers had hatred for Northern Indian Hindus. The consciousness when pressed by nationalism induced consumerism can distort demographic equations and can make many people anxious and stressed. The same is true for Hindu consciousness, particularly that of Hindi heartland. The more the Internet is used more the regret about Hindu past. But then there are two things: first, it does not mean constantly increasing support for the BJP nor it means freezing and decoupling of Hindu-Muslim relations.

While it is undisputedly true that Hindus can not take revenge of the past, Muslims’ present behavior also matters. Many are forward looking and there is significant booming middle class among the Muslims even though many have nostalgia for their past too.

But the fact is in spite of some orthodoxy, Indian Islam is the most beautiful in the world and that needs to be promoted and supported by both sides. Muslims should not be critical of Hindus in religious matters. Barring distributive hitches and constraints, Indian Muslims should embark on the path towards liberalism.

This requires adjustments in Indian Muslims’ fundamentals and essentials. The global Islam is heading towards democratized Islamism. The Arab Springs are promoting Salafism and Wahhabism. Therefore, Indian Muslims should be careful in choosing their future path. The fact is that in Arabia there is not even trace of Hinduism even though there are many Hindu immigrants there. The most important aspect in future evolution of Indian Muslims is applying proper interpretation of Koran and Shariah. There are many inconsistencies and the sacred texts can be interpreted in many possible ways each accepted by the highest Islamic authority and scholarship in India. The fact is naturally Koran is Right preaching in politics, ethics and morality even though economically it is inclined towards Left.

But Indian Muslims need to understand that Islam was preached to the most fastidious people in the world, something they were not in medieval period nor they are. There is no denying the fact that Islam completely rejects idol-worship. Therefore, while it is true that they are Muslims and are free to admit and accept theories from other Islamic states, they need to be careful in accepting the doctrine and should consider its effect on society. All Muslims need to understand that ancient Hinduism was neither pre-Christianity European paganism nor pre-Islamic Arabian heathenism. Nor modern Hinduism is. Hinduism is a based on solid principles and theories and despite the verdict of Supreme Court in eighties it is a full-fledged religion.

It requires two to tango. While Muslims should accept the true spirit of Islam and show friendliness towards Hindus, the latter should also understand the former. The Hindu political Right needs to understand that while its arguments about statistical objectivity, empiricism and proper interpretation of history are correct ones, it needs to be careful about generalizing things. Hindus and Muslims should look become somewhat more individualistic and should aspire to excel in life. Consumerism should increase without high dose of inflation.

Muslims should be tolerant of Hindus’ idol-worship and should try to become the second majority. But they can not become the second majority without appreciating the dominant majority. They should understand and apply the principle of localization with increased objectivity. Hindus should remove age-old biases and prejudices if increasing number of Muslims become mainstreamers. Data-keeping and statistical results should be as objective as possible. They should never be biased against anyone.

Hindus and Muslims need to understand simultaneously that there is no escape from each other’s company in any future that can be conceived and therefore each should be tolerant and friendly towards other. It is not only important to emphasize one’s viewpoint, it is equally important to understand others’ too and that is the key to end social tensions and conflicts.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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