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Be an Individual!
To be an individual is not an easy task. It is the toughest thing in this world. The person who can be happy alone, whose happiness does not depend on others, can be an individual.
ONE OF the major factors of human stress is the overall personality of  a man as has become too conscious regarding his looks, clothes, status, luxuries, car, his bank balance, mobile phone and so on.
If anything is missing among these, he feels low. He feels inferior and becomes stressed. These are called faces, masks, personalities because these are persona:  lipsticks, powders and cosmetics – it gives us persona but we are not that. It is just a make-up. But when we look at ourselves in the mirror with make-up, we think it is our original face but actually we are not that.

Even when we look at the mirror, we don’t look at our face, actually in our mind we are asking for the approval of others. We have to come out from this false make-up and personality given by the society without which we feel incomplete. We have to search for our original face.

Life is only possible when one is courageous enough to go through all kinds of challenges. Life is rich only when one has seen both good and bad aspects. When one has felt both pleasure and pain, winter and summer, day and night, sadness and happiness, discomfort and comfort. These are two extremes and life moves between these two axes. Only by moving between these two axes, one can learn how to be balanced in life. Now it is up to us how we face or tackle these situations in life. We are taught to choose the easy path that’s why whenever there is little discomfort we start complaining. There are situations in life which are very painful and traumatic. Many people even collapse in these situations; why?

Because from our very childhood we are taught to be obedient, no one likes a disobedient child. A child has to be dependent on his parents for every small decision. Parents give them easy paths to go. Generally, children are not allowed to take their own decisions. Very few children in their lives achieve their goal. Majority of the children are suppressed by their parents. Society and parents have their vague statement that they know what is best for their children. Deep down inside the child, this conditioning starts working, because he has started walking on a readymade path made by others.

Life is unknown, it is true that no one knows what kind of situation a person is going to face, but, if one is allowed from his very childhood to take his own decisions whether it is right or wrong, consequences will be his own. Whatever consequences there may be, he will be able to face challenges and he will learn from his own experiences. His own decision making power will make him strong. A child’s individuality should be welcomed. It is only a childhood dependence due to which even a mature person is not able to take decisions in many situations. He asks for approval from others. That is why, in an unknown situation or in any difficulty, one collapses.

It is true, that to be an individual is not an easy task. It is the toughest thing in this world. One has to pay for it. That’s why there are few individuals in this world. To be an individual, one should have certain qualities. To be an individual means to be rebellious, to go for your own way. It means indivisible, means that cannot be divided. Individuality is the fragrance of a centered being, one who knows who he is. The person who can be happy alone, whose happiness does not depend on others, can be an individual.

Drop all that is borrowed in your being from others, have that much courage, then only you will be able to feel and will reach the right place, the right goal. Because of this borrowed knowledge, happiness is missing, direction is missing, that’s why meditation has become impossible and concentration seems to be almost non-existent.

For a stress free life, one has to search for his original face, his individuality, for that you have to choose your own destiny, you have to sense it and then you have to move slowly, step by step towards the direction.

One feels secure and safe in a crowd because one feels everybody cannot go wrong, so I should go with everybody. That’s why man remained a sheep because it is very cozy to be surrounded by a big crowd though he has a potential of a lion. Courage is needed if you want to be an individual, courage like a lion. Courage means to stand alone and to take a path without any guide, without any companion, without any map – just finding his own way in the deep forest of life. This very act creates consciousness in you, because you are surrounded by all kinds of danger, wild animals, the darkness of the night and the unknown path.

In such circumstances, an explosion happens in one’s being and that is the rebirth of a man. Then only growth is possible. One has to come out from false individuality which has many aspects like ego, ignorance etc, to real freedom.

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