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BBC's well-timed offensive against Indian men unceremoniously blunted by the government
International Women's Day has become less about exploring avenues for women to take more responsibility through sheer merit and more about demanding shortcuts for them for plum top positions in all walks of life.
In the last few years it has degenerated even more into purely vilifying men and to the core and slapping and demeaning them in multiple ways. The well timed and carefully crafted documentary by the BBC was a step in this very direction.

India with a population of over 1.4 billion people has the lowest per capita rapes in the world. BBC's home country the UK and the United States far exceed India's per capita figures. India government's own statistics and numbers state that 80 per cent of rapes reported by women are false and filed with malafide intention. However these rapes are not termed as "false rapes" but are referred to as a "technical rapes".

Essentially "technical rapes" aka "false rapes" are those rapes in which the woman and man are in a relationship and have had consensual physical relations which is termed as rape when the relationship sours. Technical rapes also covers rapes where the woman is a prostitute and the alleged rapist is a customer and the woman and man knew each other and were in love.

Rapes cases are also frequently filed by jilted and vengeful daughter in laws against elderly father-in-laws and brother-in-laws along with the usual 498a, and DV package in estranged marriages.

The BBC was to simply interview a rape under trial in a prison, which some would say is not such a vile agenda in the first place. The Nirbhaya case has been curious in its own light right from the very beginning where the main accused Ram Singh was stated to have allegedly hung himself in prison even though he did not have much use of one hand.

No one knows why he was finished off and what information he was to spill, but the people of India rejoiced when news of his death came out. After all he was an alleged rapist and killing one is considered social service in India (ask the mob in Dimapur and their Twitterati supporters). The BBC interview casted severe apprehension on the objectives and the larger agenda behind the interview.

1.Why India?: Why does the west constantly meddle with a fairly functioning and ancient Indian social system? Why did a BBC journalist cross seven seas to reach India when over 75000 men and many more women are raped in the UK each year? The UK has many more rapists per capita than India and if the intent was simply to interview a rapist all she needed to do was to take a bus to the nearest prison in the UK. Also has India ever questioned social challenges of the UK and the US. The list of social problems the west faces is endless and more daunting. Why there is so much gun violence in the US? Why more than 70 per cent of children in the UK do not know who their fathers are? The link between hooliganism in UK and fatherless children. How has one in five American teenage girls come to carry a sexually transmitted disease (2008-Center for Disease Control study)?

2. Media Furore: No points for guessing why the Nirbhaya case was chosen. This would lead to most vilification of men with least efforts. The case has garnered unprecedented media attention and stirring this hornets' nest would easily achieve this objective. Maximum impact with minimum effort.

3. Credibility: Interview was conducted in 2013 when Mukesh was still an undertrial and the intent to air was expressed in 2015 after the convictions were handed down. This was done to establish credibility.

4.Content: This is where the BBC had the biggest scoop. The poor convict Mukesh who is on death row was paid over Rs 40000 ($900), negotiated down from Rs 2 Lakh ($3500), to speak on camera. A princely sum in India to sustain oneself in prison. The content was most definitely scripted by the BBC and the intent was to put words in his mount which would stir the hornet's nest. During the video shoot Mukesh was not represented by council and surprisingly Mukesh in the video also never once defended his innocence and neither said anything which would blunt the prosecution's case against him.

One would have expected that given a platform such as the BBC's they would have defended themselves hoarse and claimed innocence. Perhaps Mukesh was reminded how the main accused the one handed Ram Singh incredibly managed to commit suicide all by himself in Tihar.

5. Timing: The government claimed that permission to interview was obtained on the pretext of "social work". Publicity of the video's commercial use was started just before Women's day when the Indian parliament was in session with wide support from some media channels and women's groups.

6. Vilifying India: India, foolishly so, has successfully managed to generate the most fear with one of the least per capita rapes in the world. In fact the west issues travel advisories advising women not to get raped India when rapes per capita in their own country far outnumber India's "real rape" figures. This documentary would further degrade India's reputation, unjustifiably so, as an unsafe place for tourists and travelers.

The lesson that the government must take from such misadventures is that reporting of Rape must be controlled. False rape numbers which are the overwhelming majority must be counted and deleted from rape FIR's to come out to a true count of Rapes. Needless to say the state must act on its own pretext and start criminal proceedings against the procecutrix when false rapes are discovered and not wait for the already vilified and tortured male victim to start another harrowing and agonizing legal journey to claim damages.

Meddling by western news agencies, NGO's and government, in India's social affairs on the pretext of social welfare must be completely stopped in earnest. The damage that they cause is far greater than the paltry sums they claim to spend on welfare.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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