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Ban, intolerance, award wapsi and the Congress
Only few hours are left for the new calendar of 2016 to take up the space of 2015. At this juncture while stealing some moments if we evoke about the most disgusting things that happened in the year 2015 in the political firmament of our country, I think many will agree with me that they are the nasty politics on three things "Ban, Intolerance and Award Wapsi".

Do I need to say, which party in India did all those politics? Obviously Congress, though it was also followed by other Modiphobics (anti-Modi brigade) individuals and parties.

Let's have a reminiscence of the story "Ban, Intolerance, Award Wapsi and Congress".

The spiteful episode apparently started with beef ban in Maharashtra. The Congress and all other opposition created much hullabaloo asking, "Why Government would decide what we should eat?" Ban on "slaughtering of animal" for two, four or eight days for a Jain festival "Paryushan" further strengthened their voice as some of the allies (read Shiv Sena) of ruling BJP-led NDA joined them. Then just before Bihar Assembly elections Dadri lynching incident on the issue of beef happened, which added oil (I would say petrol) to the fire of "resentments for beef ban".

A new term "intolerance" from nowhere of hell took birth without any prior idea of its conception. Again a new brigade of intellectuals woke up from their deep slumber since eternity from nowhere else to feed this suddenly born child "Intolerance" while returning their awards given by the government to honor them. For many of these Award Retuning Intellectuals…it was clearly a sign of "Achhe din" as returning awards earned them much recognition, which they never had earned while "receiving the award" (I am not sure if they have that guts to accept it as deserving a award on merit and buying it while lobbying are two different things).

Well…news channels went gaga over these during their prime time news shows. A senior journalist (read Rajdeep Sardesai) was seen drafting letters to advice one year old CM (read Devendra Fadnavis) not to focus on his platter (should he eat beef or not), instead the attention of CM should be on agrarian crisis. I still wonder why there was no letter to Karnataka or Kerala CMs…probably everything was okay in these states. It seemed as if a dreaded force called "Intolerance" deadlier than ISIS aroused in India. Internationally India's image was negatively impacted.

Bihar election ended with surprising mandate. Debacle of BJP in Bihar finally came as a respite to the Congress and other opposition parties for a while. So "Intolerance and Award Wapsi" were just a part of "dirty electioneering ploy" and a trick (I must admit painfully…that was successful) to malign Modi-led central government and disturb its development programmes.

I heard jokes that someone lodged a "Missing" with respect to "Intolerance" as it disappeared immediately after Bihar Assembly Elections.

Well…Jokes apart. Point is from very beginning I was much clear on the fact that if someone or any political party in India is indeed "intolerant" then it is "Indian National Congress". It's a party that always keeps the interests of it and the Gandhi Family above everything…even the national interest. It's indeed the most intolerant party in India followed by other anti-Modi brigade. I am not saying this out of seer hatred to these parties or exaggerated love to my ideological inclination. Rather my statement is substantiated with "hard facts" and "incidents" that happened recently.

It has become a routine thing that the opposition parties in the Parliament, particularly Congress and the Communist party attack the ruling NDA for alleged rise in intolerance in the country. But, recently a incident of intolerance took place in the Congress ruled state Kerala. I wonder who will attack them?

The Congress Government in Kerala banned liquor in the state. If beef ban is "intolerance" then isn't liquor ban also a sign of intolerance? Will they answer "why government should decide what we should drink?"

I personally believe that "We can decide what we "don't" want to eat or drink but definitely can't decide what we want to eat or drink". State has every right to decide for us what should we eat or drink. So I don't see any intolerance in banning liquor or beef. But what about those who termed "beef ban" as an act of intolerance? Are they also calling "liquor ban" an act of intolerance? Well…I'm not hearing any cacophony on this. Has anybody returned award for this intolerance?

Recently also I heard that the studio of a Muslim Photographer in Kerala was burnt down for his provocative comment against Purdha system in Muslim community. Is it "Tolerance"? Is it the "free speech" shouted by so called intellectuals?

Recently Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev was blocked in JNU from speaking on the occasion of' "22nd International Congress of Vedanta". A student group came out with protest against the invitation terming the move a 'silent right-wing onslaught' on JNU and demanded university officials to withdraw their invitation to the yoga guru. Is it what is called "Tolerance"?

When everyone with any ideology (left, moist…etc) can deliver their speech, why there is "intolerance" towards right ideology? Does it mean that "tolerance" or "intolerance" is selective? Where are all secular and intellectuals who returned their awards? Why a person just because of his ideological inclination and a support for a particular political party should be blocked by JNU? Where is Congress now?

Last but not the least…Sudhir Joshi - The Content Editor of Congress mouthpiece in Maharashtra "Congress Darshan" was sacked, just because some articles published in it criticised Jawaharlal Lal Nehru and Sonia Gandhi and praised Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. The articles were also withdrawn from online world. Will the award returning gang say "this is the "Free Speech" they were talking about? Is this the "tolerance" they wanted in the country?

With an iota of "non-aligned status" one can clearly say that "yes…these are the incidents of "intolerance" and Congress is definitely a party with "intolerance" as it hallmark. But has anybody returned awards for all the above incidents?

Looks the Congress and its tribes are not able to digest the fact that they are out of power. They are intolerant of the fact that a tea seller is Prime Minister of this country. Their hatred towards PM Modi is much more than their love towards India.

Sometimes I feel the same for the ideological followers of the Congress as well. They are insecure as people have started asserting, asking questions and counter their stand with facts. The award returning brigade was just a "Crew of Congress Slaves" who were dancing to the music of their master.

"Intolerance was always there as Congress is an age old party in India"…will there be any prime time news debate on "Award Wapsi" for the above incidents? Nation clearly wants to know…! I guess not!! Isn't it speaking volumes on "Ban, Intolerance and Award Wapsi?"

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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